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Depot K380 improves the quality of technical work

Deeply aware of the political tasks assigned, in recent years, the Depot K380 Party Committee and Board of Management have drastically and synchronously implemented multiple solutions in leading and directing to improve the quality of management, preservation, storage, and maintenance of specialized weapons and equipment to meet the requirements of tasks.

Depot K380 (formerly known as Missile Brigade 380), under the Artillery Corps, is tasked with managing, preserving and storing the campaign and strategy-level land-to-land missiles and associated specialized equipment. During the course of 40 years of construction and development, despite the changes in functions, tasks, organization, and payroll, generations of cadres, staff, and soldiers of the Unit have been always united and promote the tradition of “Activeness, creativeness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency to overcome difficulties and successfully fulfill all tasks” to strive to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks, positively contributing to the general achievements of the Corps.

In recent years, the Depot's tasks have been developing with high requirements of technical assurance for specialized weapons, equipment, and missiles. Meanwhile, the professional qualifications of cadres and staff have not kept up with the requirements of tasks in a number of aspects. As weapons and equipment have been stored for years, the storage and maintenance have been increasingly difficult and complex. Moreover, the infrastructure for the Depot's professional operations is limited. Firmly grasping that characteristic, the Depot Party Committee and commanders have synchronously all aspects of work proceeded, of which, a breakthrough has been made in improving the quality of technical work to be ready to meet the combat requirements.

First of all, the Unit has strengthened the leadership and direction of the Party committees and commanders at all levels and raised awareness and sense of responsibility for cadres, staff, and soldiers for the assigned tasks. The Depot Party Committee and Board of Management have thoroughly grasped and concretized the implementation of the superior’s  resolutions and directives on technical work, specially Resolution No.382/NQ-ĐUQSTW issued by the Central Military Party Committee (now Central Military Party Commission) on “Leading the technical work in the new situation” through several guidelines, contents, and measures  that are suitable to the characteristics and tasks of a campaign-level technical-assurance establishment. Every year, objectives and targets for storage, maintenance, upgrading, and synchronization of weapons and equipment are included in the regular leadership resolutions and implementation plans at all levels. Foreseeing difficulties due to high requirements and the nature of silent and hazardous work, that is easy to generate misleading thoughts and lack of peace of mind, the Depot has enhanced the political education work to motivate thoughts, raise the awareness and sense of responsibility, and build working motivation, attitude, and love for cadres, staff, and soldiers, etc. In addition, the Depot has closely combined the political education work with the implementation of the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement, Directive No.05-CT/TW issued by the Politburo on promoting learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style and the drives entitled “Managing and exploiting weapons and technical equipment effectively, sustainably, safely, and economically and traffic safety” and “Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, deserving to be Uncle Ho's Soldiers”, etc.

Along with that, the Depot Party Committee and commander have focused on building a team of cadres and technical and professional staff sufficient in number and with high quality. In recent years, the number of cadres and technical staff of the Depot has often been insufficient compared to the payroll. As a result, multiple positions have had to be concurrently held, while most of the technical staff have not received basic training in accordance with their majors, that have led to difficulties in the process of performing tasks in general and the technical work in particular. In order to overcome such difficulties and improve the quality of preservation and maintenance of weapons and equipment, the Depot leaders and commanders have actively proposed and advised the superior to gradually consolidate the organization and payroll as prescribed; focused on creating sources and supplementing cadres and staff highly qualified in specialized missile weapons. In particular, the Depot has maintained the technical training regime; carried out on-the-spot training combined with mainly implementing tasks in the principles of the superior’s fostering of the subordinates and experienced staff’s accompany with inexperienced ones towards “practice and closeness to task requirements” and “fostering on weak dimensions; and focused on intensive training and fostering in the work of preservation, maintenance, repair, ... according to each type of weapon and equipment. Specially, the Depot has also regularly cooperated with other levels and units to organize examinations for upgrading of workmanship for technical staff and providing specialized training for a number of subjects that the Unit does not have conditions, such as specialized vehicle driving techniques or exploitation and use of ground equipment,... to improve the comprehensive quality of cadres and staff.

Improving the quality of preservation, maintenance, repair, and storage is the objective and requirement of the Depot, that decides the quality and technical factors of weapons and equipment to be stored and preserved. Due to the technical characteristics that  the weapons and equipment under the Unit’s management were produced in the 80s of the twentieth century and have been degraded and broken down leading to not very high uniformity. On the other hand, although the technical assurance facility of the Depot has been strengthened, it has not yet met the requirements of storage and failed to limit the impacts of climate and weather, so electronic clusters, blocks, and components are vulnerable to damages. In addition, the system of auxiliary facilities of warehouses is insufficient. In the face of reality, the Depot has proactively reviewed and advised the Corps to invest in upgrading the technical infrastructure and actively deployed new and consolidated items … to create the best technical environment for storage and preservation. The Depot has also organized the arrangement, classification, and rearrangement of areas for storage and preservation of weapons and equipment in a scientific manner with the focus on the weapons and equipment susceptible to the impacts of the weather and applied modern preservation measures. Along with that, the Depot has developed, supplemented, and completed the system of statistical registration books, warehouse rules, regulations on maintenance and preservation, and signs. In particular, the Depot has always attached great importance to safety assurance; proactively planned for the construction of safety belts; elaborated and practiced plans and options for patrol, guard, and fire and explosion prevention and fighting; and invested in the installation of equipment systems and means of protection, especially in important regions and locations.

One of the contents of the technical work paid much attention by the Depot is to actively renovate the management work and firmly grasp the situation of the synchronization of weapons and technical equipment to serve as a basis for formulating technical work implementation plans to be close to reality. For implementation, the Depot has applied information technology into management; completed the system of statistical registration books and résumés to track every weapon and equipment as prescribed. The inspection, inventory, and control have been implemented in an orderly manner.

Promoting the results, experience gained, and 40-year tradition of building and maturing, the cadres and soldiers of Depot K380 have been continuing to deeply grasp the tasks and further improve the quality of implementation of aspects, especially the technical work, that contributes to ensuring the completion of political tasks assigned with better quality and efficiency in the future.

Colonel Luong Van Kham, Commanding Officer of Depot

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