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General Department of Logistics with the building of “active, creative, upright, devoted, and thoughtful” cadre staff

Implementing the Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure) on stepping up the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics and style, the General Department of Logistics (GDL) Party Committee identified that the breakthrough is to build “active, creative, upright, devoted, and thoughtful” cadre staff.

Fully aware of the position and role of its cadre staff, in the past years, the Party Committee and Commanders of the GDL have focused on leading and managing the task of building its cadre staff comprehensively strong, with reasonable strength and structure, and ever better capabilities; successfully conducting their task of giving advice and managing logistic work, meeting the demand of training and combat readiness in their units. However, comparing with the preset standards, a small portion of cadres have shown shortcomings and limitations, such as, being lazy of studying and training themselves; exposing limitations in the practice of thrift, anti-corruption and anti-wastefulness, etc.

To overcome these shortcomings and limitations, the GDL Party Committee acknowledged that in the implementation of the Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure), building ‘red and expert’ cadre staff is the focal point; of which, the breakthrough is building “active, creative, upright, devoted, and thoughtful” cadre staff. The aim is to raise logistics cadres’ political ideology, capability, ethics, and lifestyle; to make them active, creative, upright, devoted, and thoughtful in their assigned tasks.

In order to do it, in addition to launching a deep and enlarged political campaign on implementing the Directive No.05, the Standing Board of the GDL Party Committee has directed its party committees and commanders at all levels to successfully conduct dissemination and education of Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style, explaining clearly his thinking, leading and working styles, and his ethics of being simple, socialized, democratic, and upright, etc. The GDL also coordinated with the Political Academy to open a supplementary political class for its cadres to study new developments of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought; the role of logistics cadres in the cause of consolidating the Army, Homeland construction and protection; the degrading of political ideology, ethics, and lifestyle, the manifestations of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”, and the strategy of “peaceful evolution” of hostile forces. To get better results, the party committees and commanders at all levels have closely combined regular education, topic education with education through meeting, discussion, inspection, and supervision; promoting the role of forces, particularly the dissemination force, and the means of communication.

The Standing Board of the GDL Party Committee has managed to raise the capability of logistics cadres by stepping up the leadership of party committees and organizations on the implementation of the Directive No.05. Following the Plan No.246-KH/DU of the GDL Party Committee on “implementing the Directive No.87-CT/QUTW, dated 08/7/2016, of the Standing Board of the Central Military Commission on stepping up studying and following Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics and style in the GDL Party Committee in the 2016-2021 period, 100 percent of its party committees and organizations, as well as the mass organizations has readjusted and supplemented the implementation of the Directive No.5 in their action plan on carrying out the 12th National Party Congress’ Resolution, the Resolution of the 10th Army Party Congress, the Resolution of the 11th GDL’s Party Congress, and the resolution of the units’ party committee. On the basic of the 05 criteria pointed out by the Directive No.03 of the Politburo, party committees review and supplement contents which are relevant to their functions, tasks and characteristics of each particular targeted group for the cadres and party members to study and follow. For the departments’ cadres, criteria include the advisory capability, the scientific, detailed, careful working style, etc. For hospitals’ cadres, the focus is on raising the cadres’ medical knowledge, skills, and ethics, etc. For store keepers and drivers, the focal points include: maintaining traffic safety, goods, human and equipment safety, and thrift practice. For enterprises cadres, focal points include: shaping professional working style and job ethics, conducting thrift and anti-corruption, anti-wastefulness practice, promoting initiatives to improve technology, labor productivity, quality of goods, reducing the price, and enhancing competitiveness. In each period, the result of studying and following Ho Chi Minh ideology, ethics, and style is used to evaluate the capability of cadres and party members.

In addition, party committees and organizations have reviewed and supplemented the leadership and working regulations; attaching the building clean and strong party organization with building comprehensively strong unit; building party committee with building leading cadre staff. Continuing to renovate working methods and style of leading cadre in direction of being close with grassroots units, upholding the mechanism of reasonable assignment, level devolution, attaching it with the accountability of the cadre staff. In implementation, party committees have upheld the democratic centralism and personnel working mechanism; paid attention to the task of selecting, training cadres, and improving their intellectual level and comprehensive capability; actively prepared resources, selecting and sending cadres to colleges to participate in courses which are relevant to the reality of their tasks and the plan to use cadres in the coming time, focusing on the personnel source for postgraduate education on the subjects of military logistic and medicine, and for oversea training to raise the quality level of logistic cadre staff; reformed personnel preparation work for leading and managing positions with considerable attentions being paid to their standards and ages, assuring the continuity and stability in the positions’ transition process. The foundation for suggesting and appointing cadres is the exact and upright evaluation.

The Standing board of the GDL Party Committee has continuously paid attention to the task of self-training and self-educating of cadres in departments and units. At present, the task of logistic sustainment is witnessing new developments with higher requirements. In order to successfully fulfill the assigned functions and tasks, logistic cadres should make efforts; conduct self-training and self-educating to improve their political ideology, ethics, and lifestyle. Party committee at all levels should work out specific measures to encourage their cadres to practice self-training, self-adjusting, and self-criticizing, to strictly follow the Party regulations, State law, and the Army discipline, to uphold the logistic cadres’ quality of the Uncle Ho’s soldier in the new stage. To promote the exemplary role of cadre staff, the party committees should successfully implement the working methods of “higher level first, then lower ones; internal first, then external; studying with following, and words with deeds”; the commanders must be the exemplary for their soldiers to follow in any actions, at any time, and anywhere. The Standing Board of the GDL Party Committee has required each cadre, first and foremost the managerial cadres to form their own self-training, self-educating plan and successfully conducting it. Their plan should be discussed and approved by the party organization then openly expose to the unit.

The successful implementation of the Directive No.05 of the Politburo (12th  tenure) is an important solution to build ““active, creative, upright, devoted, and thoughtful” logistic cadre staff, making contribution to enhancing the quality of the military logistic cadre, building the clean and strong GDL’s Party Committee, and the comprehensively strong General Department of Logistics.

Lt. Gen. Le Van Hoang

Party Secretary and Commissar of the GDL

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