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365th Air Defence Division builds a comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” unit

The 365th Air Defence Division is under the Air Defence and Air Force, which is responsible for training, combat readiness, managing and protecting the northern and northeastern airspace of the country. Over the past years, the Division’s Party Committee and commanders have deployed many leadership guidelines and solutions to direct and promote its synergy, and build a comprehensively strong unit and have achieved positive results. This is a premise for the Division to build a comprehensively strong, “exemplary, typical” unit with higher and more comprehensive requirements and targets. To realise this goal, the Division deeply grasps the directives and instructions of the superiors and 5 criteria of a comprehensively strong “exemplary, typical” unit; issues thematic resolutions; directs the affiliate units to formulate resolutions, plans, clearly define the contents, measures, time and targets on each working aspect.

Deputies of the Division's Party Committee of the 2020 - 2025 Term

First of all, the Division focuses on building a strong “exemplary and typical” unit in politics. Due to the special nature of the mission, the Division always has to maintain high level of combat readiness. Meanwhile, a number of officers and soldiers have problems with their family life, affecting their thought and health. Therefore, to meet the requirements of the mission, the Division focuses on drastically and comprehensively and synchronously implementing measures to overcome shortcomings to build its Party strong in politics, ideology and morality and organisation; build the typical clean and strong party organisations associated with the building of comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” agencies and units. Implementing this issue, the Division focuses on leading units to concretise the views, objectives and solutions to implement the resolutions of the party congress at all levels for the 2020 – 2025 term; plan to build typical, clean and strong party committees and party organisations; amends, supplements and completes the leading and working regulations of the party committees and commanders at all levels to make it relevant to the reality of the unit. Promote “self-reflection and self-correction” in light of the Central Resolution 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification, associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW, dated 15/5/2016 of the Politburo (12th tenure) by specific models and jobs, thereby, promptly detecting and correcting limitations and shortcomings in leadership, direction and task performance of cadres and party members. In addition, the Division promotes the reform of forms and methods, improves the quality of political and ideological education in the grassroots unit to make its troops deeply aware of the situation, adversaries, conspiracies, tricks, characteristics of aerial warfare, especially when the enemy uses high-tech weapons, the requirements and tasks of the unit, the Division, and the Service; built cadres and soldiers strong political zeal, high revolutionary vigilance, ready to accept and accomplish all assigned tasks. As a result, in 2020, the Division’s Party Committee successfully accomplished all tasks, over 85% of the party organisations, 83% of the party members completed their tasks successfully and above. 100% of officers and soldiers remain committed to their job, ready to receive and complete all assigned tasks.

In training and combat readiness, thoroughly grasping and implementing the Conclusion No. 60-KL/QUTW, dated January 18, 2019 of the Central Military Commission on continuing to implement the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, directly Resolution No. 558-NQ/ĐU of the Party Committee of the Service on “Improving the quality of training in the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond”, Division has determined its breakthrough on “Basic training, mastering weapons and technical equipment, especially new-generation one”. Implementing the breakthrough, the Division has focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the leadership and direction of the Party committees and commanders at all levels for the task of training; renovating the training management and administration mechanism; exercising decentralisation of training, clearly defining the responsibilities of agencies and commanders at all levels in advising, directing and conducting training. Besides, it strictly maintains the work of training and retraining cadres at all levels, focusing on company and platoon cadres who have just graduated with little practical experience. Along with that, the Division also regularly holds competitions and sports festival at all levels; strengthens inspection and review. Thereby, the results of the Division's training and combat readiness have changed and seen clear progress. Its troops are proficient in technique and tactics, master the available weapon and equipment. They are highly maneuverable and combat ready. In 2020, the Division has completely overcome its weaknesses. 100% of the test results reach satisfactory and higher levels with over 85% of good and very good rate  which is 1.2% higher than 2019.

Together with improving the quality of training, the Division regularly maintains strict order and regime of combat readiness at all levels, proactively formulate and perfect the system of combat plans in line with the development of the situation and requirements of the mission; closely coordinates with air defence units in the area to research and deploy uninterrupted battlefield systems, reconnaissance systems; co-ordinates in collecting information and creating air defence posture, ready to respond to any situation in the air.

The Division attaches special importance to regularity building and disciplining. As its units are stationed in different locations with several independent posts and stations, in order to make its really “typical and exemplary”, the Division always focuses on educating and building its troops the good awareness in observing the State law,  Military discipline, and regulations of the unit; fostering knowledge and experience in management and training of soldiers for cadres, especially those of platoon and company levels; maintaining the daily and weekly order and regimes, and regulations on regularity. In particular, facing the complicated situation of disciplinary and legal violations in the entire Army, the Division’s Party Committee has issued a thematic resolution on formal construction and discipline training in the unit. Moreover, it regularly coordinates with the local party committees, authorities, the Police and the Judiciary in the areas of operation and troops’ families to manage and educate. As a result, discipline observance and regularity building of its units have seen positive progress, which was highly appreciated by the Service. In 2020, the Division saw no serious violations, normal violation dropped to 0.16% (a decrease of 0.02% compared to 2019).

In addition to the above contents and solutions, the Division has accelerated the regularity building, improving the quality of logistics and technical assurance. Given the large number and diversity of weapons and equipment, to meet the requirements of maneuverability and combat readiness, and the standards of “exemplary, typical”, the Division directs technical agencies at all levels to study and standardise the system of regulations on decentralisation of technical assurance, the technological process in maintenance, storing, repair and the rules in warehouses, stations, workshops, and technical zones; steps up training and fostering to improve the skills and levels for technical staff and drivers; well implements the Campaign of “ Good, durable, safe, economic management and exploitation of weapons and Traffic safety”. Currently, the Division has been able to repair 100% of normal failures, contributing to ensuring that the technical ratios of weapons and vehicles always meet and exceed the target. In logistics assurance, the Division maintains material reserve according to decentralisation, at the same time promoting internal resources and production, renovating the barracks, landscape and environment, taking good care of troop’s health.

The above initial results are the basis for the Division to continue promoting the building of a comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” unit, successfully accomplishing its assigned tasks, contributing to developing the Service to modernity.

Sr. Col. NGUYEN QUANG LUYEN, Division Commander

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