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Artillery Corps’ Logistics Sector promotes the Determine to Win Emulation Movement following Uncle Ho’s teaching

“Emulating is patriotic; patriotism must be associated with emulation. Those who emulate are the most outstanding patriots”. Being imbued with that teaching of President Ho Chi Minh, over the past years, together with measures for implementing the specialised tasks, the Party Committee and commanders of the Logistical Department under the Artillery Corps have always paid their attention to the leadership and direction over the serious and effective implementation of the Determine to Win Emulation Movement and the emulation – commendation work; considered this an important measure for encouraging the logistical staff of the Corps to strive for successfully accomplishing their assigned tasks, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the logistics work and making the logistical sector strong which contributes to ensuring the mission accomplishment of the Corps.

First, the Party Committee and commanders of the Department strengthen their leadership and direction for the Determine to Win Emulation movement and the emulation – commendation work. Thoroughly grasping the directives, resolutions of the upper authorities, particularly the Directive No. 507-CT/TVQUTW dated 28 July 2014 of the Standing Office of the Central Military Commission; the Directive No. 585-CT/DU dated 22 August 2014 of the Standing Board of the Corps’ Party Committee on continuing to renew and speed up the Determine to Win Emulation Movement and the emulation and commendation work in the 2015 – 2020 period, and perceiving the sector’s tasks and situation, the Party Committee of the Department has issued a specialised resolution on “Continuing to renew and strengthen the Determine to Win Emulation movement and multiplying the role models” in order to unify the guidelines and solutions for leadership, direction and implementation across the sector. Besides, the Department has also directed its junior logistical offices and units to focus on consolidating and improving the effectiveness of permanent offices of the emulation movement; to review, supplement and perfect the emulation – commendation mechanism to set ground for the assessment of the units. Annually, together with regular emulation activities, the Department also directs units to launch special and peak emulation drives to commemorate the political events of the Party, country, Military, the Corps and units, focusing on accomplishing the focal tasks, overcoming the weak points in the logistical work.

To improve the effectiveness and the spillover effects of the Determine to Win Emulation Movement, the Party Committee and commanders of the Department direct juniors agencies and units to carry out propagation and education thoroughly to raise awareness and erect a right emulation motive for each cadre, staff member and soldier of the logistical sector; implement all the content of the emulation movement in a comprehensive, focalized manner and drive the centrepiece of the Determine to Win Movement into the implementation of the “Military logistical sector following Uncle Ho’s teaching” emulation movement. Accordingly, the emulation work of the Corps’ Logistical sector has always stuck to the guideline of “united, disciplined, sustainable, effective”; promoted the implementation of “one focus – three breakthroughs” and “five goods” in the logistics work.

Following Uncle Ho’s teaching that “Logistics work is as important as combat operations” and being fully aware of the difficulties in logistics work, the Logistical Department has fostered the emulation sub-movements in specific logistical fields and the logistic contests, and festivals at all echelons. Through the movements, disciplines and regularity of the logistics work in offices and units are maintained; logistical staff’s awareness and responsibility are enhanced; logistics work of the Corps has witnessed several renewals. Together with logistics support for combat mission, the Department also gears the emulation movements towards the improvement of quality and effectiveness of regular logistics support, focusing on improving troop’s health and living standard.

Grasping the viewpoint of self-reliance and Uncle Ho’s teaching that “Military units should be partly self-sufficient in food by farming to reduce the burden on the people”, the sector has been actively advised the party committee and commanders of units to facilitate agricultural production to create a stable food source for troops. The units have been proactive in promoting their internal potentialities and making use of their land and waters for agricultural production. During the implementation process, the emulation movements and productive festivals were promoted in the units of the Corps. As a result, they have secured a stable on-site source of food with high quality and hygiene, greatly contributing to improving troops’ meals.

Emulation in the area of troops’ healthcare has been geared towards the building of five-good-military medical units. Military medical units at all echelons have taken a number of measures for enhancing medical staff’s expertise and morality; strictly maintained working schedules; closely combined the propagation and education on disease prevention and food hygiene and safety with the implementation of preventive measures for seasonal diseases in each area of operation so that there will be no outbreak of major diseases. At the grassroots units, initial healthcare for troops is attached with special importance. The sector has also invested in the procurement of medical equipment and combined traditional medicine with modern one closely. It has also carried out the combined military-civil medicine program to provide free medical checks and medicines for thousands of civilians each year, contributing to strengthening the military-civil solidarity and building safe stationed areas.

Emulations in housing, fueling and transporting fields were responded with the implementation of the movements of “Building and managing regular, bright, green, clean and scenic bases”, “Managing and using fuel safely, efficiently and effectively”, “Building regular, safe and effective transporting units”. In particular, in the movement of “Building and managing regular, bright, green, clean and scenic bases”, the Corps is among the leading units of the Army in terms of planning, building, internal potentiality promotion and mobilisation of troops for the upgradation of the bases.

With realistic approach and solutions, the Determine to Win Emulation Movement of the Logistical sector of the Artillery Corps has recorded robust developments. Through the movements, many outstanding collectives and individuals have been raised, being truly the key figures in promoting the even and steady development of the movements. Over the past 5 years, in the sector, 145 collectives and 792 individuals have been commended, including 08 collectives being awarded with the Emulation Flag of the Ministry of National Defence and the Corps Headquarters, 37 collectives being titled “Determine to Win Unit”; 3 cadres being awarded with the armywide emulating soldier title and 141 cadres winning the emulating soldier title at grassroots level. In 2017, the Logistical Department of the Corps was awarded with the Emulation Flag of the Prime Minister.

Upholding the achievements gained, in the coming time, the sector will continue to grasp and fulfill its advisory role for the party committees and commanders of units of the Corps in the effective implementation of the targets and requirements of the Determine to Win Emulation Movement as well as the building and multiplication of the role models in the 2017 – 2022 period, bringing the Determine to Win Emulation Movement and the movement of “Military Logistical Sector follows Uncle Ho’s teaching” to a new height, contributing to making the Artillery Corps comprehensively strong.

Senior Colonel Dong Ngoc Thanh, Vice-Chairman of the Corps’ Logistical Department

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