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Defense and security education of Viet Tri city

Viet Tri city of Phu Tho province is the ancient citadel of the old Van Lang State, the origin of Vietnam today. Fully aware of its honor and responsibility as being the holy land, over the past years, together with socio-political development, the city Party Committee and People’s Committee have always attached importance to defense and security consolidation in which defense and security education has been paid special attention and implemented with a number of realistic and effective measures.

First, the city has strengthened education and briefing to make its cadres, party members and its entire people, particularly key cadres at all levels aware of the Party and State’s viewpoints and policies on defense and security fields, and on defense and security education with a focus on the Directive No.12-CT/TW of the Politburo on “Strengthening the Party’s leadership over defense and security education”, the Law on Defense and Security Education, and directing documents of upper levels on the work.

To make the work highly effective and pervasive, annually, the city’s People’s Committee directs the City Military Command to coordinate with party committees of agencies and departments to screen and grasp the number of cadres need training and then have classification and make plans for training and have notification of training plans and quota to units for active implementation.

The city has always paid attention to defense and security training for cadres and party members, particularly key ones at all levels. To make it effective, the city directs related agencies to make careful preparation, e.g. building plans, calling learners, selecting content, choosing trainers, etc. During the implementation, besides renewals in content and model of training, supplementation in content to make it relevant to the locality, the city has also been active in holding field trips for trainees to observe defensive area exercise, security exercise, disaster prevention, control and relief exercise. Thereby, trainees get an insight into local military and defense work.

The city has also held defense and security training for other objects, including managers of enterprises, outstanding youths, heads of clans, cadres working in cultural, social, scientific and artistic fields. Especially, the city has directed the Councils for Defense and security training at all levels to coordinate with the Provincial Fatherland Front, the Municipal Party Committee’s Communication Board, and the Executive Committee of religions to hold defense and security training for religious dignitaries. Since 2010, the Municipal Council for Defense and security training has sent 14 dignitaries to attend defense and security class held by the province and opened 2 classes for 56 other with good results.

Besides, defense and security training for students has been paid due attention. The city has directed its Department of Education and Training to coordinate with the City Military Command and related sectors to build plans and instructions for the implementation of defense and security subject for students. To enhance the quality of the subject, the city has adopted a number of guidelines and measures for training, standardizing the teacher staff of the subject; invested to upgrade teaching facilities. Thereby, students are enriched with defense and security knowledge; their quality, personality, sense of disciplining, patriotism and sense of responsibility for the cause of national construction and defense are nurtured. Thanks to the good accomplishment of this task, every year, the city’s enlistment always reaches 100% of the target with increasing quality; the number of students attending and passing the entrance exams to military schools is rising.

To make each of its citizens aware of and act in accordance with the Party and State guidelines and policies, over the past years, the city has always paid attention and strengthened defense and security education for its entire people. The city directs its Military Command to coordinate with its Department of Culture and Information, its Radio and Television and related agencies to build plans and strengthen defense and security education on mass media, focusing on the Party defense and security lines, the State’s policies and laws; the nature and plots of hostile forces; operations of local armed forces, the fine revolutionary tradition of the “holy land”, etc.

To spread the content of defense and security training to people of all strata, the city pays attention to building, developing and promoting the role of disseminators, organizations and unions with a number of models. Besides, the city also attempts to include defense and security training in propagation during the time of the country’s and locality’s political events, enlistment, festivals, particularly Hung Temple Festival annually.

Promoting the achievements gained, in the coming time, the city will continue to renew and enhance the quality of defense and security training in line with the Resolution of the 20th Congress of its Party (2015 – 2020 term), successfully accomplishing all the tasks to deserve to be the political, economic, cultural, technical and scientific center of Phu Tho province.

Le Hong Van, Member of Phu Tho Provincial Party Committee, Vice Secretary of Viet Tri Municipal Party Committee

Chairman of the Viet Tri Municipal People’s Committee

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