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The Border Guard grasps the Party's views on religious work

Religious work is a matter of strategic importance and responsibility of the entire political system under the leadership of the Party. Recognizing that, the Border Guard has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the Party's views and guidelines, especially Directive No.36-CT/ĐUQSTW of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission) on religious work, with multiple positive results, making an important contribution to strengthening the great unity bloc of the entire nation in the cause of construction and protection of the Fatherland.

Taking advantage of difficulties of ethnic minorities in remote, highland, and mountainous areas, especially borders, seas, and islands, hostile and disruptive forces are intensifying distorted propaganda activities to entice and incite the masses to destroy the great national unity bloc, divide religious people from non-religious ones and Kinh people from the ethnic minorities, and break the solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and neighboring countries. In the Northwestern, the Central Highlands, the Central, and the Southwestern, reactionaries are taking advantage of the religious issues to link with the outside forces to propagate, incite, and attract ethnic minorities to take part in illegal activities of Protestantism and some evil religions; to split, upgrade, expand, and establish parishes and religious families; to incite the masses to complain and protest to destabilize security and order, etc.

Facing this situation, under its functions and duties, the Border Guard High Command has directed subordinate agencies and units to regularly grasp activities of abusing religion to infringe upon national security. At the same time, it has collaborated with the Government Committee for Religious Affairs and the Institute of Religious Studies in organizing training for border guards from provinces and cities who directly conduct mass mobilization work. Border Guard units have organized training for nearly 20,000 political and professional officers on religious affairs and directed the compilation of over 16,000 documents on this work. To actively monitor the situation related to religious work in the border areas, the Border Guard has strengthened the deployment of reconnaissance and mass mobilization crews to important and complex areas and organized more than 91,000 propaganda sessions for over 3 million masses, believers, dignitaries, and religious positions on the Party's guidelines and views and the State's policies and laws, especially religious policies and the Law on Beliefs and Religions to help people raise their awareness on conspiracies and tricks of the disruptive forces in taking advantage of religion to sabotage the revolution and propagate and develop illegal religions.

The Border Guard of Ho Chi Minh Municipality conducts review of 20 years implementing the Directive No. 36-CT/ĐUQSTW (Photo:

Thoroughly grasping the viewpoint of “relying on the people and taking the people as the root”, the Border Guard has proactively propagandized and mobilized the religious people to implement the non-religious and religious solidarity and “God respect and Patriotism” and participate in hunger eradication and poverty reduction and strengthen forces to monitor the situation in key areas to promptly struggle and prevent activities of abusing religion in the border areas.

Besides the achievements, the religious work of the Border Guard in the border areas still has several limitations. To contribute to improving the effectiveness of the religious work, the Border Guard units should continue to thoroughly grasp and implement a number of the following contents.

Firstly, to continue thoroughly grasping the Party's guidelines and policies and the State's policies and laws on beliefs and religions. Along with grasping the content of the Law and decrees on beliefs and religions, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement Directive No.01/2005/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister, Directive No.36-CT/ĐUQSTW of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission), and Conclusion No.57-KL/TW issued on November 3rd, 2009 by the Politburo on continuing the implementation of the Resolutions of the 7th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (the 11th Tenure) on “Promoting the strength of great unity of the entire people for the “rich people, strong, fair, democratic, and civilized country”, “ethnic work”, and “religious work”. Communicating the border guards on the Party's views and policies, the State's policies and laws on religion and religious policies is necessary to create a unity of awareness, consciousness, and sense of responsibility in religious work.

Secondly, to do well the propaganda, popularization of legal education, and advocating of religious people “to live a good life of religion,” and “God respect and Patriotism.” It is necessary to enhance the propaganda on the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's policies and laws on religion, and the task of managing and protecting the national borders for believers, dignitaries, and religious positions. In implementing, it is required to base on the characteristics of each object to have appropriate contents and methods and regularly grasp the thoughts and aspirations to help people realize the right view of the Party and the State on religion. Thereby, to encourage, guide, and help religious people participate in legal religious activities while actively contributing to managing and protecting the national borders.

Thirdly, to actively advise the local Party committees and authorities in socio-economic development and consolidation of the grassroots political system, especially the religious zones in the border, sea and islands areas. To thoroughly grasp the Party's guideline in the National Border Protection Strategy: “To rely on the people, promote the strength of the entire people and political system; to protect the national borders is the cause of the people, by the people, and for the people ... ”, the Border Guard should continue to promote the role of the reinforcements cadres and Party members participating in activities at the Party cells of border villages and being in charge of households; to replicate the Project “Assigning border guards to the committees of border, seas, and islands districts and cities”. To advise the religious regions to build political bases, improve the quality of activities of party organizations, authorities, and socio-political organizations; to build strong militia, self-defense, and reserve forces. Land management units related to religions used for defense purposes should closely coordinate with the local Party committees, authorities, and functional agencies in settling in accordance with law provisions. To actively participate in socio-economic development to help religious people develop production, build rural and mountainous infrastructure, eradicate hunger and reduce poverty, prevent and fight against epidemics, and protect the environment to contribute to improving the material and spiritual life of religious people in the border areas.

Finally, to regularly monitor the local situation and advise to handle well complex situations related to the activities of abusing religion to infringe upon national security. The units should proactively closely coordinate with the local Party committees, authorities, and functional forces to do well the work of monitoring the situation of the people, beliefs, and religions, especially sabotage activities of hostile forces, thereby to propose effective struggling policies and measures. Upon complicated incidents and situations related to religious issues in the areas, it is required to always follow the leadership of the Party committees and the management of local authorities; to properly carry out the functions and tasks of the Border Guard; at the same time, to enlist the support of dignitaries, religious positions, and prestigious people in ethnic minorities to settle incidents and prevent bad situations from happening. To resolutely defeat the conspiracies and plots of “peaceful evolution” and overthrowing riot of hostile forces and expose the plot of taking advantage of religion to sabotage the revolution to maintain political security and social order and safety in the border areas.

As a “specialized force and first combat force to stick to the end to protect and maintain the national borders”, the Border Guard units should continue to grasp and strictly implement the religious work to contribute to strengthening the great national unity bloc, maintaining political security and social order and safety, and firmly managing and protecting the national sovereignty and security.

Senior Colonel, PhD. NGUYEN XUAN BAC, Deputy Director of Border Guard Academy

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