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Border Guard Academy’s progress in studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example
Major General Dinh Trong Ngoc presenting the 30-year Party Membership Insignia to 10 party members (photo:

To further accelerate the movement of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, the Party Committee and the Directorate of the Border Guard Academy have adopted various measures synchronously, thus promoted positive elements, prevented negative ones and made comprehensively positive changes in assigned tasks, particularly in the following aspects:

The quality of education, training, and science research has improved considerably, gradually raising the Academy’s status. To meet the requirements set by the cause of defending national sovereignty and border security in the new situation, the Academy was assigned the task of training at different levels. Subjects and scale of training, circulation of cadets have increased; training contents and curriculums have been unceasingly diversified and standardized, but the training facilities are still limited. Being fully aware of the situation and following Uncle Ho’s instruction: learning must be accompanied by practicing, theory must be in association with reality, the Academy has worked with the Border Guard Commands of 11 border provinces. Accordingly, quarterly, the Border Guard Commands send their cadres to the Academy to present special reports to provide cadres and instructors with information about real situation. The Academy has also sent its instructors to units, particularly to take part in solving “hot spots” in the areas and work with other forces in drug prevention and fight.

The Academy has actively innovated, standardized, and modernized the training contents, curriculums and plans to make them relevant to different groups of cadets. It has timely adjusted and supplemented the training contents and curriculums to make them similar to real situation which  the Border Guard have to cope with in border lines, focusing on practising skills to handle the situations. It has shortened the duration for theory, lengthened that for practice, and supplemented new subjects and contents, such as border management, border gate management, border guard recce, target protection, special task manoeuvre, close to reality and requirements set by the task of defending national sovereignty and border security.

To create positive changes in improving the teaching staff, the Academy has actively recruited and trained cadres and instructors, particularly professors, associate professors. It has worked with a number of institutes under the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, such as Institute for Religious Studies, Institute for Anthropology, Institute for Chinese Studies so as to invite their experts to deliver lectures to its cadres and instructors.

Positive changes in the implementation of the Politburo Directive No.3 have been manifested clearly in building comprehensively strong units, first and foremost politically strong ones. Faculties and cadet battalions have actively innovated the method of political education in association with management and orientation of troops’ ideology. It has strengthened the task of propagation, provided cadets with updated news, proactively prevented and fought against negative manifestations and ideological deviation within units. It has also successfully implemented the campaigns: “Promoting traditions, devoting talents, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s Soldiers”, “Promoting traditions, maintaining discipline, living mercifully, and raising responsibility” in line with units’ emulation movements. Units at all levels have always promoted the role of mass organizations and the pioneer role of youth union members and organizational members in performing political task, building military cultural environment, and green-clean-scenery living environment. There are also positive changes in regular building, military discipline and law observance. There have been no serious violations. Investment has been put into improving training fields, and classrooms. Foreign language and martial art clubs have performed their functions better. All of these make contribution to the improvement of the Academy’s training quality.

Concerning logistics, the Academy always attaches great importance to the improvement of food quality,  attaching great importance to the matters of hygiene, food safety, epidemic prevention, in order to assure the troops’ best performance. As for technical work, it has successfully implemented the Campaign “Managing and exploiting weapons and equipment effectively, safely, economically, and ensuring traffic safety”. The vehicles, weapons and equipment are frequently maintained, repaired and effectively used for training, exercises and combat readiness.

The task of Party building has made considerable progress. The Academy has focused on enhancing the leadership and combat strength of party committees and party organizations, and the quality of cadre and party member staff. It has frequently strengthened and consolidated party committees and party organizations, building up the solidarity within the party committees, innovating the method of leadership, promoting collective intelligence, raising individual responsibility in task performance. Moreover, it has attached great importance to enhancing cadres and party members’ capability, improving their morality and working style.

In the time ahead, to successfully implement the 12th Politburo’s Directive No.5-CT/TW and the Directive No.87-CT/QUTW of the Central Military Commission Standing Committee on acceleration of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, the Party Committee and the Directorate of the Academy will focus on leading and directing its organs and units to carry out several following tasks:

First, raising cadres and instructors’ awareness of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.

Second, party committees, party organizations and commanders should draw up action plans and include the content in annual, quarterly and monthly plans in line with the implementation of units’ campaigns and emulation movements.

Third, conducting reviews to draw lessons, timely applaud and award typical individuals and collectives, while adjusting the weak ones.

Major General, Assoc Prof, Dr. Dinh Trong Ngoc

Secretary of the Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Academy

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