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2nd Corps’ Military School focuses on improving the quality of education and training

The 2nd Corps’ Military School was founded on the 19th October 1974 and initially named the Military-Political School of the 2nd Corps with the mission of conducting training for officers, non-commissioned officers and technical staffs of the Corps. Over 45 years of establishment, combat and development, the school has always managed to overcome all difficulties to successfully accomplish its assigned tasks and conducted training for over 50 thousand cadres and technical staffs, making positive contribution to the Corps. In recognition of its fulfillments, the State, Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Education and Training, and the 2nd Corps have granted the school with several noble awards.

In the face of requirements and mission of building the Corps in the new situation and implementing the guideline of fundamental and comprehensive renewal of education and training in light of the Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure), the school has been focusing on leading and directing the implementation of a number of measures for improving the quality of learning and teaching, and building the school regular and exemplary. First, it has improved the effectiveness and efficacy of leadership and direction of its Party Committee and Headquarters and junior party committees and commanders over education and training. Thoroughly grasping the resolutions and directives of upper levels on training and education, particularly the Resolution 345-NQ/ĐU of the Permanent Office of the Corps Party Committee on leading the education and training and building the school regular and exemplary, it has issued a number of specialized resolutions, plans and action programs for renewing and improving the quality of education and training with synchronous measures. During the implementation, the school attaches its targets for each academic year with the roadmap of implementing the Strategy for developing education and training in the Military  in the 2011 - 2020 period; the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission; the Resolution 253-NQ/ĐU of the Corps’s Party Committee on enhancing the quality of training in the 2013 - 2020 period and beyond. Emphasis has been placed on the promotion of the role of members of party committees and officers commanding at all levels. Checking, evaluation, review have also got much attention to overcome shortcomings. Propagation and education have also been strengthened to raise the awareness of its staff of the goals and requirements of renewing and improving the quality of education and training. The regulations and rules have also been reviewed and issued to create high consensus in training and scientific study.

Learners studying in IT and foreign laguage classroom 

Building and developing the teaching and managing staff; the school has been focused on implementing the Project on building and developing its teacher staff for the 2016 - 2020 period in order that by 2020, 90% of its teachers and cadres hold bachelor degree, in which 10% to 20% have post graduate qualifications. To realize that goal, the school has directed its functional bodies to coordinate with faculties and battalions to review the quality of its staff, then build plans for training and using their staff with attention being paid to the high skilled, talented and young ones to meet the requirements both in the long and short term. Besides, it has proposed the Corps to supplement its cadres and teachers staff with experienced ones in light of the rotation guideline. To standardize qualification on a par with title, its teachers and cares, after recruitment, are required to attend training,  retraining, on-the-job training and go on fact finding trip to units.

The school’s outputs are unit cadres who will directly involve in the management and training of soldiers, hence having high requirements in capability, skill, and practical experience. Therefore, to improve the training quality, it attaches importance to studying, supplementing, and perfecting the training programs and contents and renewing teaching - learning method. Basing on the framework program of the Ministry of National Defense, over the past years, it has adjusted, supplemented its training programs to make it relevant and suitable to each group of learners and the requirements of the Corps. Implementing the Decision No. 2795/QĐ-TM, dated April 2nd, 2017 of the General Staff on renewing training contents and programs for non-commissioned officers and elementary-level technical staffs; the Directive No. 89/CT-BQP, dated April 4th, 2018 of the Ministry of National Defense on “Strengthening the practical review of training, combat readiness and combat associated with the training and education of Military schools, meeting the requirements and missions in the new situation”, since 2015 to date, it has studied and built 20 training programs. In particular, it has adjusted, supplemented new contents on training and combat readiness in light of the Order No. 14/CL-TM; conducted live-firings with the 12.7mm and 37mm anti-aircraft guns, as well as other technical, tactical, discipline and sport contents, etc.

Learners studying in the SPG9-specialized classroom

In addition, it has also focused on renewing teaching - learning method towards “learner-centered and task-based” approach; directed its faculties to study and make unified lesson plans in topic with scenarios close to the Corps’ combat plans. At the same time, it attaches importance to spreading combat experience, the Corps’ tradition, training the manner, method and actions of the commander, combining campus training with field training. Its faculties focuses on training teaching methods; proactively conduct micro teaching to unify teaching methods and model acts. Besides formal training, it also holds extra training; sends learners to internship in units; strengthens synthesized practice, end-course exercise with live firing. Thereby, its training quality is increasingly improved. In recent years, 100% of its learners graduate with satisfied ranking and above, including over 90% rank good and outstanding; over 80% of its learners accomplish well their tasks after graduation.

Doing scientific research is the focal task of each school which helps improving the training quality. Fully aware of this, the school fosters scientific research and associates it with training. Annually, the school actively build and implement its training and scientific researching plans synchronously. Basing on the plans, it directs its affiliates to register and build their own plans for scientific research. In terms of content, it gives priority to studies to supplement and perfect the training programs and standardize the systems of course book and teaching materials; promotes technical innovations and creativity, teaching and learning facility improvement, information technology application in teaching and training management. In order to attract large number of cadres and officers, it has reviewed and promulgated regulations on scientific study which rule the quota of scientific study for each object and consider it as one of the KPIs. Thereby, scientific research in the school has earned steady improvements. Since 2013 to date, it has completed Corps-level 6 projects, 81 grassroots-level projects; compiled more than 20 course books and training material. In particular, the projects of “Renewing education and improving training quality for non-commissioned officers and technical staffs at the Corps No.2 Military School”, “Requirements and solutions for holding synthesized exercise for cadets of the Corps No.2 Military School” have been highly rated and directly contributing to improving the training quality of the school.

To meet the requirements of training, the school also pays attention to supply work; proactively mobilizes various resources to implement the Project of upgrading the system of classrooms and training fields for the 2015 - 2020 period. In particular, priorities are given to modernizing the specialized classrooms; upgrading libraries, etc. In the 2018 - 2019 academic year, it has upgraded its training control room, installed the system of surveillance cameras inside the classrooms, and built three new specialized classrooms for infantry recce, artillery, mortar subjects, virtual firing range, specialized classrooms for IT and foreign language. It has also suggested the Corps to upgrade the training fields and firing range in accordance with the decision of the Chief of the General Staff to provide necessary conditions for improving training quality.

Together with the above solutions, the school has also strengthened its management and disciplining to make it regular and well organized, deserving to be a training center of the Corps.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Ngoc Ky, Rector of the School

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