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Defense and security education in Military Region 3

Military Region 3 is a strategic region in economy, defense and security. Therefore, the tasks of implementing local defense and military work, building defensive potentials and the all people’s defense posture in association with the people’s security posture, combining defense with economic development in the region are matters of paramount importance.

To successfully conduct defense and security education, the MR3 has directed localities and units to thoroughly grasp the Party’s viewpoints and guidelines on military and defense, strengthening defense and security in accordance with the Central Resolution 8 (11th tenure) on “National defense strategy in the new situation”; the Directive No 12-CT/TW dated 03 May 2007 of the Politburo (10th tenure); guiding documents on the implementation of the Law on defense and security education; directions of the ministries, inter-sectoral agencies, and the Central Council for defense and security education, etc. Thereby, creating common awareness and responsibility of party committees and authorities, promoting the comprehensive strength of sectors, organizations, and the whole political system for this important work.

To implement defense and security education, the MR, provinces and cities within the region have paid attention to consolidating, perfecting and upholding the advisory role of the Council for defense and security education; the role of military agencies at all levels in advising, guiding and being the center for coordination. Thanks to the close orientation and direction of upper levels, local military agencies in the region have been active in grasping situation in their areas, and giving advice and proposals to the Council for defense and security education, local party committees, and authorities on a number of relevant, effective and creative solutions and methods of conducting defense and security education. Many localities in the region have broadened the objects of training, creating new models for other localities of the country to follow. The MR3 is the first one in the country to open defense and security training courses for religious dignitaries, owners of ships and enterprises, heads of the clans, etc, with a focus on the focal localities of defense and security, religious, remote and border areas, and the Northeastern islands. Thereby, defense and security education in the MR has been in-depth and recorded practical results.

MR3's Council for Defense and Security Education works with
Ha Nam province 

The MR attaches special importance to   defense and security training for cadres, party members and state employees, particularly cadres in charge of localities and branches. Due to the fact that the number of trainees is huge and diverse, the MR directs its localities to carry out hierarchy training and apply different methods. Local sectors and agencies know exactly their number of trainees, and classify them in light of the Decree No 13/NĐ-CP of the Government, especially those who have been appointed after party congresses for the 2015-2020 term and the elections of deputies to People’s Councils at all levels. On this foundation, they have built plans for training and informed the trainees early so that they could be active in managing their work to attend the courses.

The task of defense and security training in the MR is expanded with focuses and priority given to key localities. Localities have been active in renewing content and methods of propagation and communication with emphasis placed on grassroot level, particularly remote, border and island areas; attaching importance to promoting the effectiveness of the mass media, particularly the radio system at three levels and the local television channels. The MR’s newspaper and local newspapers, radios and television program maintain the regular column on all people’s defense  and defense and security education with suitable volume and high quality. The content of dissemination is oriented and strictly controlled by the provincial propagation and education boards and the Provincial councils for defense and security education, focusing on the Party and State’s guidelines and policies, defense and security operations, and socio-political situation, particularly sabotage plots of hostile forces. Thereby, people’s awareness and ideology are timely oriented, contributing to building the increasingly firm “people’s heart and mind posture” in the region.

The Council for defense and security education of the MR coordinates with localities to strengthen direction over defense and security training for students. Since 2015, the MR has proactively mobilized resources for building and upgrading  centers for defense and security training in the region under the Decision No 161/QĐ-TTg dated 30 January 2015 of the Prime Minister on further enhancing defense and security training for students. Through this, students’ sense of responsibility for the Homeland protection is improved.

In conclusion, defense and security education in the MR3 has been effectively implementing. Basing on the achievements and lessons, the MR3 will continue to uphold the leadership and direction of local party committees and authorities, the councils for defense and security education and the engagement of all sectors, branches, and unions to unceasingly enhance the effectiveness of the work, contributing to firmly protecting the Vietnam socialist Fatherland in the new situation.

Maj. Gen. Nguyen Quang Cuong

Deputy Commander – Chief of Staff of the Military Region 3

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