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Military science information facing new requirements of military and defense tasks

Today, military and defense tasks and the mission of Homeland protection have seen new developments, setting increasingly high requirements for the military science information branch. Amid the complex and unpredictable evolutions of the world and regional situation coupled with the robust development of science and technology in military field, there have emerged various new kinds of high-tech weapons changing method of war, combat and tactics. Furthermore, there have been new military doctrines totally different from those in the previous liberation wars. Especially, information warfare, cyber warfare, etc have unceasingly developed, directly affecting military and defense fields. Meanwhile, there remain some inadequacies in the organizational structure and personnel of the military science information; its content, model and method are slowly updated;  investments in its equipment and vehicles haven’t met the requirements of requirements and missions in the new situation. Besides, party committees and commandants of some agencies and units haven’t paid due attention to the work, etc. This has set high requirements for the branch with several difficulties and challenges.

Facing the situation, in order to ceaselessly enhance the quality of military science information, meeting the military and defense tasks, the branch have made a concerted effort to accomplish the assigned tasks. Notably, it has studied and proposed to the Ministry of National Defense on the legal documents relating the field and the development of the branch to create legal corridor for the operations of the sector in the Army. Annually, the branch issues over 100,000 records, thousands of documents; collects over 3,000 books, more than 200 domestic and foreign magazines; made over 1,200 CD, DVD and CD-ROM; holds 12 online conferences on the work; maintains the effective operation of the MND portal, defense online newspaper, MISTEN with over 15,000 viewers per day, etc.  These sources of information are provided in full, exactly, opportunely, in-depth, with focuses in serve for leadership, commanding, management, scientific research and the enrichment of military knowledge for the whole Military and people, contributing significantly to the cause of Military building, defense consolidation, and Homeland protection. Through its operations, some lessons have been drawn as follow:

First, thoroughly propagating and educating to enhance the awareness and responsibility of officers at all levels, first and foremost party committees and commandants on the work.

Second, enhance the efficacy of management over the operation of the work. This is an important aspect, ensuring the regular, quality and effective operation of the work in military agencies and units.

Third, paying attention  to building and developing potentials for the sector. To overcome resource shortages of the field, agencies and units should make careful plans for human resource development of the field to make basis for perfecting human staff working in the field of all levels towards the direction of reasonability and unity Armywide.

Fourth, paying attention to the quality of professional operation, accelerating the application of technology in the field.

Fifth, enhancing the quality of products and diversifying methods of disseminating military science information.

Over 35 years of establishment and development, the Center for Military Science Information has successfully accomplished its assigned functions and tasks and proved itself to be an important part of military task in the Army, directly contributing to providing theoretical and practical basis, scientific theses for leadership, commanding and management in the Army, military scientific research as well as for enriching military knowledge of officers and soldiers in the Army.

Upholding its achievements, cadres, officers and soldiers of the center will continue their effort to ceaselessly enhance their work, meeting the high requirements of military and defense tasks in the new situation.

Snr Col. Nguyen Chi Dung, MA

Deputy Director of the Center for Military Science Information – Ministry of National Defense

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