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Promoting democracy at grassroots units in the Army according to the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress

Realising the importance of the democracy promotion and expansion, over the years, the Party committees and commanders of agencies and units in the entire Army have always paid attention to leading and directing the construction and implementation of Grassroots Democracy Regulation, and achieved good results. However, compared to the target, there are still limitations that need to be overcome.

In order for the promotion of democracy at grassroots units to become a driving force contributing to building and improving the overall quality and combat strength of the Army, meeting the requirements of the task of Fatherland protection in the new situation, it is necessary that Party committees and commanders at all levels thoroughly grasp, flexibly and creatively apply the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress on socialist democracy with the following main contents: (1) Ensuring publicity, transparency, and accessibility of information to people of all strata. "Complete the system of law, mechanisms and policies synchronously in order to strongly promote socialist democracy and the people's right to mastery". (2) “In all Party and State’s affairs, we must always deeply grasp the concept of "people are the root"; truly believe, respect and promote the people's right to mastery, persistently implement the motto of "people know, people discuss, people do, people monitor, people supervise, people benefit". People are the centre and the subject of the cause of renewal and Fatherland construction and protection; all undertakings and policies must really come from people's life, aspirations, rights and legitimate interests; people's happiness and well-being should be taken as a goal to strive for". (3) Further strengthening socialist democracy, associated with strengthening the rule of law, ensuring social discipline, first of all, the exemplary role in obeying laws and regulations, practicing democracy of Party committees and organisations, authorities, Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations at all levels, of cadres and party members. Focus on "promoting democracy in parallel with maintaining discipline"; Properly and effectively implement direct democracy and representative democracy, especially democracy at the grassroots. Counter the manifestations of extreme democracy, or fake democracy". Accordingly, to make it effective, party committees and commanders at all levels need to focus on the following solutions:

Firstly, promoting education and propaganda to raise soldiers' awareness of the Grassroots Democracy Regulation. Party committees, leaders and commanders at all levels should strengthen propaganda and education for soldiers to make them grasp the resolutions, directives and documents on the formulation and implementation of the Democratic Regulation; the need to perform this work well at the units, thereby, making all subjects, especially the presiding officers fully aware of the role and requirements of the building and implementation of the Democratic Regulations at grassroots level in the Army today. The scope of the Regulation covers military, political, economic, life, and professional fields. Strengthen propaganda and dissemination of legal knowledge, provide for troops with necessary information on matters agreed by the Party committees, leaders and commanders for opinions, inspection and supervision. At the same time, well implement the requirements that: "Promoting democracy must go hand in hand with strengthening discipline and internal solidarity"; resolutely fight against the manifestations of fake democracy and indiscipline, the hostile forces' conspiracies and tricks to take advantage of democracy, human rights and religion to sabotage our country's revolution.

Secondly, continuing to research, supplement and perfect democratic regulations in accordance with current laws and the requirements of the unit. Each organisation and unit should regularly conduct well the preliminary and final review of the elaboration and implementation of the Grassroots Democracy Regulation; continue to elaborate, supplement and complete the promulgated regulations on the exercise of democracy. At the same time, establish an effective implementation mechanism, ensure democracy promotion and discipline strengthening, powers associated with responsibilities, benefits go hand in hand with obligations; resolutely handle acts of taking advantage of democracy to violate State law and military discipline. Regularly review, supplement and perfect the Democratic Regulation in the party organisation and command. Focus on building and perfecting the inspection and supervision mechanism of military personnel and improving the legal effect of the issued regulations. All regulations on the exercise of democracy of the units should be made public, disseminated and thoroughly briefed to each cadre, party member and soldier, and they should be open to discussion to all troops and all organisations, and strictly implemented.

Thirdly, strengthening the leadership of party organisations at all levels in implementing democracy and maintaining discipline at grassroots units. Upholding the principle of absolute and direct Party leadership in all aspects in the Army, building a clean and strong Army Party, focusing on improving the leadership capacity and combat strength of grassroots party organisations. Improve the capacity of Party committees at all levels in leading and executing Party resolutions; promote self-criticism and criticism; uphold the principle of democratic centralism along with individual accountability, ensuring that all democratic practices and discipline training of the unit are under the leadership and direction of the Party committees. In order to maintain self-discipline, unity and strictness in the units, leaders and commanders at all levels need to improve the quality of political education and ideological leadership. All troops must regularly and thoroughly grasp and strictly observe the Army's regimes, regulations, orders and discipline, and State laws. Actively promote the regularity construction; constantly improve and unify the implementation of disciplinary institutions at the units, and put this activity in order, making discipline observance a habit, the daily routine of each soldier, unit, etc.

Fourthly, improving the quality of activities of the Military Personnel Council. Through the activities of the Military Personnel Council, all officers and soldiers can directly express their thought and feeling of the practical issues; at the same time, propose measures to exercise the right to mastery in all fields and activities of the unit. To that end, units need to strengthen their structure, promote the role of the Military Personnel Council in maintaining the unity of will and actions of all soldiers, and consider this the responsibility and obligation of all organisations and forces, first of all of the Party committees and presiding officers at all levels. Accordingly, it is necessary to pay attention to fostering practical capacity for members of the Council, diversify forms of democracy, and promptly solve the problems reflected by officers and soldiers. Attach the democratic activities of the Military Personnel Council to the successful implementation of their central political tasks, especially democratic promotion in ideological and discipline management, helping the Party committees, leaders, and commanders to solve problems well.

Finally, regularly renovating working methods and styles of officials at grassroots units. Practice shows that, rule and regulation do not necessarily means that democracy will be exercised. Democracy promotion also depends on the level, capacity, methods, working style, and self-motivation of cadres at the grassroots level, especially the cadres in charge. Units need to attach importance to building a contingent of cadres and party members with scientific working methods and detail-oriented, open, transparent style, and act according to democratic standards and principles, uphold the sense of responsibility, overcome difficulties, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, enthusiastic and dedicated to work, sensitive in grasping and solving the problems of troops. Each cadre, party member, especially the presiding ones, must always adhere to discipline and principles; exemplary, implement "words go hand in hand with deeds", resolutely fight against individualism, partiality, group interests, the abuse of power to violate democracy.

With a strong, comprehensive, synchronous innovation spirit, leaders and commandants at all levels in the entire Army continue to inherit, supplement, develop and expand democracy according to the Resolution of the 13th Nation Party Congress to a new height with increasing improvement, contributing to creating motivation to successfully perform all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel, Dr. NGUYEN VAN TUONG, Military  Political College

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