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Artillery Corps’ technical sector promotes the implementation of the Politburo's Directive No.05

Over the past time, the Technical Sector of the Artillery Corps has had many policies and measures to promote the implementation of the Politburo’s Directive No.05-CT/TW on the promotion of learning and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics, and style with focus on improving the quality and efficiency of technical work and meeting the requirements of building a revolutionary, regular, elite, and gradually modern Arm.

The Party Committee and commanders of the Technical Department of the Artillery Corps have determined that the promotion of learning and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics, and style in accordance with Directive No.05 is an important solution for building its red and expert contingent of cadres, party members, and technical staff. Such promotion is to prevent and overcome the manifestations of political, ethical, and lifestyle depression and internal "self-evolvement" and "self-evolution". Additionally, it also helps renew the leadership style and build clean and strong party committees and party organizations and a comprehensive strong Sector to raise the quality and efficiency of technical work in accordance with the assigned tasks. With proper awareness, the Department has been focusing on directing technical agencies and units to accelerate the implementation of Directive No.05 with practical and appropriate contents and measures.

First of all, the Standing Commission of the Party Committee of the Technical Department has proactively developed the Plan for implementation of Directive No.05 with importance attached to programs and action plans for implementation of resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels. It has also directed the Party committees and commanders of technical agencies and units to concretize and organize the implementation with close adhesion to the characteristics and situation of the assigned tasks. For effective implementation, the Department has required agencies and units to strengthen the work of education and enhancement of awareness and responsibility for professional staff at all levels. Concurrently, cadres and officials have also been oriented to step up their learning in combination with following, of which following by concrete actions to closely suit with responsibilities and duties is a key element. Much attention, moreover, has paid to constructing and replicating typical samples, new models, and good, creative, and efficient practices in implementation.

Currently, vehicles, weapons, and equipment under the management and use of the Corps not only have high quantity but also diverse types. They, however, are mostly out-of-date and degraded with unstable technical features. As a result, the need for synchronous maintenance, repair, and upgrading is urgent. At the same time, the technical capacity of the Sector, the staffing organization, professional level of the technical personnel are, in a number of aspects, unable to keep pace with the requirements of development. Facing the fact, following Uncle Ho’s words "…to foresee and anticipate in every work" to win the victory, the Sector has actively studied and grasped the situation in all aspects to advise the Corps’ Party Committee and High Command as well as the Party committees and commanders at all levels to enhance the leadership and direction of the work of equipment and technical assurance for training and combat readiness. Besides, officers and soldiers have been encouraged to bring into full play their internal strengths, overcome difficulties, and strive to fulfill their tasks. Over the past time, the Sector has reviewed, advised, and recommended the Party Committee and High Command to adjust and supplement policies and measures for leading and directing the implementation of Resolution No.382-NQ/DDUQSTWW of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission) on leadership of the technical work in the new situation and Campaign 50 to create a breakthrough in improving the capacity and quality of technical work of the Corps to meet the requirements of tasks. The Sector has cooperated with relevant agencies in advising on the development and completion of the Strategy on development and exploitation of artillery and rocket equipment to 2020 and the coming years. In addition, the Sector has regularly reviewed the quantity, assessed the quality of all weapons and technical equipment, and participated in provision of equipment for the entire Corps in accordance with procedures and principles to ensure absolute safety and contribute to modernizing the weapons, raising the equipment coefficient, and improving the technical capacity for combat.

Checking the quality of B-72 rocket's maintenance

With the awareness that "cadres are the root of all work", the Party Committee and commanders of the Department has paid special attention to the fostering and building of the technical personnel with reasonable structure and quantity and high quality to play a core role in performing the technical work. Accordingly, the technical agencies have advised the Party committees and commanders at all levels on planning, training, fostering, and building technical personnel in accordance with task requirements through several synchronous measures. In addition to actively creating training resources and maintaining technical training and fostering regimes at all levels, the Technical Department has instructed its subordinate units to encourage cadres and employees to follow Uncle Ho's example appreciate self-study and self-fostering, and consider it the most practical content of "following". With efforts and determination and the spread of learning and following Uncle Ho, the technical personnel of the Arm have comprehensive developments which can help complete the tasks of repair, maintenance, synchronization of weapons and technical equipment and solve problems arising in technical work, especially in grassroots units.

When alive, President Ho Chi Minh told us to "... keep vehicles and weapons in good conditions and save the costs...". His advice is also the key goal and task of technical work which have been promoted by the Corps via practical and effective actions in the implementation of assigned political tasks. Accordingly, the Sector has accelerated the construction of regularity in technical assurance from planning and implementation to inspection and handover. At the same time, it has taken initiative in mobilizing resources to consolidate and upgrade the system of technical warehouses, stations, and workshops at all levels in terms of technology and equipment in order to improve the assurance capacity. A number of new technologies in the storage and preservation have been applied by the Sector to achieve good results, save materials, and extend the longevity of technical weapons and equipment. Following the example of Uncle Ho, the Technical Section of the Corps has raised the spirit of self-reliance and enhanced the movement of scientific research, promotion of initiative, and technical improvement. Over the past five years, the Sector has issued 6 Ministry-level research projects, 50 sets of technological processes, and 25 initiatives, which have been accepted and put into practice to bring about practical efficiency and contribute to saving materials, costs, and efforts of soldiers and improving the quality of repair of weapons and equipment. As a result, the capacity, quality, and efficiency of technical assurance of the Corps have been improved progressively. So far, almost 100% of the technical warehouses of the Corps have been repaired and reinforced. Repair stations and workshops at all levels have been upgraded and supplemented with modern specialized equipment and facilities, which makes them capable of repairing 100% of small and medium damages and performing large repair of clusters and parts of weapons and equipment. The Corps has synchronized over 96% of vehicles and canons and regularly maintained technical factors of technical equipment and weapons at a high level.

In order to serve the duties of training and combat readiness of the Corps, every year, the Sector has to assure thousands of deployments of weapons and ammunition in operation. At the same time, thousands of tons of bullets of all kinds are stored with high risk of incident. Under such circumstance, implementing Uncle Ho’s words that "Safety must be ensured because laborers are the most valuable assets", the Sector has focused on improving the quality of management and assurance of the safety of weapons and technical equipment. Accordingly, technical agencies at all levels have developed a uniform and scientific system of weapons, equipment, and assurance facility management records. The management regimes, especially the registration, statistics, and handover of weapons and equipment have been strictly maintained. Initiative have been taken in advising the commanders at all levels to thoroughly propagandize the safety rules in management and exposure to weapons and equipment for 100% of soldiers in the units and regularly inspect the implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Defense and the Corps High Command regarding the work of management and assurance of safety for soldiers, weapons, and equipment and traffic safety. Consequently, 100% of agencies and units within the Arm have maintained absolute safety, and the traffic safety situation has changed positively.

The achievement will be a basis for the Technical Sector of the Artillery Corps to further promote the learning and following of ideology, ethics, and style of Ho Chi Minh in accordance the Politburo’s Directive No.05-CT/TW, which helps create a revolutionary action movement to encourage officers and soldiers to overcome all difficulties and fulfill their assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel Pham Hong Sinh, Director of the Technical Department, Artillery Corps

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