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MR5 Party Committee leads the implementation of military and defence tasks

The 13th National Party Congress has determined that: Consolidating national defence and firmly defending the Fatherland are an important and regular task of the Party, the State, the political system and the entire people, in which the VPA is the core. Thoroughly grasping that point of view, the Party Committee of Military Region 5 (MR5) focuses on leading the good execution of military and defence tasks.

Currently, in the area of MR5, political security is basically stable; localities are stepping up the realisation of the dual goals of economic development and Covid-19 prevention and control. However, the security situations at sea and land border areas are seeing new complications; FULRO strengthens its propaganda, develops forces, incites and entices ethnic minorities to cross the border illegally; reactionary and extremist elements in religions tend to associate with each other to promote illegal religious practices,... posing new and increasingly high requirements for the task of defending the Fatherland in the new normal status. Faced with that situation, thoroughly grasping the line and policy of protecting the Fatherland determined by the 13th Congress of the Party, the MR5 Party Committee has determined to lead the implementation of military and defence work well, focusing on the following contents:

1. Strengthening the leadership of the Party committees and organisations in defence and military work; focusing on leading, directing and organising the effective implementation of the Party's guidelines, directives and resolutions of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence. Emphasis is placed on the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, the Strategy for Fatherland protection in the new situation, the Strategy for Fatherland protection in cyberspace, the National Defence Strategy, the Military Strategy, and the National Border Protection Strategy, Decree No. 21/2019/NĐ-CP, dated 22/02/2019 of the Government on building defence zones, etc. Regularly researching, grasping, evaluating and forecasting the situation early and from afar; promoting well the advisory role, actively deploying the determination and plan for defence and combat readiness ready to fight.

MR5 Party Committee continues to lead and direct the implementation of restructuring, improving the leadership capacity and combat strength of Party committees and organisations at all levels. Actively renew and improve the quality of party operations, strictly observe the principles of Party building work; maintain the comprehensive leadership of party organisations right from the grassroots; resolutely prevent the expression of disregarding regulations and discipline, and autocracy in leadership and command. Actively and closely coordinate with local Party committees to lead and direct the building of clean and strong Military Party Committees; improve the advisory capability on defence and military tasks.

Lt. Gen. Trinh Dinh Thach makes a speech at the 10th MR5 Party Congress

Implement the breakthrough in personnel work to make its cadres firm in political stance, exemplary in morality, lifestyle, highly responsible and effective. Concentrate on building the contingent of cadres at all levels, first of all commanders of its departments, divisions and municipal and provincial military commands with sufficient quality, capacity and prestige; knowledgeable about state management, economic and social management; expert at advising, proposing, organising the implementation of tasks at their own level, and guiding and inspecting their subordinate units.

2. Leading and directing to improve the quality of military and defence work, consolidating firmly the defence of Military Zone and defence zones of provinces and cities, meeting requirements and tasks. Coordinate with the provincial and municipal Party Committees to lead and direct the construction and organisation of defensive activities of the Military Zone and the provincial and district defence zones firmly according to Conclusion No. 64-KL/TW, dated October 30, 2019 of the Politburo (12th tenure) on accelerating the implementation of Resolution No. 28-NQ/TW, dated October 25, 2013 of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) on the Strategy for the Fatherland protection in the new era. Promote the development of potentials; research and adjust the posture of defence zones towards basic, continuous and solid direction in each area. Hold defence area drills at provincial and district levels in a strict, effective and relevant manner. Coordinate to build strong grassroots political systems, solid "people's heart and mind" postures, especially in key areas in terms of national defence and security, ethnic minorities and religious people, contributing to building a great national unity block and strong local political bases. During the 2020 and 2025 term, the MR5 Party Committee strives to complete all master plans, plans and projects of key defence economic zones on sea routes, islands, border belts and crucial areas. Continue to promote the construction of the system of combat structures, defence structures, border patrol roads, command posts at all levels, the system of warehouses, workshops and logistics and technical bases; effectively implement the national defence mobilisation plan.

Moreover, MR5 will direct its agencies and units to strictly maintain its organisational structure, attaching importance to improving the quality of operations of local military units to meet the requirements of task performance. Focus on building a strong, widespread militia and self-defence force with integrated quality and effective operation. Regularly perform well the adjustment of the plan; review, supplement, register and manage human resources, ships and civil means annually according to regulations. Direct coastal provinces and cities to build and improve the quality of operations of concentrated marine militia platoons; well implement the phases of the project of "Developing a militia naval fleet to participate in the protection of sea and island sovereignty in the new situation". Actively coordinate with the Navy, Coast Guard, Border Guard, and Public Security forces to strengthen inspection, control and management of airspace, sea areas, borders and key areas. Well perform the planning and management of military strategic geographical areas; defence assessment of socio-economic development projects in accordance with the law.

3. Leading the building of comprehensively strong armed forces of the MR to act as the core in the performance of military and defence tasks, and the building of the all people’s national defence. Focus on synchronously deploying solutions to build the MR5 armed forces politically strong as a basis to improve the overall quality and combat strength. Continue to strictly restructure its organisation in accordance with regulations, creating a breakthrough in making its organisation "lean, compact and strong", suitable for new weapons and equipment and the requirements of the Military modernisation.

Promote breakthroughs in improving training quality, regularity building, and observance of State laws, Military discipline, and safety essurance. The Party Committee of the Military Region will lead and direct the strict implementation of Conclusion No. 60-KL/QUTW, dated January 18, 2019 of the Central Military Commission on continuing to implement the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, dated December 20, 2012 of the Central Military Commission on improving the quality of training for the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond. Stick to the motto of "basic, practical, solid", well apply the viewpoints, principles, and combinations in training; innovate the training administration in the direction of concentration, unity, synchronisation, efficiency, in-depth, without overlap. During the implementation process, the Military Zone requires its agencies and units to attach importance to intensive and relevant training, weapons and equipment mastering; closely combine military training with political education, education with combat training, physical training, and improving maneuverability in harsh conditions for soldiers. Hold drills relevant to reality; take the results of drills as an important measure to evaluate the overall quality of the unit, levels and capacity of its staff.

Reviewing and substantively assessing the results of regularity building, law and discipline observance of agencies and units to have measures for leading this work strictly, correctly and effectively. Focusing on education, building motivation, sense of self-discipline, sense of responsibility, exemplary role of cadres and soldiers, creating positive and solid changes in building regularity and obeying the law, discipline and safety regulations; associate the regularity maintenance with measures to manage the thoughts and social relationships of soldiers. Leaders and commanders at all levels attach great importance to upholding the exemplary role of cadres and party members, especially the contingent of members of party executive committees and presiding officers; actively foster and improve the management capacity and experience for unit-level cadres; correct and strictly handle bureaucratic cadres who are irresponsible in the education and management of soldiers. At the same time, it will lead the good performance of logistics and technical work; step up defence foreign affairs; coordinate to well implement the embellishment, thickening, demarcation, marking, and deploying plans to protect sovereignty, maintain border stability, strengthen friendly neighbourhood relations, creating a peaceful environment to build and develop the economy and society in the South Central - Central Highlands region.

Lieutenant General TRINH DINH THACH, Political Commissar of MR5

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