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To make our Party forever live with the nation

On February 3rd, 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam was founded, marking a turning point of paramount importance in the Vietnamese revolution’s history. With its sound Political Platform and guidelines, over the past 90 years plus, the Communist Party of Vietnam has united the whole nation and led our people to overcome a large number of difficulties and challenges, record numerous victories, perform great miracles and make significant contributions to the international communist and labour movement. Currently, a part from advantages, there are many threats and challenges to the leadership role and survival of our Party, socialist regime and revolution. In order to prove our Party’s outstanding merits, identify threats and challenges to a ruling party, and build a strong, pure Communist Party of Vietnam to deserve to be the vanguard of the Vietnamese working class, labouring people and nation, the National Defence Journal would like to introduce a series of articles entitled “To make our Party forever live with the nation” co-authored by Quang Hop, Van Su and Minh Dat.

I. The Party’s mission and great achievements

In the late 19th century and the early 20th century, our country was placed under the yoke of the colonial-feudal regime whose oppression and exploitation were extremely brutal. A lot of movements against the French Colonialists having feudal and petit bourgeois tendencies widely, constantly took place and attracted the participation of a large number of people; those movements were conducted in various forms, from violence to reform. However, they were all unsuccessful or “drowned in a sea of blood.” Patriotic movements and struggles for national independence went into a crisis of political guidelines and leadership. In that context, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, with a deep love for his country and people, reached out to Marxism-Leninism and found out the way to liberate the nation. He pointed out that “To save the country and liberate the people, there is no other way than a proletarian revolution.” With his great knowledge and political vision, he invested a lot of efforts in encouraging, preparing and taking charge of the unification of three communist organisations, namely the Indochinese Communist Party, the Communist Party of Annam and the Indochinese Communist League into the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) - the political party of the Vietnamese working class as the result of combining Marxism-Leninism with Vietnamese patriotic movements. The Brief Political Platform and the Brief Policy designed by Nguyen Ai Quoc and approved by the Conference to found the CPV advocated conducting a proletarian revolution and a revolutionary land reform to move forward to a communist society, toppling the French colonialism and feudalism, liberating workers and peasants from capitalism, developing industry and agriculture, and bringing all rights to the people. The CPV’s inception with its sound Platform and revolutionary guidelines opened up a new page in the national history and put an end to the crisis of political guidelines amongst Vietnam’s patriotic movements. After being founded, the CPV mobilised people from all walks of life in revolutionary movements against the French Colonialists and feudal regime (1930-1931, 1936-1939, 1939-1945), which proved its historical mission and role as the true leader of the Vietnamese revolution.

The diverse and harsh realities in the past 90 years plus have shown that the CPV founded and trained by President Ho Chi Minh has successfully accomplished its mission and the Vietnamese revolution’s goals and tasks in each period. Hence, to honour and acknowledge the CPV’s outstanding credits to the nation, our people have called the CPV by a simple but noble name: our Party. The people are proud of the glorious CPV and it is a great honour for the CPV to be a revolutionary party of the heroic Vietnamese nation. Thus, the CPV is always acutely aware of its political responsibility for its people and nation. That truth has helped form the close-knit bond between the CPV and the people and enabled the former’s intent to match the latter’s desire, thereby creating an enormous source of internal strength to overcome all difficulties and challenges and achieve brilliant feats. Diverse realities of the Vietnamese revolution so far have proved that the CPV’s leadership is a determinant to all victories.

It is the great victory of the 1945 August Revolution that broke the yoke of colonialism and feudalism, seized power for the people, and established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam as the first worker-peasant State in the Southeast Asia. That victory was of paramount importance to the Vietnamese revolution and marked a turning point in the national history at that time. It proved the CPV’s sound guidelines and key role. A Marxist Party, aged only 15, with 5,000 members managed to lead the people to conduct a great revolution and usher in a new era of national independence and freedom, which encouraged the national liberation movement by the peace-loving people around the world, particularly in the colonies.

It was the victories of the two wars against foreign invaders and the struggles for defending the national border. In 9 years against the French Colonialists, the CPV’s Central Committee and Uncle Ho developed sound, creative guidelines on an all-people, all-round, durable resistance war, while combining the resistance war with national construction to achieve victories in the two tasks. Thanks to the guidelines, we carried out a transformation in the posture, made a change in the balance of power that gave us an advantage over the enemy, and gradually gained a complete victory with the Battle of Dien Bien Phu which “resounded through the five continents, shook the globe,” and forced the French Colonialists to sign the Geneva Accords of 1954 restoring peace in the three Indochinese countries. The victory of the war against the French marked an extraordinary development of the Vietnamese revolution as the basis for the victory of the resistance war against the U.S., for national salvation later on. At the same time, it raised the alarm for the collapse of the old-style colonialism. After 1954, the country was temporarily divided into two parts, namely the North and the South. Our Party correctly assessed the global and domestic situation to lay down the guidelines on synchronously conducting two revolutions in the two regions, namely the Socialist Revolution in the North and the People’s Democratic Revolution in the South. Under the CPV’s leadership, with its sound political, military guidelines and proper revolutionary strategies, our Party brought into fullest play the national synergy and combined the national strength with the strength of the times to step by step defeat the U.S. war strategies and achieve the ultimate victory by the Spring 1975 General Offensive and Uprising, particularly the Ho Chi Minh Campaign completely liberating the South, reunifying the country, fulfilling the glorious mission of national liberation, ending over one century of the yoke of the old-style and new-style colonialism in our country, accomplishing the people’s democratic national revolution, and opening up a new era of national independence, unification and socialism in the country’s history. That victory once again confirmed our Party’s sound, clever leadership. After the country was reunified, under the CPV’s leadership, our Military and people have successfully fulfilled the task of national construction and protection, won the wars to defend the national border, accomplished noble international missions in Laos and Cambodia, and responsibly taken part in the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Amidst the complex developments of the world situation and the country’s difficulties, the CPV has always adhered to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, initiated and exercised leadership over a comprehensive national reform, particularly in theoretical ideology and national economy. Since the CPV’s 6th National Congress in 1986, our country has gradually overcome difficulties and crisis, become a middle income nation, and carried out industrialisation, modernisation and international integration. The people’s life has been improved. Political and social stability has been maintained. National defence and security have been consolidated. Culture has witnessed new developments and become the spiritual foundation of the society. Vietnam’s status and prestige in the international arena have been raised. It should be noted that the whole world is now wrestling with the COVID-19 pandemic; however, with the motto of “fighting the epidemic like fighting enemies,” putting the people’s health and life first, and readily sacrificing economic growth, the CPV has mobilised the participation of the entire political system and all social resources to halt the spread of the epidemic, thereby ensuring the safety of all citizens regardless of age, class or nationality. This is a miracle performed by our country and a dream to many other countries worldwide in the fight against this pandemic.

More than 90 years have elapsed since the CPV’s inception. That period is not long in the national history; however, it is long enough for the above-mentioned achievements and suffices to prove our Party’s key role and greatness. Certainly, in that process, the CPV has made mistakes, some of which have been serious. But the most important thing is that our Party has always looked straight at the truth and dared to admit its mistakes and take responsibility before the people. That is the courage and nature of a revolutionary Party for the country and for the people. Hence, our people always absolutely believe in the CPV’s leadership and the socialist regime, which is the most persuasive evidence for rejecting all wrong arguments by the hostile forces against our Party. At present, the national construction and protection task has advantages and opportunities, while facing a lot of difficulties and challenges. With the tireless efforts made by the whole Party, Military and people, we believe that our country will take advantage of opportunities, overcome all difficulties, successfully fulfil the noble goal of “rich people, strong nation, democracy, equality, and civilisation,” move forward to socialism, and make contributions to maintaining peace, stability, cooperation and development regionally and globally. (To be continued).


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To thoroughly carry out the preparatory work for, and successfully conduct the 13th Party Congress, leading the country to a new phase of development
The entire Party, people and armed forces shall unify in hearts and minds, join forces to carry out thoroughly the preparatory work for, and successfully conduct the 13th National Congress of the Party, leading the country to a new phase of development with the goal of “prosperous people, powerful, democratic, just and civilised country”, successfully fulfilling the heartfelt wish of great President Ho Chi Minh and the desire of the entire nation.