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Focuses in building all-strong armed forces of Military Region 5

Promoting the tradition of "Self-reliant, overcoming difficulties, enduring hardship, creative, intelligent, resilient combat, glorious victory", the armed forces of Military Region 5 focus on building all-strong units, successfully complete all tasks in the new period.

After the victory of the August Revolution, in order to reorganise the fronts in accordance with the development of the revolutionary mission, on October 16, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh signed the Ordinance on organising, consolidating, establishing the war zones, including War Zone 5 and War Zone 6 (now Military Region 5). For the past 75 years, the armed forces of the Military Region, formerly guerrilla and armed self-defence groups with small forces, rudimentary weapons, under the leadership and direct direction of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence with the affection and support of local Party committees, authorities and people, they have grown up, overcome all difficulties, fought resiliently and bravely, making important contributions to the victories of the nation in the two resistance wars against French colonialism and American imperialism; at the same time, successfully completing international tasks, maintaining political stability, social order and safety in the area, creating favorable conditions for socio-economic development, becoming a reliable and stable foundation of the party committees, authorities and people in the area. Recognising the contributions of the armed forces of Military Region 5, the State awarded 02 Gold Star Medals, 12 Ho Chi Minh Medals and many other noble awards; 392 individuals and 898 collectives were honored with the title of "Hero of the People's Armed Forces"; and  many noble medals and medals by Cambodia.

Currently, in the face of the increasing requirements of military and defence missions, especially the resistance of hostile forces are causing potential disruptive factors, especially in the Central Highlands region; natural disasters, epidemics are complicated and unpredictable, etc., in order to fulfill their tasks, the Party Committee and the High Command of the Military Region focus on leading and directing the building of all-strong armed forces, bringing into play the core role in building an all-people national defence and the all people’s defence posture associated with the people's security posture and building a solid defence area to meet the requirements of Fatherland protection in the new era.

MR's troops Pprticipating in search and rescue

The decisive factor in building all-strong armed forces of the Military Region is being persistent with and enhancing the absolute and direct leadership in all aspects of the Party Committees at all levels over the armed forces of the Military Region; associating the building of clean and strong party organisations with the building of all-strong agencies and units. Deeply grasping the Party's military and defence views and lines, mastering the two strategic tasks, the Military Region focuses on building a strong all-people defence, focusing on building solid provincial and district defence areas; associating the building of all-people defence posture with the building of people's security posture; Stepping up the building of the armed forces of the Military Region toward “revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern” direction in which, political development is considered as a basis to improve the overall quality and combat strength. The Military Region put on top of its priorities the task of building party committees, party organisations at all levels clean and strong, improving comprehensive leadership capacity and fighting strength, meeting requirements and tasks.

Promoting solutions to link the building of the party committees with the building of the contingent of leading cadres is an issue that the Standing Party Committee of the Military Region attaches great importance to. The MR focuses on fostering and improving theoretical qualifications, intellectual capacity, leadership skills, and political commitment for members of the party committees at all levels; stepping up the renewal of leadership methods, ways and working style of the party committees, party organisations and the contingent of secretaries, commissioners and leading cadres at all levels. At the same time, building a contingent of cadres at all levels with firm political commitment, good morals, competence, intelligence and practical activities, good health and suitable age, reasonable and synchronous quantity and structure, ensuring the continuous and steady transition between generations. Strengthening management to prevent and resolutely handle bureaucratic, corrupt, thriftless cadres and party members who violate Party membership status to strictly maintain the Party's and Army’s discipline.

Actively renew the form, improve the quality and efficiency of political and ideological education. The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee leads and directs the synchronous, resolute, persistent and effective implementation of groups of solutions to implement Central Resolution 4 (XII Session) in association with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/Central Committee, May 15, 2016 of the Politburo (XII tenure), Directive No. 87-CT/TW, dated July 8, 2016 of the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, morality, and style. Party committees, party organisations, officials and party members are serious, self-conscious, and have appropriate plans and measures to overcome and correct their shortcomings. Actively struggle with degenerating manifestations of political ideology, lifestyle, ethics, opportunism, pragmatism, “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” and maintaining the ideological, political ground and the leadership of the Party in all situations.

Continue to consolidate and stabilise the organisational structure of the Military Region in accordance with the “streamlining, neat and strong” direction; constantly improve the overall quality, qualifications and combat readiness of the standing troops, militia, self-defence and the reserve forces. The MR focuses on implementing synchronously, drastically and effectively the conclusions, resolutions, schemes and plans of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence on adjusting the organisational structure. Promote the implementation of measures for improving the overall quality and combat readiness level of the armed forces of the MR; promote the core role in the performance of military and defence missions and build the all people’s defence all people in the area.

Strengthen the leadership, direction to improve training quality toward “basic, practical, solid” direction; attach importance to synchronous, specialised training which is close to requirements of tasks, actual combat, and the area of operation of ​​each unit. Focusing on training the troops not only good at fighting with weapons and equipment but also proficient when it is strengthened with technical weapons and joint-force combat. In addition, the MR has stepped up the building of “strong and widespread” militia and self-defence forces, with reasonable size and structure. Attach importance to building a sufficient, well-managed and trained reserve force to become a powerful fighting force of the defence area. Strictly maintain order and combat readiness regime; regularly review and complete the system of combat readiness documents, plans for flood, storm, fire, explosion and pandemic prevention and combat, search and rescue. Increase training and drills according to plans to improve combat readiness, maneuverability, flexible response, and task accomplishment in all situations. At the same time, strengthening coordination, monitoring to grasp the situation, the conspiracies and tactics of the hostile forces for prompt and effective detection, prevention and settlement. Well perform the work of internal political protection; link the building of safe units with safe areas of operation. Military agencies at all levels perform well the work of advising local committees and authorities on national defence and military work, actively participate in building strong local political and social bases. Proactively preside over and closely coordinate with the police and border guard forces to promptly grasp the situation, effectively handle emerging situations, not to let hostile forces making use of the situation to provoke disorder, riot or interference.

Promoting the spirit of “independence, self-reliance, initiative and creativity”, the Military Region effectively implements all aspects of logistics and technical work, ensures sufficient and quick supplies for regular and emergent tasks in all situations. Regularly take care of building agencies and units with healthy cultural environment, civilized, formal lifestyle, and high willingness to fight.

75 years - a journey with many challenges and difficulties but full of glory and pride - is the driving force to create a breakthrough for the armed forces of Military Region 5 to constantly grow, develop and excellently complete their assigned tasks, contributing to building and firmly defending the Socialist Vietnam Fatherland.

Lieutenant General TRINH DINH THACH, Political Commissar of the Military Region

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