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Army College No. 2 – the 60 year glorious journey

Army College No.2, aka Nguyen Hue University, was established on August 27, 1961 in the heart of the Southern battlefield. In the fierce war conditions, the school both performed the task of education and training, and directly participated in many battles. During the Ho Chi Minh Campaign, in April 1975, the school deployed 2 cadet battalions to the North Saigon front to participate in the fight to protect the liberated area and conduct military governance, contributing to the complete victory of the resistance war against the U.S to save the country, liberate the South, and reunify the country.

When the country was unified, the school began stabilising its structure, staffing, and performing education and training tasks according to the new requirements. When the war on Southwestern border broke out, the school performed both basic long-term officer training mission, and short term training to promptly respond to the requirements of the war to protect the Fatherland. Performing its noble international mission, the school sent a delegation of experts to help the Royal Cambodian Army build their General Army School; help them open 04 training courses for hundreds of middle and high-ranking officers and 9 training courses with thousands of junior officers. Many Cambodian cadets graduating from school and returning to work have become excellent officers and teachers of the Royal Cambodian Army.

Rector of the college inspects a field training in 2020

On October 28th, 2010, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 1973/QĐ-TTg on the foundation of Nguyen Hue University on the basis of upgrading the Army College No. 2. This is an important milestone, marking the outstanding maturity and unremitting efforts of generations of cadres, lecturers, cadets, employees, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the school. At the same time, this affirms the school’s position in the national education system, a centre for tertiary education and military scientific research of our Army.

In order to successfully complete the task, the school thoroughly grasps the resolutions and directives of higher echelons, comprehensively implements all aspects of work, in which, building the school in the direction of standardisation and modernity is one of the key tasks, which has been paid attention by its Party Committee and Headquarters with many synchronous and effective solutions.

First of all, the school actively innovates in all aspects of education and training, focusing on renovating training processes, programs and contents in the direction of: reducing theory, increasing practice, rehearsal and field training; overcome the situation of passive and theory-biased teaching and learning without practical relevance. Every year, the school conducts practical surveys in units and workplace of officers after graduation to supplement training content and programs to make it relevant to practical requirements; flexibly combines traditional teaching methods with advanced ones, enhancing the application of information technology, promoting learners' thinking ability, dynamism, creativity, positivity and initiative. During training process, it flexible applies 3 points of view, 8 principles, and 6 combinations. The lecturers perform well the functions of organising, controlling, orienting cognitive, researching, helping students acquire new military knowledge, practice skills and techniques, focusing on basic and practical issues, meeting the job requirements when graduate. Continue to implement the Project of "Training and fostering foreign languages in the Army"; strictly maintain the inspection, examination, monitoring and supervision regimes of the preparation and practice of teaching of the faculties and the learning and training process of the students. Gradually innovate exams and tests in the direction of "open topics" in order to increase students' thinking and application ability in practice. Strictly implement the campaign of “Say no to negativity in exams and fake achievements in education”. Implementing the motto of "practicality, quality, timeliness, feasibility, effectiveness with foci", the school promotes research and application of science and technology. Promote the role of functional agencies and scientific councils at all levels; build appropriate mechanisms and create favourable conditions to exploit and bring into full play the scientific research potential of the staff, lecturers and students. Strengthen exchanges and expand scientific research cooperation with academies, schools and scientific agencies in the whole army and localities; actively develop plans to hold conferences, seminars, research and application of science and technology to improve the quality of education and training. Promote military scientific information activities, improve the quality of all types of information and press in the school, especially the Journal of Science and Strategy; gradually apply information technology to serve the management, command and education and training tasks.

The school attaches special importance to improving the quality of staff and lecturers and strictly implements military recruitment; focuses on planning, training, retraining and improving comprehensive quality of its staff; maintains order, improves the quality of its staff and lecturers according to professional, expertise and foreign language standards. The school directs its party committees and commanders at all levels to review and evaluate the actual quality of its cadres and lecturers, serving as a basis for the development of staff, especially the presiding officers and leading scientists, core lecturers, young lecturers with comprehensive competence in both theoretical knowledge, practical experience, pedagogical methods, ethics, lifestyle and working style; attaches importance to building leading cadres, leaders of faculties, departments, divisions and battalions. Along with planning, recruitment, training, re-training, the school actively sends its staff and lecturers on field trips to units, academies and schools in the country and outside the Army, at home and abroad to improve their qualification, capability and practical experience;  regularly adheres to the above regulations, directives and training plans; develops and implements annual enrollment regulations and plans in a serious and scientific manner; coordinates with local military agencies, central and local press agencies in the propaganda of military recruitment; holds entrance exams, call and receive successful candidates seriously. In order to encourage and attract young people and soldiers with good qualities and abilities to the school, every year, the school holds family meetings and praises candidates with high results in its entrance exams.

Along with that, the school actively invests in building and upgrading its facilities and equipment towards modernity, practicality, synchronicity and efficiency manner. In particular, it clearly sets the order of priority for investment in the construction and renovation of accommodation and working areas; builds and upgrades the system of lecture halls and classrooms, both normal classrooms and specialised ones with modern equipment. The system of training grounds is being modernised, ensuring that training is relevant to actual combat; deploys 06 projects, with 29 structures and a total area of more than 71 thousand m2, and total investment of nearly 700 billion. The completed works when put into use have timely met the daily needs of troops. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its Nguyen Hue University name (2010 - 2020), the school built a military cultural park with the statue of Emperor Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue from socialised fund, expressing gratitude for the national hero and generations of its former staff, lecturers and students who have devoted and sacrificed to develop the school as it is today.

Inheriting and promoting the glorious tradition of 60 years of development, the Army College No. 2 - Nguyen Hue University continues to uphold the spirit of "loyalty, creativity, solidarity, discipline, good teaching and studying", takes advantage of opportunities, promotes internal strength, overcomes difficulties, successfully completes tasks to be worthy of the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces.

Lieutenant General, Assoc., Dr. NGUYEN NGOC CA, Rector of the College

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