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9th Division improves overall quality and combat strength

As a full-strength unit of the 4th Corps, operating in a strategic and crucial area in the South of the country, the division's central tasks include training, combat readiness and other tasks. Facing the increasingly high requirements of military and defence tasks, the Party Committee and Command of the Division focus on leading, directing and synchronously deploying many breakthrough solutions to improve the overall quality and combat strength, building a comprehensively strong and "exemplary and typical" division right from the first years of the 2020-2025 term.

The Division determines that improving training quality, level and capability of combat readiness is an important basis, deciding the overall quality of the Unit. To make its troop aware of this, the Party Committee and Command of the Division focus on educating and thoroughly briefing its officers and soldiers about the position, requirements and content of this work, focusing on the Conclusion No. 60-KL/QUTW, dated January 18, 2019 of the Central Military Commission on continuing to implement Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW on improving the quality of training in the period 2013 - 2020 and beyond; Resolution of the Divisional Party Congress for the 2020 – 2025 term, etc. its agencies and units thoroughly grasp the training tasks in 2021, the training contents and targets which have been concretised by the resolution of the party cells, the monthly and quarterly commander's plans, etc., thereby, raising their awareness about the role and position of training, the conspiracies and tricks of opponents and hostile forces; strengthening confidence in Vietnam's military art, and existing weapons and equipment, the ability to master modern weapons and equipment, and the victory in high-tech wars. At the same time, it pays attention to building strong political will and determination for its officers and soldiers so that they can overcome all difficulties to strive for highest outcomes in training, drills and combat readiness.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc visit the Division

Careful preparation is one of the basic and important factors to improve the quality of training. Therefore, the Division directs its troops to make thorough preparation, from the formulation and approval of training plans to the preparation in human resources, facilities, and training ground. Every year, the Division focuses on consolidating its structure and staffing to meet the requirements of comprehensive training according to the tasks of each unit; strengthens training for staff at all levels before each training season, focusing on new, inconsistent issues, weak points and weak sides. At the same time, it promotes the movement of scientific research, technical improvement, and widely applies the results in training, exercises and combat readiness. Through the inspection of annual preparation, the Division rated by the Ministry and the Corps as good and qualified for training.

During the training process, the Division actively innovates its contents and methods, focusing on building a truly effective focal training unit; directs its units to strictly adhere to the program, content and schedule of training, and flexibly apply suitably to the tasks of each agency and unit in the context of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control; stick to the motto of "basic, practical, solid", attach importance to synchronous and intensive training, strengthen night training, mobile training; make practice close to the situation, plan, and object of combat. In order to meet the requirements of modern warfare, the Division directs its agencies and units to focus their training on maneuvers, avoidance and counterattacks associated with the operations of defensive area in the development of the people's war posture, create a flexible order of battle; preserve forces for long-term and continuous combat; improve the ability to handle fast-moving and complex situations in the event of enemy’s high-tech warfare. The division pays attention to making scenarios close to actual combat conditions to evaluate and test training outcomes; thereby, promoting strengths, limiting weaknesses, continuing to provide supplementary training so that its troops are highly seasoned and meet the requirements of modern warfare.

Its agencies and units actively innovate and improve the quality of training and exercises at both tactical and campaign levels, general rotary drills with live firing; attach importance to practicing the plans for target protection, anti-terrorism drills, and coordinated exercises with other forces in the defensive area, etc. Strengthen inspection and supervision over training units; resolutely overcome disregard and credit-driven thinking and practices in training, rehearsals, sports festivals and contests to ensure "3 real" in training. Regularly renew the content and methods of holding contests and sports festivals, and promote the emulation movement in training. At the same time, pay attention to the living standards and healthcare of cadres and soldiers. Ensure good maintenance and supply of weapons, equipment as required for training tasks, focusing on proper management and use in compliance with regulations and procedures to prevent unsafety in training.

Conducting live-firing exercise

Promoting regularity construction, discipline and law observance is identified as an important basis and permanent measure to improve combat strength. The division directs its agencies and units to conduct education for cadres and soldiers to firmly grasp the contents of the documents, directives and regulations of higher echelons on regularity construction, discipline management to make positive changes in improving awareness and self-discipline to abide by State law and military discipline. Promoting synergy in the management and training of discipline, first of all, the role of party organisations in managing party members and the management, command and administration capacity of commanding cadres at all levels; the role of the Youth Union in organising educational and training activities for union members and the youth; the role of the military councils in enhancing democracy in the management of troops. Its units strictly maintain order, daily and weekly regimes, observe military etiquette, strictly manage troops' presence and activities at all times and places, even during breaks, days off and holidays, not to let violations of law, discipline, and traffic safety happen. In order to make the observance of discipline strict and self-disciplined, the Division focuses on implementing the Campaign of "Building a fine, healthy and rich cultural environment in the Army". Agencies and units regularly hold cultural, artistic, physical, sports and entertainment activities; coordinate with intertwining units to organise seminars, forums and exchanges; build many models to serve the cultural and spiritual life of the soldiers, such as: "Military Cultural Park", "Military Collective Birthday", "Letter to Soldiers"... to orient soldiers towards healthy cultural life, repelling social evils, and minimising breaches of discipline.

The Party Committee and Command of the Division request that cadres at all levels, especially the presiding officer, be exemplary in observing discipline, commanding, military code of conduct, "words with deeds" and truly be an example for subordinates and soldiers to follow. Company and platoon level cadres strictly implement "four together" with their troops to grasp and manage their ideological situation, especially soldiers with difficult circumstances, promptly solve arising problems, create solidarity and unity between superiors and subordinates, between cadres and soldiers. At the same time, strengthen the inspection of discipline observance, resolutely fight, prevent and strictly handle discipline violations; ensure traffic safety and safety in the units, etc. Along with that, agencies and units promptly fight against false, hostile, distorted views, etc. about the observance of Military discipline and State law on mass media; provide official and accurate information to orient troop ideology. As a result, the work of regularity construction and discipline training has made steady progress, making an important contribution to building a comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” division.

Upholding the tradition of a Heroic Unit of the People's Armed Forces, the 9th Division continues to strive to improve its overall quality and combat strength, contributing to the realisation of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, and the building of a revolutionary, regular, elite and modern army, firmly defending the Fatherland in the new situation.

Senior Colonel LE VAN HUONG, Division Commander

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