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Human security in the new situation

Human issues, especially human security are always a hot topic of all countries and the world, including Vietnam. Therefore, in the 13th Congress of the Party, this issue was discussed enthusiastically by delegates and highly agreed to implement synchronously and drastically the solutions.

According to the United Nations, human security is manifested in two basic aspects: safety against chronic threats, such as hunger, disease, oppression; are protected against sudden and harmful threats to everyday life, in all environments. The United Nations has given seven constituent factors that affect human security, including: economic security, food security, health security, environmental security, personal security, community security, and political security. These factors affect human security from many angles. Human security is the security and safety of people in life. Reality has proven that wars, conflicts and contradictions arise in social life have a profound impact on human security. In the future, human security will also be affected by a series of non-traditional security issues, such as: terrorism, disasters, natural disasters, epidemics and incidents caused by people.

Over 91 years of revolutionary leadership, our Party has always paid special attention to ensuring human security. Right in the first Political Thesis (October 1930), our Party mentioned a series of issues related to people, such as: society, politics, and economy. Particularly, in the Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (September 2, 1945), President Ho Chi Minh affirmed that: “All people are born equal. They are endowed with inalienable rights, including the right to life, the right to liberty and the right to happiness”. In the National development orientation for 2021 – 2030 period, our Party affirms: “To effectively manage social development, ensure social security, human security; realise social equity progress; “Maintain political security, ensure social order and safety, economic security, cyber-security, human security, build an ordered and disciplined society”.

In order to successfully implement the Resolution of the 13th Congress of the Party, the entire Party, the entire people, the entire army, the whole political system need to thoroughly grasp, unify the awareness and act on the Party's point of view on the issue human security; focusing on some main solutions as follows:

Firstly, to build and perfect a socialist rule of law state of the people, by the people, for the people, which  is streamlined, neat, effective and efficient. First of all, it is necessary to better define the roles, positions, functions, duties and powers of state agencies in the exercise of legislative, executive and judicial powers on the basis of the rule of law to ensure unified state power with close coordination and strengthened control of power, etc. In order to have clean, strong, solid, and reliable public apparatuses of the people, it is necessary to actively streamline the state apparatuses in a neat, lean, and strong manner, meeting requirements and tasks in the new situation. At the same time, to focus on building a contingent of strong state cadres in terms of qualities, morals, capacities, qualifications, strategic thinking, truly being “public servants”. To step up the prevention and fight against corruption, wastefulness, authoritarianism and arrogance, which undermine the strength of the apparatus and the people's confidence; build a clean and strong state, and maintain a peaceful and stable environment to build, protect and develop the country, and ensure human security in a new situation.

Vietnam White Paper on human rights issued by MOFA in 2018

Secondly, to focus on rapid and sustainable economic development, and improve the quality of life of the people. To ensure sustainable human security, it is necessary to build and develop a stable, quality, productive and efficient economy; combine economic growth with cultural development, realise social progress and equity. The 13th Congress of the Party aims to develop a socialist-oriented market economy; create a favorable environment to mobilise, allocate and use resources effectively, promote investment and production. To ensure macroeconomic stability, renew the growth model, and restructure the economy; focus on building infrastructure and developing urban areas; rural economic development associates with new rural construction; accelerating the national digital transformation; develop the digital economy on the basis of science and technology, innovate and improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. At the same time, effectively implement three breakthroughs of economic development strategies: (1) Perfecting the full, synchronous and modern socialist-oriented market economy institutions; (2) Continuing to develop human resources, science, technology, innovation associated with arousing aspirations for national development, national pride, resilient will and promoting Vietnamese cultural values; (3) Continuing to improve the system of modern and synchronous socio-economic infrastructure, focusing on the development of key infrastructure in transport, energy, information technology, etc. On that basis, to harmonise the goals of economic growth and cultural development, realise social progress and equity, protect the environment, and improve people's material and spiritual lives. This is an important solution that shows the spirit: ensuring human security must focus on economic development; human security with the economic issues must be closely linked with jobs and people's income. Although our Party always affirms that economic development is the focal goal, but in some specific situations our Party and State are also “ready to sacrifice a number of economic benefits to protect health and safety for the people”, as shown in the leadership and direction for the prevention and control of pandemics, environmental disasters in the past time, etc.

Thirdly, ensuring food security, focusing on hunger eradication, sustainable poverty reduction, good implementation of social security, job creation for people. Our Party and State’s consistent policy is not to let any people suffer from hunger and cold; not to leave anyone behind in everyday life, especially during pandemic; strive to soon realise the goals and programs for sustainable development, for people; create conditions for everyone, especially children, disadvantaged groups, ethnic minorities, and immigrants to integrate and have equal access to resources, opportunities for equal development and enjoy basic social services. Continue to improve and implement the national policy of equality, solidarity and mutual development. Pay attention to developing ethnic, remote and isolated areas; organise the effective implementation of national programs and goals for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in the period between 2021 and 2030. Synchronously implement multidimensional and sustainable poverty reduction solutions, especially in areas of ethnic minorities. Implement poverty reduction with effective support policies; reduce social inequality. At the same time, to improve welfare, social security, ensure minimum needs for housing, travelling, education, and health care, employment... towards covering the entire population with policies on prevention and reduction, minimising and overcoming risks for people, ensuring support for disadvantaged groups. Reform of multi-tier social insurance, basing on the principle of contribution - benefit, share - sustainability. For the labor market, it is necessary to aim for sustainable employment; ensure the structure and quality of human resources in the country, shift the labor structure in line with the economic structure, increase the proportion of labour, focus on creating jobs for people, especially agro-workers.

Finally, to ensure human rights, consider people as the subject, the main resource and the development goal in all areas of social life. The 2013 Constitution clearly states: The State guarantees and promotes the people's right to mastery; recognises, respects, protects and ensures human rights and citizen's rights. Maintain the leadership of the Party, the decisive factor to supplement and perfect the system of laws and policies, in order to harmonise social relations, thereby ensuring human rights and citizen rights. Actively build “core values”, the best conditions to improve creativity and ensure social consensus, creating a driving force for national development. Promote the advantages and people of Vietnam, improve the quality of human resources, appreciate talents, take care of the people's legitimate interests, and implement social equality. Focus on building people in terms of morality, personality, lifestyle, intelligence, working capacity and physical strength; build a healthy cultural environment, enabling people to live in peace, stability, best social security, and sustainable economic development.

In order to develop Vietnamese people comprehensively, first of all it is necessary to focus on cultural development. This is because human is the subject of culture, the product of culture and the beneficiary of culture. Human is the decisive factor not only in the cultural field, but also in all areas of social life. Our Party affirms that developing Vietnamese people comprehensively must become the goal of the Development Strategy. People, first of all, the working people must be placed at the centre of the socio-economic development process, all programs, projects, socio-economic development plans must be based on the people, aimed for the sake of people; economic benefits are not to be achieved at all costs, regardless of law and social morality. At the same time, to exploit and promote the nation's cultural resources as a driving force for socio-economic development.

In addition, to bring into full play the synergy of the entire nation, of the great unity bloc of the entire people, of the whole political system; combine national strength with the power of the times; take full advantage of the support of the international community to firmly protect the independence, sovereignty, unify the territorial integrity of the Fatherland, protect the Party, State, People, the social regime, the advanced culture imbued with national identity; to maintain a peaceful environment, political stability, and prerequisites for ensuring national security and human security in the new situation.

Senior Colonel, Master. DO HAI AU

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