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Armed forces of Military Region 9 proactively participate in the prevention of drought and salinity

Impacted by climate change, recently the weather and hydro-meteorological situation in the country as well as in the Military Region 9 has been changed complicatedly. Natural phenomena, such as sea level rise, saltwater intrusion, landslide, fire, storm, flood, occur repeatedly, causing trouble for production, economic development, and life of the people.

Fresh water delivered to the people (photo: baovinhlong.com.vn)

It is anticipated that drought, salinity and water shortage will last for long time; in many areas, people cannot continue farming and raising. Famine and especially water shortage for daily life and production could lead to the risk of epidemics, having a severe impact on socio-economic development, people’s life and local military, defence activities. Fully aware of the situation, the Executive Party Committee of the Military Region has timely taken measures, requiring organs and units to proactively help the people deal with drought and salinity at localities, and to directly resolve the consequences, contributing to stabilizing the situation, production, people’s life and health, and epidemic prevention.

Functional organs of the Military Region, its affiliated units, and localities have drawn up detailed plans basing on resolutions, directions, and their assigned tasks and functions. Directing boards for natural disaster prevention and management, search and rescue at all levels have timely given advice to the party committees and commanders, and built a system of documents and plans on collaboration with sectors, organizations, and local authorities to prevent and deal with drought and salinity.

To timely respond to the situations, the Party Committee and the Command of the Military Region have directed organs and units to seriously maintain frequent and intensified duty regulations, and organize semi-professional forces in regular units and local militia and self-defence forces to readily help the people resolve the consequences caused by natural disasters, drought, and salinity. Military organs at all levels have given advice to local party committees and authorities to closely work with specialized agencies to disseminate experience in drought and salinity prevention to cadres, troops and the people.

The Party Committee and the Command of the Military Region have also directed units and localities to mobilize forces, equipment and vehicles to utmost to respond to drought and salinity, giving a priority to badly-damaged areas, such as Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Kien Giang. Units in the areas affected by drought, salinity and water shortage have proactively dredged and widened existed wells, drilled and dug new ones, set up systems of pipes and water filter tanks to serve the people and troops, and accelerated the construction of water supply projects.

As for coastal localities seriously affected by drought and salinity, the Military Region has used plastic cans to bring water to each household, especially poor ones. The Military Region has directed its military organs at all levels to organize mobile military emergency teams and sanitary teams to resolve the consequences caused by drought and salinity, prevent epidemics and take care of people’s health.

While helping the people deal with drought and salinity, the Military Region has successfully carried out the mass mobilization work, strengthening the people’s faith in the Party’s leadership, the State’s management, and local party committee and authority. It has also made the people fully understand the hostile forces’ plots and tricks taking advantage of difficulties caused by drought and salinity to speak ill of our Party and regime.

With those deeds of responsibility and attachment, the armed forces of the Military Region 9 have further brightened the image of “Uncle Ho’s Soldier” in the people’s heart and mind, making contributions to building the comprehensively strong armed forces of the Military Region to successfully fulfil all assigned tasks.

Major General Truong Minh Khai

Deputy Commander, Chief of Staff, Head of Directing Board for Natural Disaster Prevention and Management, Search and Rescue of the Military Region 9

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