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Hau Loc district strengthens its defensive zone

Located in the Northeast coastal area of Thanh Hoa province, Hau Loc district plays an important role in the defensive posture of the province and the Military Region 4. Thoroughly aware of that, in the past years, besides its socioeconomic development, the District’s Party Committee and People’s Committee have paid attention to leading and guiding the implementation of the local military and defence tasks, with a top priority given to consolidating the defensive zone.

Comrade Nguyen Van Ap gives flowers to new recruits (February 2016)

First and foremost, the District’s Party Committee and People’s Committee (the district) have paid attention to enhancing the efficiency of their leading and guiding role in consolidating the defensive zone; while considering this as a task of utmost importance. Accordingly, the district has organized classes to effectively introduce the Party’s resolutions, the Government’s decrees and the guidance of higher authorities on building defensive zones. These guiding documents include: the Resolution No.28-NQ/TW of the Politburo (X tenure); the Decree No. 152/2007/ND-CP, the Decree No. 2/2016/ND-CP, the Action Plan No. 71-CTr/TU, dated Sept 30, 2009 by Thanh Hoa Party Committee on “Building the Province’s strong defensive zone in the new situation”. Grounded in those documents, the district planned action program to implement the Resolution No. 28 of the Politburo. Annually, it issues its own resolution and decree on military and defence work, leading the building of the defensive area in accordance with the particularities and reality of the district. It requires the party committee and people’s committee at commune level to strictly follow the managing mechanism to build the defensive zones, bringing into play the comprehensive strength of all forces, particularly the core role of the military branch in counselling and guiding the implementation.

Bringing into play the recorded achievements, particularly the experience learnt from 10 years of implementing the Resolution of the  Party Central Committee’s 8th Plenum (IX tenure) on “the Strategy on Homeland Protection in the new situation” as well as other resolutions and decrees, the district has paid attention to socioeconomic development in association with strengthening defence and security, building potential and posture of the defensive zone, considering the “people’s hearts and minds posture” as the core; planning and gradually building military posture of the defensive zone, etc. In the past years, the district has guided its functional agencies and communes to build and improve the quality of the grass-roots level political system, building clean and strong party committees, and comprehensively strong authorities. Attention has also been paid to the tasks of propaganda and education on defence and security with reforms in contents and methodologies. Since 2011, thousands of officers, students and religious dignitaries have undergone defence and security education and training. Therefore, their awareness of defence and security tasks has been improved, particularly key leaders of communes and agencies. In addition, to consolidate the political-spiritual potential of the defensive zone, leaders at grass-roots levels are required to promote democracy, step up the program to build new rural areas and safe living areas, and enhance the solidarity between the religious followers and the ordinary people. The district directs its military command to play the core role in approving and giving allowances to policy beneficiaries; mobilizing resources to raise “gratitude fund” and “fund for the poor”, laying foundation for “building firm people’s hearts and minds posture”, promoting the comprehensive synergy of the whole political system and the people in building defensive zone.

Importance has also been attached to economic development in combination with defence and security consolidation. The combination of economy and defence has been included in the overall plan and development orientation of the district. As regards economic development, the district has issued relevant policies to encourage all economic sectors participating in building infrastructure, particularly in rural and coastal areas.

In the process of ratification of economic projects, the district’s military command involved in appraising the plans and projects to prevent those from affecting defence and security. For the development of militia and reserve forces, attention has been paid to development of industry, fishery and trade to create jobs for local people. One typical example is the overall plan for social-economic development in the coastal areas of Hau Loc to 2020. Accordingly, communes have been active in planting mangroves, raising and exploiting seafood, encouraging investments in building roads connecting areas of strategic importance and military bases; building coastal high way, upgrading river and sea dyke systems in association with the coastal defensive system. These infrastructure systems both support agricultural production, aquaculture, environmental protection, and create favorable conditions for force mobilization. In addition, other aspects such as medical care and communication system have been upgraded both to improve people’s living condition and to be ready for mobilization in contingencies. Therefore, the economic structure has witness transformations with 22/22 major indicators reaching and exceeded the plan, thereby making contribution to the accumulation of potential resources for defensive zone.

In order to build military potential of defensive zone, attention has been paid to leading and managing the building of local armed forces, considering them the key forces in conducting defence and security tasks. Accordingly, as for the active force, functional agencies have reviewed and completed its organizational structure relevant to their functions and missions. Priority has been given to building comprehensively strong military and public security units. As for militia and reserve forces, their structure has been consolidated in the direction of qualitative and quantitative development.

In addition, attention has been paid to building inter-connected and sustainable military posture. On the basis of the plan on building defensive area 2016-2020, the district has ordered the military command in coordination with functioning agencies to make detail plan on positioning its fighting bases and logistics facilities. Importance has been attached to the adjustment of the plan to combine defence with socio-economic development in the 2016-2020 period; planting border markers to protect natural features of military value; building boundaries for military areas, etc… Though there remain difficulties, in the past years, billions of VND have been invested in building defensive zone, with combat bases and logistics facilities first. Up to now, 70 acres of land have been assigned to build a firing range, 04 commanding posts and several other facilities for the defensive zone. In addition, the available facilities have also been upgraded.

In order to improve the quality of operations of the defensive zone, attention has also been paid to developing operational plans (A, A2, A4), defence mobilization plan, people’s air defence plan, natural disaster plan, and search and rescue plan. Annually, 02 exercises are conducted with a focus on commanding and flood and storm prevention, search and rescue. In 2017, the defensive zone exercise “HL-17” was conducted successfully by the district. It was a large-scale exercise with the participation of different forces, and a number of different situations was planned and solved by the forces of the military, public security and border guard forces. By conducting these exercises, valuable lessons on leading, guiding and managing activities of defensive zone have been withdrawn. These provide the basis to promote the positive points and reduce the bad ones, thereby building sustainable defensive zone.

Promoting recorded outcomes, the Party Committee, the Government and the people of Hau Loc district will continue to overcome difficulties, accelerate rapid and sustainable economic development, consolidate defence and security, build strong defensive zone, making contribution to the firm protection of the Homeland.

Nguyen Van Ap, Hau Loc District Party Secretary

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