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Engineering Brigade 280’s experience in conducting the Party work and political work in building defence structures

To fulfill the task of building defence structures in the Military Region 5, the Engineer Brigade No. 280 has synchronously implemented several practical and effective leadership solutions. In particular, improving the efficiency of the Party and political activities is the most important content and solution. Thanks to proper policies and appropriate contents, the Brigade's party and political work have promoted intelligence, mobilised synergy, and encouraged soldiers’ activeness, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility in fulfilling tasks. The stages and steps of each aspect of Party and political activities have been strictly and orderly maintained with increasingly high quality to contribute to fulfilling the task of building defence structures. Breakthrough emulation movements in each construction stage have drastically changed the cadres and soldiers’ awareness and actions in fulfilling tasks. Several valuable technical initiatives and innovations have been applied to construction. From 2015 to 2020, the Brigade constructed three transferred projects, started four new defence structures, accepted and handed over four structures with high quality which was appreciated by the Military Region and the Engineering High Command.

MR5 commandant visit troops of the Brigade at construction site

Practice shows that, to fulfill difficult tasks of building defence structures, it is necessary to attach great importance to political education, thorough grasping of tasks, and building of will and determination for the entire Unit. The Brigade Party Committee has required leaders and commanders at all levels to thoroughly grasp the superiors’ orders and regularly conduct education work and raise cadres and soldiers’ awareness about the meaning and importance of their tasks to build a sense of self-discipline and responsibility, activeness, initiative, and creativity during task performance. As defence structures are often built in hard terrain by independent and dispersed units whose workforce is organised and rotated in shifts with absolute secrecy requirements, Party committees and commanders of agencies and units must be proactive and creative in implementing plans for political education and management of soldiers’ thoughts. By combining scheduled education as specified by the superiors with application to each working and living condition of soldiers on the construction sites with contents suitable for each specific object of each unit, despite placing the highest priority on the main tasks and assurance of work progress and quality, the Brigade has still completed the political education programs for different objects with test results of 100% satisfactory or higher, including 75% of good or excellent; meanwhile, cadres and soldiers have been always united, unified, brave, responsible, self-conscious, and proactive in overcoming difficulties to fulfill tasks.

Along with performing well in education, the Brigade has regularly grasped soldiers’ thoughts and encouraged them to perform their tasks in a timely manner. In the task of building defence structures, high requirements on disciplines, pressure on progress, etc. have a great impact on the soldiers’ thoughts. That requires the party and political work to adhere to reality and the objects to have guidelines and measures to encourage the soldiers to maintain their will and determination and overcome negative impacts on thoughts. To do so, the Brigade has required party committees, commanders, and cadres, especially political cadres, at all levels, to thoroughly conduct task briefing and closely monitor the soldiers activities to capture and evaluate the right states of mind and thoughts, especially when facing difficulties, promptly handle ideological incidents that arise, and create unity of will and action and determination to fulfill the task.

The work of secrecy assurance, internal politics protection, and ensuring absolute political safety for the forces participating in building defence structures has been well performed by the Brigade. Its subordinates have always actively implemented measures to research and firmly grasp the political security situation in the areas related to the construction of defence structures of the Unit. The Party committees and political agencies at all levels have organised the verification, inspection, and political conclusion for forces performing the task of building defence works to ensure strict compliance with the regulations. The Brigade has strictly abides by the superiors’ regulations on selecting cadres for important and confidential tasks to ensure political reliability without allowing the enemy to take advantage to penetrate and connect and preventing soldiers' family members from the construction areas for absolute secrecy of the works.

The Brigade Party Committee and commanders have considered enhancing the leadership capacity and combat power of the Party organisation as a decisive content for improving the quality of Party and political activities in building defence structures. Along with regularly consolidating and completing the Party committees and organisations at all levels, the Brigade Party Committee has always focused on thoroughly grasping and strictly implementing Directive No.10-CT/TW issued on March 30th, 2007 by the Secretariat, Instruction No.09-HD/BTCTW issued on March 2nd, 2012 by the Central Organisation Department and Instruction No.497/HD-CT issued on December 18th, 2012 by the General Political Department in “The contents of Party cells’ activities within the Military Party Committee”, and Resolution No.11-NQ/ĐU issued on May 2nd, 2008 by the Military Region 5 Party Committee on "Improving the leadership capacity and combat power of the Party organisations and quality of the contingent of cadres and Party members within the Military Region’s armed forces”. Closely adhering to the actual situation, the Party committees at all levels have regularly drawn experience lessons and gradually improved their leadership and direction capacity in fulfillment of the task. The Brigade Party Committee has issued a thematic resolution for leading the implementation of the task of building defence structures in 2020 and beyond, and Party committees at all levels have concretised such resolution through leadership contents and measures suitable to their own characteristics, requirements and tasks.

The Brigade Party Committee has always paid attention to building the contingent of cadres and party members, particularly the Party commissioners and presiding cadres, to meet the requirements and tasks and brought into full play the role of cadres, especially political cadres, at all levels, in implementing the Party and political activities. The Brigade has consistently advocated a close combination between building cadres and building Party members and building presiding cadres and building party committees at all levels. The training and retraining to improve the qualifications and ability to implement Party and political activities for cadres at all levels, especially secretaries, Party commissioners, and political cadres, have been always focused on by the Brigade. Cadres at all levels have raised their responsibilities, closely followed their tasks, and been close to the soldiers to grasp the situation in all aspects and motivate and encourage them to actively fulfill the set work targets and norms.

To promote the effectiveness of the Party and political activities in fulfilling the task of building defence works, the Brigade has closely combined the Determination-to-Win emulation movement with the promotion of learning and following Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style and drives and emulation movements of sectors, such as drives entitled “Managing and exploiting weapons and technical equipment effectively, sustainably, safely, and economically and traffic safety”; Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, and being worthy of the title of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" in the new period; the movement entitled "The Army logistics follows Uncle Ho's teachings", etc. Importance has been attached to fostering motivation, attitude, sense of responsibility, solidarity, and mutual assistance in performing tasks and motivating and encouraging all people to be self-disciplined and proactive in promoting their initiatives, technical innovation, and application of good experiences to improve quality and accelerate the progress of works. The cadres have regularly adhered and closely monitored the activities of the units to propose proper policies and measures for leading and directing the successful implementation of each work item. Thanks to the close combination of the Party and political activities with logistics work and assurance of material and spiritual life for soldiers in performing their tasks, initiatives, good deeds, and good examples have appeared more on every construction site.

Promoting the above-mentioned results and experiences, Engineering Brigade 280 continues striving to better implement the Party and political activities and contributing to fulfilling the task of building defence structures and building a comprehensively strong, “typical and exemplary” Brigade.

Colonel NGUYEN VIET DUNG, Deputy Commissar of the Brigade

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