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5th Division pushes ahead Determine to Win Emulation movement

During the last few years, the Determine to Win emulation movement at 5th Division (7th Military Region) has been conducted closely in line with the unit’s political task in many creative and diverse ways. As a result, at the division, every soldier and officer has become highly motivated, always ready to complete any mission. 5th Division was also selected by 7th Military Region and Ministry of National Defense to become model unit to implement many emulation movements. Through these movements, a lot of new methods and excellent examples were studied, assessed and disseminated, thus improving the overall quality and fighting capability for 7th Military Region and the military. To be worthy of the confidence of superior authorities, the division command and Party committee has been putting a lot of attempts to innovate its implementation of emulation movements; in which the following approaches were heavily focused:

First, The leadership capability of  commands and Party committees at all levels was enhanced, commanding officers and supportive contingents’ responsibility was also promoted. In fact, only when every detachment and each soldier and officer themselves had clear motivation to emulate, the movement was able to develop in a correct direction and result in practical effects. Hence, 5th Division firmly grasped superior authorities’ instructions and guidelines on Determine to win Emulation Movement and emulation and commendation work. Then Party committees and commands at all levels issued leadership resolutions and developed appropriate organization plans, focusing on key tasks, highlighted emulation phases and special anniversaries of the military and the country. Also, emulation and commend councils (or boards, groups) at all were constantly enhanced for better performance. Besides, social organizations actively conducted education and propaganda program to create favorable conditions for their members to take part in emulation movements. Besides, grassroots units and Party cells set the emulation outcome of individuals and units as a criterion in task completion assessment.

To further popularize Determine to win Emulation Movement in the unit, the Division Command and Party Committee paid special attention in exploring, developing and disseminating exemplary deeds and individuals. Every year, the division leadership issued criteria and requirements for the movement, and instructed subordinate units and individuals to preemptively register their own approaches. During the implementation of the movement, the division regularly held training sessions and debriefings to promote innovative and effective methods and propose adjustments to solve drawbacks.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Truong Thang, devision's commander, awards
winners of a contest 

Determine to win Emulation Movement at 5th Division always sought to make political and organizational enhancement for its subordinate units with Party building as the main focus. Hence, the Division Party Committee constantly emphasized on making breakthroughs in strengthening Party cells, developing a capable officer corps, and implementing Central Committee Resolution 4 (Tenure XI, XII) on Party building and enhancement, Politburo Guideline 05-CT/TW on further studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, moral example and life style in conjunction with “Uphold tradition, devote talents, be worthy of the title Uncle Ho’s soldier” Campaign. Besides, the division also focused on building political foundation and maintaining the unity and consensus among departments, units, officers and soldiers. In 2017, 5th Division Party Committee accepted 195 new Party members, 3% higher than planned; 100% of grassroots Party committee and over 98% of Party cells achieved very good ratings for task completion; and over 98% of Party members achieved very good and excellent ratings for task completion. Also, the pioneering and innovative role of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in emulation movements was clearly recognized. Hence, the division leadership sought to create favorable conditions for Youth Union members to enhance their own political awareness, expertise, revolutionary morality and “Uncle Ho’s Soldier” quality in the new period. As a unit with a large number of female personnel, 5th Division always tried to combine emulation movements with women affair work in the Military. Emulation movements such as: “Women actively study, work, innovate, and building happy family” and campaigns such as: “Confident, self-esteemed, faithful and hardworking”, “Build a household with 5 Nos, 3 Cleans”; and cultural activities such as musical events or lullaby festival, etc, greatly contributed to the work of building a cultural environment for the unit, improving women’s working performance and living quality, and creating the image of “great at duty, good at housework” female military members.

With the motto “each task goes with its appropriate movement”, choosing correct much-needed breakthroughs, 5th Division sought to integrate Determine to win Movement into the implementation of training, combat readiness and standardization building tasks. Hence, a lot of emulation movements were launched, for example: “Good training, firm discipline, high combat readiness”; “Promote innovations and improvements for training materials”; “Strengthen morality, enhance capabilities, lead, innovate and strive for new zeniths”, etc. From these movements, many new and excellent ideas were explored, such as: “One hour of self-study each week”, “One helpful political question every evening”, “Legal and mentality consulting team”, “Experience exchange for comprehensive unit building”, “Humanitarian rice jar”, “Green Sunday”, “Transfer between generations”, “Adept public relation”, etc. As a result, the quality of training, standardization building and maintaining discipline of the division was constantly improved. At present, 100% of cadres are being trained at their respective levels, over 90% of company and platoon commanders and nearly 73% of battalion commanders have achieved good rating in training. All live-firing tests and drills are rated as good and very good, all participating units manage to maintain absolute safety. In 2017, 5th Division was once again rated as a comprehensively enhanced unit by Ministry of National Defense. Also, Determine to win Emulation Movement was vigorously implemented in logistic and technical work. To that end, the division’s logistic branch continued to carry out many movements such as: “Military logistic branch follows Uncle Ho’s words”, “Unit with good financial management”, “Building a unit good at catering soldiers and managing logistic supply”, etc. Besides, detachments of 5th Division expanded many efficient self-subsisting production and food processing models to ensure sufficient ration and food safety for soldiers. Moreover, the division did not only manage to self-supply 100% of its vegetable need, but also had abundant yield to sell in civilian market. Then the profit from vegetable sale was spent on construction projects to improve the unit environment and surroundings. In addition, 5th Division’s medical detachments regularly conducted disease prevention and control programs, ensuring that nearly 99 % of the unit’s personnel were in good health. In 2017, the division had 2 regiments awarded 5-year excellent unit banner (2012-2017) “Building and managing standardized, green, clean, and scenic barracks”. In technical work, 5th Division’s subordinate units pushed ahead many programs such as “Manage and employ weapons and technical equipment to ensure efficiency, durability, safety and frugality and traffic safety” Campaign; “Youth Garage”, “Exemplary Warehouse” models, “Technical Day”, “Traffic Culture” Movements, etc, to improve the quality of its technical work, ensuring the success of the division in regular as well as unexpected tasks.

Besides, 5th Division also sought to combine Determine to win Emulation Movement with local population’s Patriotic Emulation Movement. To that end, its subordinate units actively participate in recompense activities for people of the revolution, combined “Together build a new countryside” movement with “All people for the poor – no one left behind” movement initiated by the Government. At the same time, the division effectively conducted flood and wildfire prevention and control programs, and took part in solving complicated social issues in its vicinity and building a civilized living in the local population, contributing to the political security, public order and social safety in the surrounding areas. Also, the unit regularly carried out public relation activities in remote areas, helping civilians in implementing economic development and cultural-social goals. In 2017, 5th Division spent over 1 billion VND to build 15 Gratitude Houses; over 330 million VND and nearly 13 tons of rice to donate for preferential treatment individuals and families.

In the coming years, the division is going to have more and more demanding tasks. Hence, base on the past years’ success, the unit will continue to deeply and widely reform and innovate its Determine to win Emulation Movement, turning it into a strong momentum to build a comprehensively strong unit and complete any assigned task.

Senior Colonel Thai Thanh Duc, 5th Division Political Commissar

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