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Military Region 1 accelerates the implementation of CMC's Resolution 623

Thoroughly grasping guidelines, goals, viewpoints on logistic support set by the Central Military Commission in the Resolution No.623-NQ/QUTW (Resolution 623), the Party Committee and the Command of the Military Region have directed the Department of Logistics to build up the Plan 618/KH-CHC with specific roadmap, contents, targets and measures in accordance with the characteristics of the Military Region armed forces’ area and task, creating a precondition for provincial military commands, organs and units’ implementation process. Moreover, the Military Region has required party committees and commanders at all levels to strengthen leadership and direction over the work of logistic support, and actively supervised its affiliated organs and units’ implementation of Resolution 623. To achieve high efficiency, the Military Region has focused on promoting the key role of Logistic Branch in counseling, direction and implementation, directing units to link the implementation of annual logistic targets and tasks with the roadmap for the implementation of contents and targets of Resolution 623.

With sound guideline, great determination and appropriate measures, after 4 years implementing the Resolution 623, the Military Region’s logistic support work has made a clearly comprehensive change, contributing to enhancing the combat strength of the Military Region armed forces and successfully fulfilling the tasks of training, combat readiness, natural disaster prevention and control, rescue and the other unexpected ones.

The Military Region has carefully prepared for the task of combat readiness and unexpected tasks, giving priority to localities and units in border, focal, impoverished areas. The Military Region’s Logistic Branch has checked, supplemented and completed documents on operational logistic support, while seriously maintaining regulations on logistic combat readiness, strengthening training and logistic exercise, enhancing manoeuvrability and logistic support of logistic organs and units to meet the requirements set by the task in all situations.

Besides, the Military Region has synchronously adopted measures for enhancing the quality of regular logistic support. It has innovated the method of material support, given proper allocation to units, and strengthened inspection and supervision of purchase and construction. Notably, it has promoted self-reliance and internal strength by increasing food production, practising thrift and preventing loss and wastefulness in logistic support activities. As a result, the quality and the efficiency of the Military Region’s logistic support work have been enhanced; troops’ living standards have been maintained and improved.

Health care, treatment and epidemic prevention have been attached great importance at all levels. System of hospitals and infirmaries has been comprehensively upgraded. Medical competence and morality have been improved. Units’ medics have seriously maintained regulations on protecting and taking care of troops’ health right at grass-roots level, while actively examining and treating the people, particularly those in isolated, remote and border areas, making contributions to building a solid “people’s heart and mind posture”.

The Military Region’s fuel  supply, transportation, garrison building have also had positive results. With its considerable effort, it has fulfilled the goal of removing seriously downgraded bungalows (2013-2015 period). Barracks for platoons and equivalent levels all have had flower gardens. Troops’ living conditions have markedly improved. The Military Region have built and upgraded fuel depots for campaign, division (brigade), provincial military command levels. All fuel depots and stations are equipped with the system of complete and safe supply.

Building defensive area logistic potential and posture is an important content of the Resolution 623. Thoroughly grasping the orientation of the Central Military Commission, the Military Region has directed units and localities to speed up the plans and programs for the implementation of the 10th Politburo’s Resolution No.28-NQ/TW and the Government’s Decree 152/2007/NĐ-CP. In this regard, it has focused on the combination of the economic development and the building of defensive area logistic potential and posture, planning and building the Military Region’s logistic base, province and district level defensive area logistic and rear base, building military and civilian hospitals in directions of operation, forming interconnected, strong defensive area logistic posture in accordance with defensive area posture of localities and the Military Region. Furthermore, it has directed Logistic Branch and military organs at all levels to actively give advice to and work with localities to enhance the efficiency of the Council for Defensive Area Supply and step up the building of logistic reserve force and on-spot logistic base, particularly in the Military Region’s areas of important position. It has also checked, adjusted and supplemented the Military Region and provinces’ plan to meet the demands for the first year of war in accordance with economic and social conditions of localities.

To successfully implement the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 623, in the upcoming years, the Military Region will continue to direct localities and units to grasp viewpoints of the Central Military Commission as well as tasks, contents, targets and measures set out by the Military Region. Then it will make them fully aware of the position and the importance of logistic support work, while heightening the role and the responsibility of party committees and commanders in leading and directing this work. Logistic Branch of the Military Region continues to promote its core role, grasp the situation, be active in giving advice to, direct and closely work with other sectors, localities and units to accelerate the implementation of contents and targets of logistic work. It will frequently check and compare the results of the Military Region’s logistics in each period with targets set by the roadmap for the implementation of Resolution 623 to adjust and supplement targets and measures in accordance with reality. The Military Region will focus on innovating and enhancing the quality of all aspects of logistic work, particularly troops’ living conditions and health, making new breakthroughs in this work and meeting the requirements set by the building of the Military Region’s armed forces in the new situation.

The Military Region will continue to direct and work with localities to step up building defensive area logistic potential and posture, and will focus on building rear and logistic base, first and foremost a number of essential works, such as system of roads, electricity and water projects, depots, logistic underground trenches, surgery trenches, headquarters. Simultaneously, it will focus on organization strengthening and regularity building of Logistic Branch, while stepping up emulation movements, logistic competitions, particularly the emulation movement “The Military Logistic Branch following Uncle Ho’s instructions” in line with the implementation of the 12th Politburo’s Directive No.5-CT/TW.

Grasping guidelines, targets, viewpoints and promoting the results, the Military Region 1 strives to successfully implement the Resolution 623 of the Central Military Commission, making contributions to enhancing its armed forces’ combat strength and building itself into a comprehensively strong unit.     

Major General Phan Van Tuong, Deputy Commander of the Military Region 1

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