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Coast Guard’s Engineering sector improves work quality

Implementing the policy of building the Vietnam Coast Guards straight to modernity, in recent years, the Coast Guard Engineering Sector has invested in building modern infrastructure, forces, vehicles and technical equipment. In the face of regional and world complicated developments, especially the East Sea situation, the increasing requirements and the urgent and dangerous nature of the tasks of the VCG, its high intensity and frequency of operation of weapons and equipment, the limitations in the work of ensuring equipment, material and technical foundations; the rapid deterioration of weapons and equipment used in the marine environment, and the high volume of preservation and maintenance, while, its units are scattered which are difficult to coordinate and support; technical force is still insufficient in some places with uneven level; technical guarantee nature is complicated and urgent, the VCG’s Department of Engineering always actively grasps the tasks, assesses the situation in detail, directs the whole sector to actively advise the Party committees, commands at all levels, to directs the comprehensive implementation of the technical work; well complete the projects, contents and objectives of the program on synchronisation, upgradation, improvement of weapons and equipment, thereby ensuring good means for the forces to stand on guard, patrol, and fight against crime and law violations at sea, conduct search and rescue, help fishermen, implement international cooperation, prevent and combat marine environmental pollution, maintain maritime security and safety,... contributing to firmly protecting the country's sovereignty over seas and islands.

Colonel Hung launches the technical training course on Metal Shark boat

First of all, the Sector focuses on implementing the "3 strong" objective, namely: advising and proposing; tracking and direction; checking and urging. Deeply grasping the Resolution 120-NQ/ĐU of the VCG’s Party Committee on making the VCG “Revolutionary, regular, elite and modern", meeting the requirements and tasks in the new situation, Resolution 382/NQ-ĐUQSTW, dated November 29, 2007 of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission), and instructions and guidance on technical work, the Department has advised the leaders of the VCG to elaborate and promulgate Regulation No. 2362/QĐ-BTL on the implementation of the Technical Day, and directed the comprehensive implementation in the entire force. Emphasis is placed on restructuring its professional and technical staff to ensure a balance between agencies and units with priority being given to the reinforcement of forces and modern vehicle for remote units, conducting unexpected and dangerous tasks. The sector focuses on leading, directing and implementing programs and projects to improve, upgrade, procure weapons and equipment, and closely link with the promotion of Campaign 50 to improve technical work quality. Focus on building, consolidating and practicing plans and scheme to ensure technical, ammunition and material reserves for combat readiness, countering against foreign illegal survey, exploration and placement of oil rigs. Strictly maintain the regime of inspection, management, and safety assurance of weapons, equipment, warehouses, ammunition and traffic safety, etc. to promptly and thoroughly overcome weak points and weak sides. Promote propaganda and thorough briefing of the position and role of technical work in the accomplishment of political tasks of the units; raise awareness, build correct motivation and responsibility, mobilise a large number of troops and workers to participate, creating synergy to perform technical work.

Second, strengthening the regularity in technical work and mastery of weapons and technical equipment. The sector promotes decentralisation and assigns duties for leading cadres and specialised departments in directing all aspects of technical work; attaches collective and individual responsibilities in the management and exploitation of weapons and equipment. Research, develop, and complete regulations and processes on management and exploitation of weapons and equipment; builds and consolidates warehouses, workshops, technical zones, operators, to ensure that technical activities are synchronous and effective, accurately managing quantity and quality of weapons and equipment. Along with that, the sector focuses on improving the quality of preservation, maintenance and repair of weapons and equipment, especially after training and duty tasks. Strictly conduct periodical, supplementary and unexpected maintenance, intensive and unexpected maintenance, especially before performing important tasks. Maintain technical regimes with the participation of all troops; carry out 100% of the preservation contents according to regulations in combination with inspection, timely detection of abnormal damage and rotation, replenishment of fuel and supplies ready for duty. To make it highly effective, the Sector implements decentralisation; renovates the process of planning, surveying, monitoring and taking over; strictly implements the technological process; supplements tools and spare parts; links with repair facilities inside and outside the Army in the area to improve operational capacity; promotes the spirit of creativity; actively applies science and technology, technical innovation initiatives in maintenance and repair; reviews and adjusts technical guarantee limit; compiles military standard guidance documents for each type of weapon and equipment, especially the application of information technology in the design and production of supplies and equipment, research and use of new materials. In the period of 2015 - 2020, the sector provides for 2,500 turns of ships travelling 600,000 nautical miles, and automobiles running over 13 million kilometers safely; repaired and synchronised 192 turns of ships and boats, 172 turns of cars; repaired over 3,500 items, overhauled 06 M503 machines; built 07 new warehouses, stations, operators, ... for storing weapons and equipment in accordance with regulations.

Training of Metal Shark operation

Third, improving the quality of technical training and scientific and technological activities. In order to master new weapons and equipment, the sector closely combines on-the-job training and retraining with sending its technical staff to intensive training courses; associates theoretical training with the practice of maintenance and repair and imparting work experience; compiles and edits exploitation documents; discusses and researches technical improvement; encourages officers and employees to promote self-study, self-improvement, and self-research according to job requirements, thereby, detecting and attracting high-quality technical human resources capable of successfully completing tasks in all situations. On the other hand, the sector regularly holds contests, launches emulation movements, and promotes creativity, serving as a premise to participate in the ministry-level competitions. In the period of 2015 - 2020, the sector trained 69 crews of ships and boats; held 40 competitions at all levels; 08 individuals and collectives of the sector won prizes in technical competitions of the army; participated in 03 State and Ministry level projects; completed 137 topics and initiatives; compiled 18 sets of national standards, 74 training documents for exploiting weapons and equipment. To date, 100% of its technical cadres hold bachelor or higher degrees, nearly 100% of its technical staffs have intermediate or higher qualifications. They are capable of completing assigned tasks.

Fourth, actively participating in equipment provision and well implement the assigned projects. The sector cooperates with relevant authorities and units to strictly implement the process of management, transfer and liquidation of weapons and equipment; manages and implements the assigned projects, such as: shipbuilding, procurement of reconnaissance aircraft, procurement of technical equipment, etc., and promptly adjusts inappropriate contents to ensure quality and progress. During the implementation, the sector regularly appoints technical staff to follow the factory, monitors the construction process and quality; captures and reflects the arising issues to competent authorities for timely settlement. Besides, the sector also advises the competent authorities to invest and build 04-large-displacement ships; develops plans to participate in seminars and negotiation to select partners, sign contracts to build new ships in accordance with regulations. Since 2014 to date, the sector has participated in the acceptance and operation of 25 ships, 44 boats, 01 reconnaissance aircraft, and 81 cars, nearly 100 tons of weapons, ammunition and equipment; supervised the construction of 20 new ships and 36 boats; participated in the launching of new projects to build 48 ships of all kinds, etc.

In addition to the above measures, the Coast Guard Engineering sector actively urges, inspects and plays a pivotal role in the implementation of Campaign 50, linking the implementation of the Campaign contents with the implementation of Conclusion No. 01-KL/TW, dated May 18, 2021 of the Politburo (13th tenure) on continuing to promote the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style, the Campaign of Promote tradition, dedicating talents, deserving the title of "Uncle Ho's soldier" in the new period and the determine to win emulation movements, promoting the synergy of the components and forces, contributing to improving the quality of technical work, timely meeting the operational needs of the Vietnam Coast Guard.

Colonel NGUYEN QUANG HUNG, Deputy Director of VCG’s Engineering Department

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