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9th Division builds a politically strong unit

In recent years, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic; the increasing challenges of the task of defending the Fatherland, officers and soldiers of Division 9 (Corps No.4) are always united, overcome all difficulties, strive to rise up to fulfill their duties. Notably, the Division has successfully accomplished the dual task of training and remaining high combat readiness, and effective participation in pandemic prevention and control, contributing to the socio-political stability of the area, which was highly appreciated by the local Party Committee, authorities, the Corps and the Ministry of National Defence.

However, as a full-fledged unit, the Division faces several difficulties during its performance of tasks, especially in discipline management, healthcare of troops due to the complications of the pandemic and weather condition; fierce sabotage of hostile and reactionary forces in the field of cultural ideology; the negative impacts of the market economy and social evils. In the meantime, its affiliate units are scattered, perform different tasks at the same time, and the family conditions of a number of troops are still difficult...affecting their thoughts, feelings, will, and determination. Therefore, paying attention to building a unit strong in politics, ideology and organisation is a matter of primary importance that is focused by the Party Committee and commander of the Division.

First of all, it focuses on strengthening political and ideological education, raising awareness, building confidence, will and determination for cadres and soldiers. The Party Committee and commandants of the Division focuses on educating its officers and soldiers to firmly grasp Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, the Party's lines and views, policies and laws of the State, the traditions of the nation, the Army and the Unit; equip soldiers with worldview and scientific thinking methods, especially necessary knowledge to build political qualities, cultivate, preserve and promote the good qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers” in the new period. To make it highly effective, along with directing the full and strict implementation of the plan for political and legal education, the Division requests agencies and units to thoroughly implement the Project of "Changing the political education work at the unit in the new period”; promote the role of political agencies and political cadres at all levels; strictly maintain the regime of political and news announcements for the subjects; Political and spiritual culture day; attaches importance to holding ideological and political activities for cadres, party members and the masses with many topics, such as: "Measures for preventing, forecasting, and improving the quality of ideological work"; etc. Besides, its agencies and units promote initiatives, with many innovative and effective models and ways of doing political and ideological education; organise propaganda activities; strictly implement Legal Day; coordinate with local functional agencies to effectively carry out the work of law coordination, dissemination and education for people in the area where they are stationed; promote the effectiveness of propagation and fight in cyberspace. In emulation work, the Divisional Party Committee directs its units to focus on the grassroots, stick to the central political task, focus on new and difficult tasks, weak points and weak sides, to create strong changes in all aspects of work, especially discipline training, regularity building, methods and working style; link regular emulation with high emulation, the Determined to win emulation movement with the patriotic emulation movement of the locality, the Drive of Promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” in the new situation and studying and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style with practical, specific, and highly educational criteria and measures. Moreover, its agencies and units pay attention to consolidating and improving the operational efficiency of mass organisations, the Military Council, strictly implementing the Grassroots Democracy Regulations; thoroughly conducting mass work, policy work, and internal political protection. As a result, officers and soldiers of the Division are always well aware of the Party's revolutionary goals and ideals; nurture strong political will, high determination, fully realise their roles, responsibilities, and strive to successfully complete their assigned tasks.y have shown no sign of internal "self-evolution", "self-transformation".

Being fully aware of the role of the party organisations - the decisive factor in building a politically strong unit, the Division focuses on building clean, strong and capable party committees and organisations at all levels with high combat strength, together with the implementation of the 4th Resolution of the Party Central Committee (13th tenure) on Party building and rectification. In particular, it focuses on directing, consolidating and improving the quality and effectiveness of activities of Party committees and organisations at all levels; associates the building of the Party Committees with the building of a contingent of presiding cadres, ensuring sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, and high political and professional levels. Every year, the Divisional Party Committee directs its junior party committees to make plans for building clean and strong "typical" party organisations in association with building strong and comprehensive "exemplary and typical" units suitable to each agency and unit; directs and guides all levels of Party committees and branches to observe the principles, rules and regulations. Its agencies and units do well in grasping, managing, educating, training, building a contingent of party members and admitting new party members. In order to improve the leadership capability and combat strength of party committees, party cells, the Division requests its agencies and units to perform the work of reviewing, consolidating and fostering members of all levels in accordance with principles and procedures, ensuring sufficient quantity, good quality, and reasonable structure, while supplementing and promulgating the regulations on leadership in key work areas, especially the working regulations of the Party committees, branches and Party committees at all levels. The Party Committee of the Division leads and directs party committees at all levels to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the  work of Party's inspection, supervision and discipline enforcement. In order to maintain the centralised, unified and orderly inspection and supervision work, the Inspection Committees at all levels are fully consolidated in number with appropriate structure, operating according to regulations and within their competence. Up to now, Party committees and organisations in the entire Division have been built strong enough to lead the units to successfully carry out the task, which is highly appreciated by the Central Military Commission and the Corps Party Committee.

In addition, the Division strengthens the grasping and strict implementation of cadre work. The Party Committee and commanders of the Division focus on implementing the directives, resolutions, regulations and instructions of higher echelons on building cadres at all levels. Sticking to the payroll organisation, task requirements, cadre criteria at each level, Party committees and cell branches at all levels actively build a contingent of cadres with sufficient quantity, high quality and proper structure. In order to improve the level and capacity of the cadres, the Division requests Party committees at all levels to actively review, select, conduct training and retraining, associated with the planning and use of the cadres in a long-term direction. On an annual and periodical basis, the Division's Party Committee directs its junior levels to comment, evaluate, mobilise and appoint cadres in a democratic and transparent manner; review and supplement the planning of commanding and managerial cadres in accordance with regulations. Moreover, the Division also pays attention to the policies for the cadres; regularly pays attention to and takes care of the material and spiritual life of the cadres and their families. As a result, its cadres always have a firm ideological stance, stay committed to their work, ready to receive and well complete all assigned tasks.

Upholding the tradition of a Unit being awarded the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces twice, along with the results of building a politically strong unit in the past time, officers and soldiers of the 9th Division will continue to strive to improve the overall quality and combat strength to meet the requirements and tasks of defending the Fatherland in the new situation.

Senior Colonel NGUYEN HUU THANG, Political Commissar of the Division

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