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Continue to renew and improve the quality and effectiveness of the public affairs work in the military in the new situation

Over the past years, units through out the military have implemented synchronously a number of solutions in order to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the public affairs work. They have persuaded people to implement the Party’s policies and State’s laws; participate in economic, cultural and social development and the consolidation of grassroots political system; coordinate to settle issues relating to political security, social safety and order. Many units have carried out various practical and effective programs and movements, such as: linking Kinh households with those of ethnic in household economic development; the model “Eradicating more hungry households and reducing more poor families”, “Rice for the poor”, etc; the movement of building houses for the poor in border, island areas of the Border Guards; the application of technical and technological achievements in protecting and purifying the environment and poisonous lands of the Engineering Corps and the Chemical Corps, etc. Units stationed at sea and island areas have thoroughly propagated and persuaded people stand side by side with armed forces in combating to firmly protecting sea and island sovereignty. The “Paying debt of gratitude” activities, policy and social security work, etc of the Military have been highly appreciated by the people and the leaders of the Party and the State. The public affairs work of the Military has truly brightened the image of “Uncle Ho soldiers” in the new period.

In the coming time, our country is seeing both opportunities and challenges. Hostile forces and political opportunists continue to make use of economic difficulties, “democratic”, “human rights”, “religious”, “anthropological” matters for their acts of sabotage. There remain complicacies and potential risks of instability in the East Sea and border areas; natural calamities and disasters, epidemics evolute unpredictably; the lives of a number of people and cadres and troops in the Military are still in low standard. Facing these matters, to successfully fulfill the military public affairs work, agencies and units through out the Military should have breakthroughs, proactively renew contents and methods of implementation and carry out the following solutions:

First, regularly grasp and seriously adhere to the resolutions, directives of the Party, the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Ministry of National Defence on the public affairs work. Focus on the Resolution of the 12th National Congress of the Party, the Resolution 25-NQ/TW dated 03 June 2013 of the CMC (XI tenure), the Resolution 49-NQ/QUTW dated 26 January 2015 of the CMC on “Strengthening and renewing the public affairs work of the Military in the new situation”, etc. Further educate, raise the awareness of cadres and troops; build and seriously implement action plans and programs for the public affairs work. Permanently grasp the situation surrounding, the anthropological, religious matters; pay attention to strategic and crucial areas in defence and security for the effective implementation of public affairs work. Seriously adhere to the Regulation on the public affairs work of the Vietnam People’s Army, Regulation on grassroots democracy; participate in social supervision and criticism; regularly conduct the self-criticism and criticism routine and the democratic dialogue between cadres and troops.

Second, strengthen the leadership of party committees and organizations; uphold the role and responsibilities of responsible party committee, functional agencies and cadres staffing and instructing the public affairs work. Resolutions, guidelines, policies of the Party work only when being realized in real life given that they are disseminated to and grasped by each cadre, soldier, staff  of the Military. During their leadership and direction, party committees and organizations should attach importance to and opportunely settle matters emerging right at grass-roots level; build pure and strong party organizations and comprehensively strong units. Furthermore, regularly train to enhance the operational quality and effectiveness of agencies and cadres in charge of the public affairs work. Give training priority for specialized cadres working in the areas with ethnic minorities, religions and security complicacies. Train and employ specialized cadres who are descendants of ethnic minorities, religious families in crucial and remote areas.

Third, adhere to the military and defence missions; regularly have renewals in contents, method of the public affairs  work which are grassroots focused and suitable to each particular unit and area. Enhance the operation of cadres deployed to the grassroots and of the working group and the militia doing the public affairs work. Build and implement the Project on Strategy for anthropology work in the Military to 2020. Focus on strengthening the existing defence – economic zones; establish new maritime defence – economic zones and defence posture; persuade people to develop sea economic production while assisting the Military in protecting sea and island sovereignty. Thoroughly implement anthropological and religious policies of the Party and State; propagate and persuade people not to gather in crowds, illegally cross the border, follow “strange religions” and illegal organizations; make people aware of the plots of hostile forces; skillfully and flexibly settle sensitive matters so that they do not become “hot spot”.

Fourth, foster the emulation movement of “Skilful public affairs work”; build “Exemplary units in public affairs work”. Effectively implement  the movement of “Military join hand in building new rural areas” in the 2016 – 2020 period; persuade people to follow new cultural lifestyle and stay away from superstition.

Fifth, closely coordinate with the Central Committee for Public Affairs, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and other central and local offices, agencies and sectors, socio – political organizations and masses associations to carry out the public affairs work. Agencies and units are to effectively implement the signed coordination programs and the movement of “The entire people unite in building cultural life” associated with the Drive of “Building good, healthy and diverse cultural environment” in the Military; the Drive of “Paying debt of gratitude”, “Day for the poor”, etc

Proactively renew and implement synchronously the contents and solutions to enhance quality and effectiveness of the Party’s public affairs work in the Military contributing to safeguard the socio – political stability, upholding the huge power of people in the cause of national construction and defence is both an honour and a political responsibility of each cadre, troop of the VPA.

Major General Ngo Van Bich

Director of the Public Affairs Department

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