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Making the Party morally strong - an important task today

A part from the task of building a strong Party politically, ideologically, and organizationally, making the Party strong morally is a vital task today. Doing so will help create a qualitative change so that our Party continues further enhancing its leadership and combativeness to successfully fulfil the task of building and firmly protecting the Homeland.

President Ho Chi Minh gave us a famous statement on the Party: “our Party is moral and civilized”. That statement has become a command and vital requirement for the Party building to maintain the position, role, nature and capability of a ruling Party. During the revolutionary leadership, our Party and President Ho Chi Minh have attached great value to improving cadres and party members’ ethics, while regarding morality as the roots of a revolutionary. However, the task of building a morally strong Party has yet to be placed on a par with other ones. Moreover, the degradation in ethics and lifestyle among a section of cadres and party members, particularly the young people is a serious issue in the social life nowadays. This issue is seen as one the four threats to the Party’s leadership role and necessitates the Party dealing with the task of building itself morally and culturally in order to successfully fulfil the cause of national reform. To do so, the 12th National Party Congress advocated “building a strong Party politically, ideologically, organizationally and morally”. That was the first time in its documents, our Party had mentioned the task of building a morally strong Party on a par with the work of building a politically, ideologically, and organizationally strong Party and considered it as an important part of today’s Party building.

Building a morally strong Party is actually to build the Party’s culture, new socialist men, and a contingent of cadres and party members with sufficient qualities and capabilities to meet the requirements set by the revolutionary task. It acts as a component of the Party building and a determinant to the success in building a strong Party politically, ideologically, and organizationally. When cadres and party members have pure morality, their organizations will be united and strong, and the Party’s leadership and combativeness will be exerted in reality.

First, continuing to enhance the implementation of the 12th Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW in line with the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee’s 4th Plenum on the Party building and rectification. This is an important measure to make the Party strong morally, which has been taken by party committees and organizations with new, effective approaches, thereby creating a positive change in awareness and action, contributing to consolidating the Party’s discipline and preventing the degradation among cadres and party members. The building of regulations has been put in order and contributed to strictly settling violations. Doing so has helped cement the people’s faith in the Party. However, to make the implementation of the Directive 05-CT/TW and the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee’s 4th Plenum on the Party building and rectification achieve the effectiveness and become a routine task of party organizations and members, it is necessary to align “building” with “fighting” and heighten the role model-setting responsibility of cadres and party members, particularly the key ones. Moreover, it is important to step up the work of propagation, commend units and organizations with good approaches, multiply “good people, good deed” examples, and criticize negative practices, contributing to preventing and repelling the degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle as well as the signs of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” from within.

 Second, raising the self-awareness and role model-setting responsibility towards self-improvement in ethics and lifestyle among cadres and party members, particularly leaders of offices and units. To build a morally strong Party, first of all, each cadre and party member must keep self-improving according to the criteria and standards. President Ho Chi Minh ever said that “Revolutionary morality does not fall from the sky. It is developed and consolidated through persevering daily struggle and effort. Like jade, the more it is polished the more it shines. Like gold, it grows ever purer as it foes into the melting pot”. Accordingly, today, cadres and party members must be absolutely loyal to the Homeland, Party, State and people; believe in the success of the path to socialism; always deserve to be the leaders and faithful servants of the people; set examples in morality and lifestyle; practise industriousness, thrift, honesty, righteousness, public-spiritedness and selflessness. They must keep improving their knowledge to meet the task requirements, actively renew the working method and style, proactively, bravely exercise self-criticism and criticism, and pay due regard to building the unity block within the Party and people. Only by doing so could our Party prove its prestige, gather and promote the masses’ strength to the utmost in the performance of revolutionary tasks. President Ho Chi Minh always heightened the role model-setting responsibility of cadres and party members and considered it as a basic method for the training and improvement of morality and lifestyle. Thus, party committees and organizations should require their cadres and party members to strictly implement the regulations on role model-setting responsibility and make it a routine task so as to multiply the good and repel the evil.

Third, encouraging the people’s role in supervising cadres and party members’ moral improvement. Staying close to and relying on the people to build the Party is a consistent guideline of our Party and a principle in its operations. To promote the people’ role in the Party building, our Party has issued many resolutions and directives that have been transformed into laws. According to those legal documents, the people have the right to exercise indirect supervisions (via the Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations) and direct supervisions (via proposals submitted to party organizations, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations, and competent offices) related to cadres and party members’ political qualities, morality, lifestyle, and responsibilities to set role models, observe the State’s law and policy, and fulfil the duties of citizens. Accordingly, party committees and organizations as well as local offices and units should well carry out the work of propagation to raise the masses’ awareness and responsibility towards their right to take part in making all-level Party organizations and authorities increasingly pure and strong. At the same time, it is necessary to continue completing the mechanisms and policies so that the people could exercise the right to supervise cadres and party members’ self-improvement in morality and lifestyle; to commend and encourage those who opportunely detected and denounced cadres and party members with violations; to resolutely deal with violations and discrimination against accusers.

Fourth, stepping up the fight against individualism, corruption and wastefulness. According to the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee’s 4th Plenum, “the main reason for the degradation among a section of cadres and party members is that those cadres and party members neglect self-improvement, fall into selfishness, give in to material temptation, and fail to fulfil their responsibilities and duties before the Party and people”. The signs of degradation in morality and lifestyle include individualism, selfish lifestyle, and opportunism; cadres and party members with those signs only care about their individual interest, envy and do not want other ones to be more successful than them; they take advantage of their positions and authority to be involved in corruption or condone corruption and negative practices.

With the Party and State’s political resolve and the people’s support, over the past few years, the fight against corruption and especially the settlement of major corruption cases by means of the Party’s discipline and the State’s law have brought about the effectiveness and contributed to sounding a warning to cadres and party members and consolidating the people’s faith in the Party’s leadership and the State’s management. Promoting those results, all-level authorities and sectors should resolutely, persistently continue stepping up the fight against individualism, corruption and wastefulness with synchronous measures. In addition to handling the major corruption cases, it is necessary to complete the system of laws and policies for preventing corruption and wastefulness and speeding up the building of morality and working style of cadres, party members, and public servants, particularly the heads of offices and units.

Building a morally strong Party is now an important task and demand. Each cadre and party member should raise their responsibility for self-improvement to contribute to making the Party pure and strong, and enhancing its leadership and combativeness on a par with the task in the new period.

Associate Prof. Lam Quoc Tuan, PhD

The Institute of Party Building, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics

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