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Comprehensive reform to bring the “Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement to a new height

The whole military has just made a preliminary summing-up of 5 years’ implementation of the emulation movement: “The Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” in the 2015 - 2020 time frame and drawn many valuable lessons and experience. This lays vital foundations for further bringing into play the movement in both breadth and depth, creating momentum for successful accomplishment of logistic work and the mission of national defence in the new situation.

Given their high political sense and respect for great President Ho Chi Minh, in the 2015 - 2020 time frame, the whole military has continued to step up implementing “the Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement through many creative, effective ways and achieved encouraging outcomes.

Lt. Gen. Vu Hai San chairs the preliminary summing-up conference on the emulation movement of “The Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” in the 2015 - 2020  period (Photo:

In coming years, military and national defence missions will witness new developments. The whole military concentrates on grasping and realising resolutions of party congresses for the period of 2020 - 2025 at all levels, Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, and many important tasks, thus leading to the growing need for logistic support, especially that for combat readiness and other unexpected missions. Although national economy keeps growing, it is likely to confront many difficulties such as natural disasters, epidemics, the Covid-19 pandemic, and so on. It is within this context that the whole military needs to be imbued with President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching: “To emulate is to love the country. To love the country requires emulation. Those who participate in emulation are the most patriotic people.” It is requested to further reform and promote the “Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement, gathering momentum for successfully completing logistic work. To bring the emulation movement to a new height requires the Military Logistics to tap into outcomes and experience and operationalise goals and work of emulation, notably the following measures:

First, strengthening leadership of party committees and commanders in the emulation movement at all levels. The entire military, first and foremost party committees and commanders in units, needs to further spread directives to make cadres and soldiers fully understand the vital role and immense political significance of the emulation movement.  This will serve to create consensus about implementation measures and give prominence to the role and responsibility for leading and coordinating execution of the movement, ensuring that the emulation movement develops in a correct trajectory and a substantive, sustainable manner. In the short term, there is an urgent need for reviewing, adjusting, and adding targets and measures of emulation in the 2020 – 2025 time frame to ensure feasibility and consonance with reality; staffing organisations and improving operational effectiveness of the Steering Board and Standing Committee for the emulation movement after party congresses at all levels. The Military Logistics should further promote the role of standing bodies in advising, instructing, supervising, and coordination the execution of the movement. Attention is paid to closely following military, national defence missions and logistic directive, selecting the right emphases, thereby advising respective steering boards and party committees to lead the execution. To enhance the effectiveness and pervasiveness of the emulation movement, leaders at all levels need to direct comprehensive operationalisation of goals and norms of emulation with a focus on addressing difficult problems, key missions, and weaknesses in logistic work. The emulation movement should target units at grassroots level and soldiers. The General Department of Logistics must follow closely developments of situation and actively inspect the execution of the movement in the entire military to timely deal with emerging issues and advise the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Steering Boarding of the Ministry of National Defence (MND) to lead and instruct continuous innovation and improvement in quality and effectiveness of the emulation movement, meeting the short- and long-term requirements

Second, successfully performing propaganda and education about the emulation movement to create an effervescent atmosphere in the entire military. When President Ho Chi Minh was alive, he used to say, “Right thinking brings right action and accomplishment of revolutionary missions.” On thoroughly grasping his teaching and lessons learnt from launching the emulation movement, apart from strengthening leadership, good propaganda, and political, ideological education to provide a powerful, enduring impetus to each individual and unit are key to successful performance of the emulation movement. Units, therefore, continue to enhance and carry out propaganda and education about the emulation movement to facilitate further changes in awareness and action with a view to building proper momentum to emulation among logistic cadres and staff, mobilising the participation of all organisations and forces. On leveraging results, the Military Logistics needs to actively renew propaganda content and methods in an expedient, diversified direction, which suits each subject and targets the grassroots level. Special importance is attached to further popularising Directive No. 98/CT-BQP of the MND and clarifying the role and significance of the emulation movement in facilitating completion of political missions, building of comprehensively strong units, and improvement in material, spiritual life of cadres and soldiers. The General Department of Logistics (the MND Standing Agency for the Emulation Movement) continues to closely coordinate with news agencies and art ensembles to promote propaganda about the emulation movement with a strong focus on disseminating good experience, best practices, and prominent examples. Additionally, it is necessary to enhance inspection to timely discover and rectify improper understanding that this emulation movement only relates to the Military Logistics as well as manifestations of boilerplate, satisfaction or rivalry, slave to achievements, etc., ensuring that the movement is always on the right path, expedient, solid.

Third, actively renewing content and methods of organising the emulation movement to match characteristics and missions of each type of units. This is a matter of scientific practices, which is the deciding factor in the pervasiveness and effectiveness of the emulation movement, especially when the movement has been carried out for a long time and prone to repetition, boilerplate, and boredom. Accordingly, departments and units are requested to actively renew topics, content, methods of emulation, particularly the ways thinking and conducting emulation movements to ensure that they have new features, are full of vitality, thrive in various types of departments and units, and attract the participation of many cadres and soldiers. Departments and units continue to stick to goals and content of “One focus – Three breakthroughs” and “Five goods” and materialise into emulation topics, content, and norms, which match missions in each stage. In addition, emulation topics, content, and methods are to be further innovated with a focus on combining regular emulation and peak emulation as well as closely connecting the “Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement with the “Determination to Win” movement, building of comprehensively strong, exemplary, representative units, emulation movements of levels, branches, organisations, patriotic emulation movement in localities, and implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW, dated 15 May 2016, of the Politburo (12th Tenure) on stepping up studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality, and style. Further effort is to be invested in speeding up emulation movements in logistic specialties such as “Building of good units in feeding soldiers and managing military supplies,” “Building of five-goods military medical units,” “Building and management of regular, green, clean, nice barracks,” “Building of regular, safe, effectiveness transportation units,” “Safe, economical, effectiveness management and use of petroleum,” and multiplying exemplary models. More importantly, the entire military orientates the emulation movement towards successful implementation of Resolution No. 623-NQ/QUTW, dated 29 October 2012, of the CMC on “Military logistic work through 2020 and beyond” and resolutions of party congresses for the period of 2020 – 2025 at all levels. The Military Logistics needs to closely collaborate with forces, bring into its key role in advising, instructing, and executing the emulation movement; continues to overcome difficulties, improves quality of logistic support, and manages to successfully accomplish breakthroughs and logistic work in the 2020 – 2025 time frame.

Fourth, paying attention to building and multiplying prominent examples and well carrying out preliminary summing-up and rewarding to foster the emulation movement. This is a crucial measure and valuable experience drawn from the emulation movement for the past few years. During the process of leading and coordinating the execution of the emulation movement, party committees, commanders, the Steering Board, and Standing Committee of the emulation movement at all levels should attach importance to selecting and building exemplary units, actively discovering, and cultivating prominent examples, which lay the foundations for drawing and popularising experience. The selection and building of exemplary units must be under close leadership and direction. The selection and effort should be made in units with difficulties and focus on new content and logistic limitations. The MND Steering Board encourages units to develop new, effective models, which can meet requirements of logistic work in current situation. Priorities are given to building and cultivating corps of logistic cadres and staff highly qualified in terms of professional skills and ethics to satisfy demand of missions. Besides, it is necessary to successfully perform preliminary summing-up to draw experience, timely praise and reward collective and individuals for their excellent achievements in execution of the emulation movement, gathering momentum for further development of the movement.

Having grasped position and significance of the “Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement and taken pride in outcomes in the period of 2015 – 2020, the entire military is determined to successfully fulfil goals and content of emulation and bring the movement to a new height to generate momentum for completion of logistic work, contributing to improving combat power of armed forces, building a “revolutionary, regular, highly-skilled, and gradually modernised” military, and firmly safeguarding the Homeland in the new situation.

Lieutenant General Vu Hai San, Member of the Party Central Committee and member of the Central Military Commission, Deputy Minister of National Defence


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