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AC1 party organizations strengthened to meet the requirements in the new situation

The 12th National Party Congress has defined: “Focus on enhancing the leadership capability and combat strength of party grass-roots organizations”. Grasping that guideline, the Army Corps 1 (AC1) Party Organization has always paid special attention to building pure and strong party grass-roots organizations.

AC1 is an active, mobile and strategic reserve force of the Army. To satisfy the high requirements set by the cause of Homeland construction and protection in the era of industrialization, modernization and international integration, the AC Party Committee advocates improving the quality of party grass-roots organizations. Fully understanding its distinctive features, over the past years, the AC Party Committee has adopted measures to build politically, ideologically, organizationally and morally strong party grass-roots organizations, with a focus on the following ones.

First, improving the quality of party meeting; while actively renovating leadership method and style of party committees and cells. To this end, the AC Party Committee has directed its affiliated party committees to thoroughly grasp the CPV Central Committee Secretariat’s Directive No.10-CT/TW, dated March 30th 2007, on “Improving the quality of party cell meetings”, the Central Resolutions No.4 (11th and 12th tenure) on Party building and rectification, the Resolution No.47-NQ/ĐU on the Central Military Commission on “Enhancing the leadership capability and combat strength of party grass-roots organizations as well as the quality of cadres and party members in the Army in the new period”, with a focus on realizing the goal of “4 goods” within the party cell and reforming the method of resolution issuance and implementation. Before a meeting, the party executive committee has made thorough preparation and consulted the higher authority to supplement the guideline for leadership; seriously followed the process of party meeting; and attached great importance to self-criticism and criticism during the meeting. The principle of democratic centralism has been concretized into leadership regulations and action plans of party committees at levels. As a result, the effectiveness of collective leadership has been promoted; the role of commander has been clarified; the relationship between collective leadership and individual accountability, particularly party executive committee and commanders, has been well managed; the solidarity within party committees and organizations, organs and units has been strengthened. Moreover, all guidelines have been seriously grasped and implemented effectively. The assignment of party committee members to the tasks has brought into play their vanguard role and responsibility towards the building and implementation of the resolution.

Second, consolidating the structure of party committees and combining the building of party committees and cells with that of key cadres. Due to the requirements set by the task, position of several key cadres of organs and units always varies; as for the group of organs, most of them hold more than one position and lack experience and skills in party and secretary work. Thus, the AC Party Committee has attached great importance to making party committee secretaries and members really typical of political qualities, ethics, lifestyle and organizational capability, while successfully carrying out the work of consolidating the structure of party committees in compliance with the regulations and the Constitution of the CPV. Annually, the AC Party Committee well conducts the work of cadre staff planning, particularly key cadres, improving the quality of key cadres and party committee members through training and party cell secretary contests. In this regard, it has focused on the work of party committee and organization building, the work of cadres and party members, the organizational capability and the method to carry out the party and political work. The AC Party Committee has frequently directed party committees to combine the building of pure, strong party committee with that of key cadre staff; built up and seriously implemented the Regulations of cadre work.   

Third, strengthening the work of managing and training party members; combining the improvement of the quality of building party members with the building of cadre staff. This is an important measure to maintain the vanguard and exemplary role of cadres and party members. Moreover, it is designed to prevent the signs of internal “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” as well as the hostile forces’ plots and acts of sabotage, namely the “Peaceful Evolution” Strategy and a “depoliticalized” Army. Party committees at levels have been proactive in drawing up plans and measures to manage, educate, train cadres and party members, and create the best condition for them to maintain their role and successfully fufil the assigned task. The AC Party Committee has also paid attention to the improvement of cadres and party members’ knowledge with various methods, such as cadre rotation, sending cadres to universities to study, in-service training, etc., while promoting their role in the implementation of party cells and organizations’ resolution, particularly the 12th Politburo’s Directive No.5- CT/TW on “Acceleration of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morals and lifestyle” and the Central Resolution No.4 (12th tenure) on the Party building and rectification. Party committees at levels have attached great importance to admitting and developing new party members. In 2016, the whole AC Party Organization admitted 731 new party members. There has been a harmonious combination between the party organizations’ cadre education and training and cadres’ self-improvement, making contributions to the building of pure, strong party organizations and comprehensively strong organs and units.

Fourth, strictly maintaining the discipline and order of inspection and supervision. Following the motto: “supervision must be broadened, and inspection must be focalized on”, the AC Party Committee has directed its party committees to build up the plan for inspection and supervision, and make it relevant to the unit’s reality. The plan for inspection and supervision must be comprehensive but focus on central tasks, emerging issues and weak points of the party organization and unit; leadership over the implementation of political task; task performance and preservation of cadres and party members’ ethics and lifestyle. Party committees and inspection commissions at levels have stepped up inspection and supervision of party cells and members and key cadres’ obedience to the Party Constitution and resolutions, the State law and the Army discipline, particularly the regulations on the things party members are not allowed to do and the manifestations of political ideology, morality and lifestyle degradation, “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”. During the process of inspection and supervision, party committees and inspection commissions at levels have always grasped the requirements set by the Central Resolutions (11th and 12th tenure) while combining various forms, such as arousing party members’ self-awareness and the masses’ reflection; promoting functional organs’ role and responsibility. In 2016 and the first six months of 2017, party committees at levels conducted inspection of 739 party members and 42 party organizations, as well as supervision of 65 party organizations and 879 party members. The process of inspection and supervision has timely detected and resolved violations of party organizations and members, making contributions to seriously maintaining the Party’s discipline and improving the quality of party member staff as well as the leadership capability and combat strength of party organizations within the AC Party Organization.

The task of building revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern AC has imposed the increasingly higher requirements for the Party building of its Party Organization. Thus, party grass-roots organizations within the AC Party Organization should continue to grasp and seriously implement resolutions of the Party Congress at levels, particularly the Central Resolution No.4 (12th tenure) to make them politically, ideologically, organizationally and morally strong and contribute to building pure and strong AC Party Organization.

Major General Do Van Thien

Commissar of the Army Corps 1  

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