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Emulation movements combined in Hanoi armed forces

Fully aware of the significance of emulation, for the past years, the Capital’s armed forces have combined the Determine to Win Emulation movement with the Patriotic Emulation movement by creative and practical models and measures. Thereby, it has promoted the patriotism and generated a momentum for officers and soldiers to uphold their sense of responsibility in their task performance, contributing to fulfilling the socio-economic, defence and security targets and building Hanoi Capital of peace, civilisation, and modernity

Being imbued with the teaching of President Ho Chi Minh on Patriotic Emulation and thoroughly grasping the resolutions of the Party, the Central Military Commission,  Hanoi Municipal Party Committee on emulation and commendation work, the Party Committee and Commanders of the Capital Command have focused their leadership and direction on renewing the contents, models, measures and combined the regular movements with unscheduled ones and attached the Determine to Win Emulation movement with the Patriotic Emulation movement and other programs of Hanoi Municipal Party Committee. The combination is grasped and concretized into topics, contents, targets of emulation relevant to the functions, missions and features of each units with notable movements of: “Obeying the regular disciplines, building the cultural beauty of the Capital soldier”, “Building grassroots communes and wards of safety and high combat readiness”, “The Capital military, militia and self defence forces join hand in renovating the rural areas”, “The Military join hand for the poor, not to leave anyone behind”, etc, and the movement of building new lifestyle, order and urban civilisation, improving the effectiveness and efficacy of the political system, behaviour of public servants. During the implementation, the Council for Emulation - Commendation and political department have promoted their roles in advising, instructing and maintaining the regime of checking, evaluating; periodically reviewed, commended and multiplied the role models.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Trong Trien working with Thach That Military Command

Thereby, the emulation movement of the Capital armed forces have been echoed by units and agencies with various models, bringing about a profound spillover effect, encouraging soldiers and officers to fulfill their annual contents and programs of training; improve the quality of building regularity and disciplining and the maintenance of combat readiness regime. The leadership capability, combat strength of party organisations have been enhanced; the cadres and party members, especially key ones, have always shown their exemplary role in the implementation of movements and the drive of studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle associated with the implementation of the Central Resolution 4 (XII tenure) on Party building and rectification. Resolutely counter against the degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle and the signs of internal “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”, contributing to defeating the plots and schemes of “peaceful evolution”, “depoliticisation” the Military of hostile forces, thereby contributing to building the Capital’s armed forces revolutionary, regular, seasoned and increasingly modern with enhanced overall quality and combat strength, deserving a reliable political force of the party committee, authority and people of the Capital.

The combination has stimulated and encouraged officers and soldiers to actively participate in building the strong local political institutions, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, improve the people’s living standard and accelerate the renovation of rural areas in localities; consolidate and strengthen the military - civilian relations, contributing to building the all people’s national defence, the all people’s defence posture associated with the people’s security posture, building the defensive areas increasingly firm with in-depth developments for the fast and sustainable development of the Capital. In 5 years (2014 - 2019), its units and offices conducted 25 field trainings combined with public relations work with realistic activities; mobilised thousands of cadres and soldiers and hundreds of vehicles regardless of hardship and danger involving in the search and rescue, alleviation of natural calamities to minimize the loss in poverty and casualties of the State and the people, leaving a good image of “Uncle Ho’s soldier” and “the Capital soldier” which is highly appreciated by the city’s authority and people.

Promoting the achievements gained, in the coming time, the Party Committee and Commandant of the Capital Command will continue to lead and direct the combination between the Determine to Win Emulation movement and the Patriotic Emulation movement with a number of effective measures and models.

Firstly, focus on propaganda and education to enhance the awareness of the party committees, commanders at all levels of the necessity to promote the combination between the Determine to Win Emulation movement and the Patriotic Emulation movement and consider this an important solution to create momentum for stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of officers and soldiers in their task performance. The contents of education will be comprehensive but focus on making its staff deeply imbue with Ho Chi Minh’s thought of Patriotic Emulation, the directives, resolutions, instructions of upper echelons on the commendation work, particularly the Directive No. 34-CT/TW dated 7 April 2014 of the Politburo (XI tenure) on “Continuing to renew the commendation work”, the Directive No. 507-CT/QUTW dated 28 July 2014 of the Permanent Office of the Central Military Commission on continuing to renewing the commendation work in the VPA.

Secondly, select the contents, renew the models and measures for combining the Determine to Win movement with Patriotic Emulation movement to suit the features and missions of each unit and office. The Determine to Win movement will be aimed at successfully accomplishing the military and defence tasks, building strong and pure party organisations and all-strong units. Combine the Determine to Win Emulation movement with the effective implementation of the Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (XII tenure) on “Promoting the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality, and lifestyle”, the Drive of “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho’s soldier”, in association with the effective implementation of the Central Resolution 4 (XII tenure) on Party building and rectification, preventing the degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle and the signs of internal “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”. Continue to integrate the programs, movements and drives of the Capital into the movements of each units, agencies, contributing to building safe and strong areas of operation, the civilised, prosperous and beautiful Capital.

Thirdly, strengthen leadership, direction and checking of party committees, commissars, commanders at all echelons is the decisive factor to the quality and effectiveness of emulation movements. Basing on the directives, plans of emulation of upper echelons and the features and missions of units, Party Committee and Commandant of the Command issue guidelines, contents, and measures for leading and directing the suitable movements; attach importance to promoting the aggregate strength of units and mass organisations in the emulation movements. At the same time, uphold the exemplary role of key cadres to stimulate and encourage their affiliated officers and soldiers. Promote the role of political offices, councils for emulation at all levels in advising, instructing, and implementing; strictly maintain the checking and evaluating regime to help commandants opportunely correct the misconducts in emulation to ensure the right track, practicality and effectiveness for the combination.

Fourthly, regularly conduct review, build and multiply the role models. In the coming time, units and agencies should stick to the movements, thoroughly study the experience and achievements of each collective and individual, particularly units conducting hard and complicated tasks to discover, nurture and multiply the role models. Periodically conduct review, commendation and popularise the experience in nurturing and building the role models through different ways so that other people can study and follow.

With the pride and responsibility of being the Capital troops, the Party Committee and Commanders of the Capital Command will strengthen the leadership and direction over the combination between the Determine to Win Emulation movement and the Patriotic Emulation movement in the locality, thereby encouraging its officers and soldiers to stay united to overcome all hardships for successfully accomplishing their assigned tasks, contributing to firmly protecting and building the Capital increasingly prosperous, civilised and modern.

Major General Nguyen Trong Trien, Commissar of Hanoi Capital Command

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