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Armed forces of Bac Ninh province step up the implementation of Directive 788

Implementing Directive 788-CT/QUTW, dated 26-12-2013 by the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission on the Campaign entitled "Promoting tradition, devoting talents, and deserving to be Uncle Ho's Soldiers", over the past 5 years, with a number of creative and specific measures, the armed forces of Bac Ninh province have achieved practical results, contributing to building strong organizations and personnel and successfully completing all assigned tasks.

In order to successfully fulfill the military-defence tasks in the area, in recent years, the Military Party Committee and the Military Command of Bac Ninh province have implemented practical and comprehensive measures to lead and direct the implementation of the campaign entitled "Promoting the tradition, devoting talents, and deserving to be Uncle Ho's soldiers" (hereinafter referred to as the Campaign). It is considered the main solution to improve the comprehensive strength and combating power of the provincial armed forces.

As a result, the provincial armed forces have been given 2 Fatherland Protection Medals (Second Class in 2015 and Third Class in 2017) by the State and many other noble awards by the Ministry of National Defence, the Provincial People's Committee and the Military Region 1.

Typical examples in the implementation of the Directive 788

The above-mentioned achievements are the outcomes of the leadership and direction by the Provincial Military Party Committee and Military Command over the promotion of the role and responsibilities of the Party committees, commanders and political agencies at all levels. This is the key solution to the quality and efficiency of the Campaign. Right after the issue of higher echelons’ instructions and plans, attention was paid to leading and strictly implementing the Campaign. Adhering to its content and targets, the Military Party Committees at all levels have worked out plans and implemented them, while including the campaign’s content in the working programs of the commissars, junior commissars, and commanders at all levels.

Moreover, importance has been attached to directing agencies, units and mass organizations to carry out the Campaign with specific contents and targets which are relevant to their political tasks and to their functions and tasks. Focuses have been placed building a strong political stance, steadfast and stable ideological stance, pure moral qualities, clean and healthy lifestyles for cadres, party members, employees and soldiers, upholding the spirit of solidarity and comradeship, promoting the building of regular order and discipline practice, promoting the tradition of the military-civilian solidarity, overcoming difficulties, creatively performing the assigned tasks, making a breakthrough in settling weak points. In the process, emphasis has been placed on promoting the roles and responsibilities of the commissars, the junior commissars, the commanders, and the political agencies at all levels in directing and guiding agencies and units to perform different content and phases of the Campaign, ensuring it is in line with the practices and direction of the senior levels. As a result, the Campaign has come into the life of cadres and soldiers, with high efficiency, creating great spiritual motivation, making a significant change in their awareness, thought and action, becoming a regular and self-motivated activity of the provincial armed forces, contributing to building clean and strong party organizations, strong and comprehensive agencies and units, successfully fulfilling the assigned tasks.

In order to encourage all organizations and forces to participate in the Campaign, the Party committees and commanders at all levels have successfully led the work of conducting education to make all party members and the masses clearly understand the significance, purpose, requirements, and content of the Campaign. Propaganda and education forms have been diversified and flexibly applied by units; they have closely combined political education with traditional education relevant to different each subjects. At the same time, attention has been paid to conducting propaganda via mass media and effectively promoting the cultural institutions. Importance has been attached to propaganda through practical activities, such as visits to historical sites, forums, talks with historical witnesses, and contests related to the Campaign, etc. Thereby, the political stance and moral qualities of the revolutionary soldiers have been enhanced; the honor and pride of being "Uncle Ho's soldiers" have been encouraged and helped officers and soldiers to overcome difficulties, actively and voluntarily study, renovate working style and methods, and improve their knowledge and capabilities to meet the task requirements. At the same time, importance has been attached to fighting against improper awareness, irresponsibility, poor task performance, and negative practices.

In addition, the Provincial Military Party Committee and Military Command have directed their units to actively innovate the content, methods and forms of implementation of the Campaign; to encourage and multiply new and creative models. Attention has been paid to directing agencies and units to associate the implementation of the Campaign with Politburo's Directive 05-CT/TW, Directive 87-CT/QUTW by the Central Military Commission’s Standing Committee on promoting the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle; the 4th Central Resolution (XII tenure) on building and rectifying the Party; and other movements of all agencies and branches that are relevant to the development, characteristics and tasks of units and localities. Agencies and units have regularly reviewed and supplemented the targets and measures for implementing the Campaign. Annually, 100% of their party members and employees write the commitment to participating in the movement to study and follow Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle in line with the implementation of the content and targets of the Campaign, to having no manifestation of degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, “self-evolution” and “self-transformation.” The Party Committees at all levels have promoted the role of cadres and party members, especially the cadres who are in charge of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle, actively fighting against the manifestations of degradation in ideology,  political stance, ethics, lifestyle, and individualism, properly handling relations. Agencies and units have concretized the contents of the Campaign into building the military-civilian solidarity. Through movements, models and creative approaches, such as: "Bac Ninh Armed Forces joining hands in building new rural areas and civilized urban areas," "100-VND House" by Youth Union, "Women in Bac Ninh Armed Forces being united, creative to successfully fulfill their duties, building happy families, and deserving to be Uncle Ho's Soldiers," "Saving money in plastic pigs" by the Women's Union etc. Leaders and commanders of agencies and units have led the movements, managing to create breakthroughs in improving the quality of building regularity, practicing disciplines, encouraging cadres and soldiers to overcome difficulties, actively, proactively and creatively performing their central political task. Accordingly, the Party committees and commanders at all levels have led and directed the building of pilot models on discipline management, associating the implementation of the Campaign with emulation movements: "Performing the assigned tasks, setting examples in action," "Promoting the sense of responsibility, upholding discipline, being honorable to be Uncle Ho's Soldiers," etc. In the implementation process, there have appeared a number of good models and creative methods, such as "Safety Warehouse" by the Technical Department; many creative innovations and effective technical improvements, such as "Tools for removing plunger pin on car engine," "Tools for removing spring and hammer of K54 pistol", "mobile Service desk and infantry gun holder."

Along with that, 100% of cadres and soldiers have registered to follow the regulations on discipline practice and cultural and civilized lifestyle, promptly adjusting improper manifestations, especially in the military-civilian relations. As a result, there have been improvements in the quality of regular building and discipline management in the provincial armed forces; the training has been renewed, synchronized, and made relevant to the requirements; discipline and combat readiness, particularly during the special events and the Lunar New Year holiday, have been strictly practiced. The Provincial Military Command has directed the implementation of the Campaign towards the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of advisory work for the local Party Committees and authorities in the performance of defense and military work, including a rehearsal of the provincial defensive zone (in 2017).

Attention has been paid to strengthening the task of inspection and supervision; to conducting review, summing up, drawing experience, praising, honoring and scaling up typical examples; to promptly adjusting improper manifestations and ineffective measures. Accordingly, agencies and units have strengthened the work of inspection and supervision, promptly adjusting and overcoming limitations and shortcomings, improper manifestations, and ineffective work. The implementation of the Campaign has been considered as an important criterion to evaluate the results of work performance of units and individuals and to evaluate the emulation of party members, party organizations, and union members. Importance has been attached to directing agencies and units to successfully carry out the work of reviewing, summing up, drawing experiences, and proposing measures to overcome weaknesses and to step up the campaign in the coming time. Emphasis has also been placed on promptly praising and rewarding collectives and individuals that have good, creative, and effective ways of implementation and on spreading them among party members and the masses so that they could study and follow.

The implementation of the Campaign has contributed to building clean and strong party organizations and comprehensively strong agencies and units to deserve to be the loyal political force and trustworthy combat force, of the local party committees, authorities, and people. This is an important premise for the armed forces of Bac Ninh province to successfully fulfil all assigned tasks.

Sr. Col. Pham Huy Dong, Commissar of the Provincial Military Command

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