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VCG Recce Brigade No. 1 improves operational quality and enhances the protection of sovereignty and security

The 1st Coast Guard Reconnaissance Brigade is a professional unit under the Coast Guard Command, being tasked with advising and conducting reconnaissance activities to grasp the situation, detect and fight against illegal acts in the waters and islands of many crucial provinces and cities of the country. In order to successfully complete its tasks, the Brigade has synchronously deployed several solutions, especially the work of situation grasping and protecting national security and sovereignty.

Apprehending a boat illegally trafficking cigarettes

First of all, the Brigade attaches importance to building a clean and strong Party on par with its tasks, focusing on thoroughly grasping and strictly implementing the above directives and resolutions on Party building work, especially the Resolution of the 5th Congress of the Coast Guard's Party Committee, the 4th Resolution of the Party Central Committee (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification, directly the Resolution of the 4th Party Congress of the Reconnaissance Brigade No. 1 for the 2020 – 2025 tenure; review and strengthen its members of party committees (secretaries) to ensure adequate quantity and quality; supplement regulations on leadership in key work areas to make it relevant to the actual situation of the unit; strengthen the management, education and training of cadres and party members and take care of the development of new party members; pay attention to inspection, supervision and enforcement of Party discipline. The results of recce and situation grasping on seas and islands are an important basis for the commander to make accurate and timely decisions to handle all situations well. Therefore, the brigade attaches great importance to training and improving professional and expertise for its officers and soldiers. In training, it thoroughly communicates and strictly implements the above directives and resolutions on training work, especially Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission and Resolution No. 397-NQ/ĐU of the VCG’s Party Committee on "Improving training quality for the 2013-2020 period and beyond", with the motto of "Basic, practical, solid", attaches importance to synchronous and specialised training, taking the task of detecting targets, preventing and combating crimes, violations, smuggling and commercial fraud as training targets; promptly adjusts training plan to suit the situation of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control. Synchronously deploys professional measures to detect the targets early and from afar; collects information, analyses and synthesises the situation of sovereign security, especially the violations of foreign ships; promptly advises and proposes to the above levels to handle situations in accordance with Vietnam law and international practices.

In order to improve the overall quality and effectively fight against various types of crimes, the brigade links the work of legal propaganda, dissemination and education with the management of internal politics quality. The brigade steps up the propagation, dissemination and education of the law for officers and soldiers to make them firmly grasp the basic knowledge of the laws and legal documents, effectively fight against all kinds of crimes, focusing on deeply grasping the 8th Resolution of the Party  Central Committee (11th tenure) on "Strategy for Fatherland protection in the new situation"; Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW, dated October 22, 2018 of the Party Central Committee (12th tenure) on "Strategy for development of Vietnam's marine economy to 2030, with a vision to 2045"; Law on Vietnam Coast Guard”, etc., thereby, constantly improving legal knowledge and building bravery, strong will, confidence, determination to overcome difficulties and complete tasks well in all situations for officers and soldiers. Besides, the brigade pays attention to the management and protection of internal politics, thereby, contributing to building a contingent of cadres and soldiers with strong political will, good ethics, honest lifestyle, dedication to work, not afraid of difficulties, hardships and sacrifices; firmly grasping the law, proficient in profession, really is the core force, in charge of protecting the security and sovereignty of the sea and islands of the Fatherland.

Coordinating with Hai Phong Police to apprehend a copper ore smuggling

In order to grasp the all-round situation, the brigade promotes coordination of activities with functional forces in its area of operation. Strictly implementing Circular No. 15/2019/TT-BQP, dated February 11, 2019, of the Ministry of National Defence on regulations and procedures for patrol, inspection and control of the Vietnam Coast Guard, the brigade has developed a coordination plan with other forces, namely: the Navy, the Customs, the Border Guards and the Police of provinces and cities in its area of operation for exchanging information, firmly grasping the situation, promptly detecting acts of violation of political security and sovereignty, and promptly reporting and advising the VCG’s Party Committee and Command. Actively sticking to the area, together with the authorities to detect and prevent illegal entry and exit, arrest and handle many large-scale cases of smuggling and commercial fraud with foreign elements, and carrying out the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemic from the sea direction.

From 2015 to 2020, the brigade signed and coordinated with functional forces of provinces and cities in the area to deploy nearly 700 recce missions at sea and in related areas; collected and reported to superiors 7,329 pieces of news of all kinds (with 109 unexpected news reported); detected 33,176 turns of foreign fishing vessels operating, in which 1,859 ones violating our waters; developed 58 thematic reports to serve the work of grasping, synthesizing, researching and forecasting fishing vessels and foreign research and exploration ships operating in Vietnam's waters; detected, arrested, and fined 43 cases with 48 ships for their violations with a total amount of fines and an estimated value of good caught of over 30 billion VND. As for 2020 alone, the brigade collected, processed and reported 2,163 reports on targets and subjects related to political security, sovereignty security, order and safety in the waters under its authority. With the results achieved, from 2015 to 2020, the brigade was awarded the Third-class Fatherland Defence Order in 2017, the flags of Leading Unit in the Determine to Win Emulation movement by the Ministry of National Defence for four years in a row, together with many other noble awards.

In the coming years, the task of protecting sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of the country at sea will pose increasing demands; traditional and non-traditional security threats are on the rising trend; the task of grasping the situation will face many risks, challenges, even sacrifices. In order to further improve the quality of situation grasping and sovereignty protection, the brigade will focus on the following solutions:

1. Continue to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the above directives, orders and plans on strengthening the work of grasping situation and protecting the sovereignty of seas and islands. Thoroughly implement political and ideological education, training to improve professional and legal levels for officers and soldiers to firmly grasp the contents of legal documents related to their functions, tasks and competence; recce methods, measures for identifying targets at sea; patrolling, inspection and control procedures of the Coast Guard. Increase the time for practical training at sea, night training, and extreme weather training with high intensity towards the direction of: "Taking law as the ground, reconnaissance as the key"; make some professional and legal breakthroughs: “Strengthen renewals in the application of information technology; proactively seek information and improve news quality”.

2. Use a combination of professional measures for reconnaissance of the Coast Guard to grasp the situation of security, sovereignty, order and safety at sea, focusing on the operation of the secret network; focus on improving the efficiency of technical reconnaissance, the ability to research, synthesise, analyse, evaluate and forecast the situation without being passive or surprised. At the same time, strengthen the presence of forces in the overlapping and disputed seas to grasp the situation, combined with propaganda, dissemination and education of law for people, especially people living in coastal provinces and cities to promote their sense of law observance; proactively and actively detect and denounce acts of violating Vietnam's sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction.

3. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant functional forces, such as: the Navy, the Customs, the Border Guard, the Fishery Surveillance, and local authorities in coastal provinces in the execution of tasks. The coordination work must be smooth, close and tight on the basis of functions and tasks of each unit; content of coordination should be comprehensive with in-depth; regularly exchange information and review in order to promote synergy, improve quality and efficiency of task performance.

4. Regularly motivate troop spirit to overcome difficulties and hardships, take care of their material and spiritual life, especially those directly performing recce missions at sea; promptly praise and reward collectives and individuals with achievements in grasping the situation and protecting security, order and safety, sovereignty; encourage officers and soldiers to stay committed to their work and strive to accomplish all tasks well.

The achieved results are the basis for the No. 1 Recce Brigade of the Vietnam Coast Guard to promote the tradition of "Being resolutely brave, overcoming hardships, uniting and coordinating, strictly abiding by law"; determine to successfully accomplish all tasks, making an important contribution to the cause of management and protection of the country's sacred sovereignty over seas and islands.

Colonel NGUYEN DUC HIEU, Brigade Commander

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