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Building and developing the defence industry as the spearhead of the national industry

Building and developing a modern, dual-use defence industry, becoming the spearhead of the national industry is the strategic policy of the Party and State, and of particular importance to the cause of national construction and defence in the new situation.

Over 76 years of development (September 15, 1945 - September 15, 2021), the defence industry has seen constant growth and developments with many important achievements, actively contributing to the cause of national construction and defence. Especially, in recent years, under the leadership and direction of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence, defence industry has made great progress. Its structure has been consolidated in line with the requirements and tasks of the Army, and increasingly linked and integrated with the national industry. Its infrastructure and equipment have been upgraded, innovated, modernised remarkably. Investment projects to develop the defence industry, especially key and high-tech projects, have been implemented drastically in the right direction and have been put into operation and used effectively. Defence industry's capacity to research, design, manufacture and repair weapons and technical equipment has markedly changed and made a breakthrough, gradually mastering the technology of production, repair, improvement and digitisation of many types of weapons and technical equipment of new generation, high technology and modernity, in line with Vietnam’s national defence strategy and military art. Moreover, many products produced by the defence industry have high quality and reliability, creating a brand name, prestige, competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets, actively contributing to socio-economic development, industrialisation and modernisation of the country and international integration.

Lt. Gen. Minh and outstanding individuals at the 20-year-Festival of the "Creative Youth" Movement

In the coming years, peace, cooperation and development will still be the major trend, but the world and regional situations, especially the East Sea, have many potential risks of instability and unpredictability. Southeast Asia becomes an area of intense strategic competition among major powers. The world economy is facing the risk of a prolonged crisis due to the heavy impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The task of defending the Fatherland in the new situation poses very high requirements, especially protecting the sovereignty of sea and islands, search and rescue, etc. Against that backdrop, building and developing the defence industry as the spearhead of the national industry, improving the research, design, production, and repair of weapons and advanced technical equipment, effectively serving the cause of building the Army, consolidating national defence, and building and developing the country is a matter of strategic, important, urgent and fundamental long-term significance. In order to well accomplish the above goal, Defence Industry should thoroughly implement the following solutions:

Firstly, thoroughly and effectively implement the resolutions, directives and conclusions of the Party and State on building and developing the defence industry, directly the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Party, the Resolution of the 11th Congress of the Military Party, thereby, GDDI researches and helps the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence to advise and propose to the Party and State to plan guidelines and policies on building and developing the defence industry in a modern and dual-use direction, becoming the spearhead of national industry. Continue to study and propose to re-plan the system of defence industrial establishments; renovate and perfect the organisation and management mechanism of the defence industry force in the streamlined, compact and powerful direction. In the immediate future, GDDI will closely coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to focus on researching, advising and proposing to promulgate the Resolution (Conclusion) of the Politburo on building and developing the defence industry until 2030 and beyond; to formulate the Law on Defence Industry, to ensure the connection between defence industry and the national industry; focus on reviewing and concretising projects and plans to build and develop defence industry by 2025, with a vision to 2035, in a practical and feasible manner.

Second, speed up the breakthrough in force organisation, building high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of defence industry construction and development. Thoroughly grasping and implementing the Notice of Conclusion No. 25/TB-TW, dated April 11, 2017 of the Politburo (12th tenure) on the Project of "Strengthening the development of defence and security industry to meet the requirements of national construction and defence in the new situation", Resolution No. 425-NQ/QUTW, dated May 18, 2017 of the Central Military Commission on reorganising, renewing and improving the operational efficiency of military enterprises by 2020 and beyond, GDDI will continue to accelerate the process of restructuring its key defence industrial establishments, research institutes, etc. to meet the requirements of innovation and improve management efficiency.

Speed up the implementation of training programs and attract high-quality human resources and experts for defence industry construction and development. In particular, focus on training high-quality scientific and technological staff for specific industries, especially leading experts and chief engineers; promulgate mechanisms, policies and have specific plans to attract talents from socio-economic organisations, research institutions, relevant design institutes and overseas Vietnamese and foreign experts with high-level participation in high-tech programs and projects of the defence industry. Along with that, GDDI will pay attention to training and fostering to improve the capacity of managers and leaders at all levels; rationally arrange and use cadres; review, supplement, and perfect regimes and policies to ensure material and spiritual benefits for national defence officers and employees and workers in defence industry establishments, especially the highly qualified science and technology staff, leading experts, and highly skilled technicians so that they remain dedicated and committed to their work.

Third, improve the quality and effectiveness of research programs and topics on designing, manufacturing, repairing and modernising weapons, technical equipment, professional technical means and support tools. Promoting the results and experience gained, GDDI will continue to effectively implement investment projects to develop defence industry; open new investment projects in the production and repair of weapons and essential technical equipment; strengthen research, design and manufacture of weapons and technical equipment, focusing on new and modern ones; actively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution; select development fields, spearhead technologies and products with breakthroughs in science – technology, thereby, innovating technologies for producing, repairing, improving and modernising weapons and technical equipment and deeply participate in the global value chain. Focus on research and production of dual-use products; effectively apply scientific and technological achievements and advances to improve quality, reduce costs and localisation rates, and develop Vietnamese branded products. Step by step transfer technology for civil industry, create spillover and develop national industry.

Fourth, actively mobilise resources for defence industry development; expanding the link between defence industry and national industry. Building and developing defence industry requires huge investment in human resources, budget, science and technology, etc. Meanwhile, the state budget for this sector is still limited. To achieve the set goals, GDDI will focus on researching and proposing to develop mechanisms and policies to create a legal corridor for branches, organisations and individuals participating in defence industry activities; closely combine the task of building and developing the defence industry in the construction and development strategies of ministries, branches and localities; implement a number of joint venture or investment projects to support residential facilities to serve the defence industry, and regulations on two-way technology transfer between defence industry and national industry, creating an important change in mobilising the national scientific - technological and industrial potentials to participate in the construction and development of the defence industry. Continue to diversify investment capital sources, effectively mobilise capital sources to invest in the construction and development of defence industrial complexes, etc.

Along with the above solutions, GDDI will promote joint ventures, linkages and technology transfer for the production of weapons and technical equipment; focus on cooperation in research, development, production and consumption of products of the defence industry with foreign partners; speed up the access to, acquisition and mastering of technologies for the production of weapons and equipment equipped with advanced and modern technology; strengthen trade promotion, marketing and branding both at home and abroad for products manufactured by defence industry; promote the export of defence industry products, focusing on the GDDI’s plan for implementing international integration and defence diplomacy in the 2021-2025 period, and cooperation programs and plans on defence industry in the ASEAN year of 2021 and the International Defence Exhibition in Vietnam, etc., creating a strong change, meeting the requirements of building and developing the defence industry to become the spearhead of the national industry, making positive contributions to the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of the country.

Lieutenant General, Dr. TRAN HONG MINH, Member of the Party Central Committee, Member of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the General Department of Defence Industry

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