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168th Artillery Brigade improves the quality of exercises

Exercise is the highest method of training, which is very important to the training and enhancement of capability for cadres at all levels and the technical, tactical levels of soldiers and the coordination and collaboration levels of forces, hence directly contributing to improving the combat strength of military units. Fully aware of this, over the past years, the Party committee and commandants of the 168th Artillery Brigade (under the Military Region 2) have mapped out several guidelines and solutions for leading and directing its exercises and considered this a breakthrough to renew and improve the training quality in the spirit of the Resolution 765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission.

To do that, first, the Brigade pays attention to strengthening the leadership and direction of party committees and commandants at all levels for exercises and considers this a solution of prime importance. Thoroughly grasping the directives, orders and instructions of upper levels on the tasks of training and exercising, prior to each exercise, the Brigade’s Party committee issues its specialized resolution and directs its affiliate units to build their own resolutions, action plans and programs of party committee and commandant in which the goals, targets, requirements and measures for leadership and direction, task assignment and decentralization are clearly pointed out. During implementation, the Brigade appoints and assigns tasks to each member of the party committee who are responsible for each field of the exercises, while dispatching its cadres to instruct, check and stimulate the units, especially those being tasked with important missions. In addition, the Brigade also strengthens political and ideological education to raise awareness for its troops of the position, meaning, targets and requirements of each exercise in order to enhance their responsibility in preparation and consider this a combat mission in peace time so that they develop a strong determination, strive to overcome hardships for successfully accomplishing their assigned tasks while preventing their disregard of the exercising tasks.

The BM-21 multiple rocket launcher in an exercise

As both a combat and a technical corps, when conducting exercises, the Brigade deploys a large number of troops and different forces in a long time and broad theatre with various types of weapon, equipment and ammunition. Moreover, its exercises are conducted in diverse and complicated terrain and weather conditions. Therefore, in order that the exercises are kept on track and meet the requirements, the Brigade attaches importance to early, careful, comprehensive and specific preparation, ranging from human resources, weaponry, equipment to all kinds of documents, such as: directives, plans, scenarios, etc. Particularly, the Brigade pays attention to training, nurturing and spreading theory, experience, and method of exercising for its troops. Training contents are focused on the matters directly relating to exercises and the limitations of each individual and unit. Besides, the Brigade directs the party committees and commandants of its affiliate units to thoroughly grasp the regulations in the exercises, especially those relating to the maintenance of secrecy and safety. In addition, it also holds intensive training for its artillery trailer drivers so that they can work well on all kinds of terrain, and for its troops so that they know how to deal with unanticipated situations in maneuvering and live-firing operations in an effort to make the exercises run smoothly.

In the event of the national salvation war, our adversary will have superiority in high-tech weapon, modern reconnaissance, electronic warfare, high mobility and quick response, etc. To meet the requirements of an operational mobile fire unit of the Military Region, the Brigade strengthens renewals in the contents, models and methods of exercises to make them relevant to the reality of combat and area of operation and updates the new contents of artillery combat art in the Military Region defence. Sticking to the upper directives and plans, its assigned functions and tasks, recently, the Brigade has been proactively in studying and applied new contents in the training and company and battalion-level exercises. In addition, it has strengthened commanding one-sided – one-leveled and one-sided – two-leveled exercises on map and in real ground with part of real troops, live-firing. During the exercises, it demands its unit to thoroughly conduct all planned phases, such as: changing combat readiness status, maneuvering to take cover, organization of troops, making preparation and carrying out fighting. In order to engage its troops in real life situation, and train the thinking, organizing and operating capability of the commanders, especially their decisiveness, creativity, and ability in dealing with emerging situations, during the exercises, the Brigade combines various methods in different phases flexibly and employs simulation and symbolic devices, etc. bringing about essential effectiveness.

In order to improve the quality of exercises, the Brigade also places emphasis on supply work. Up to date, 100% of its battalions and companies have artillery-specialized training fields. The Brigade itself has built a complex training field, a firing range and a firing model meeting the standards of the Ministry of National Defence. In addition, it has always done the work of supply thoroughly to ensure that technical and logistics needs for exercises are opportunely met.

Together with the above mentioned measures, the Brigade regularly conducts checking and review after each phase of an exercise and after each exercise. Checking and review are done in a comprehensive manner with foci, especially for complicated tasks, such as: alarming, changing combat readiness status, long marching, live-firing, etc. During the checking, the Brigade requires its commanders and offices point out limitations of each individual and unit for correction. At the same time, it promotes the Determine to Win Emulation movement, discovers and multiplies the role models and makes timely commendation for individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements in exercises.

By strong leadership, sound direction, unified, suitable and effective measures, the Brigade’s exercises have seen positive changes. For the last 5 years period, 100% of the company and battalion-level exercises, and commanding one-sided one-leveled and one-sided two-level exercises conducted on map and on real ground of the Brigade have been rated good; its live-fire exercises have been rated excellent and ensures absolute safety. Especially, in the joint-force exercise DT-18, the Brigade successfully completed its part with 2 battalions and 3 companies being rated excellent in live-firing tests. In September 2019, it successfully completed its mission as a pilot unit for the Ministry of National Defence in command – office exercise which was highly appreciated by the Ministry of National Defence and the Military Region 2. Through the exercises, the levels of organizing and commanding, the managerial and operational capability of its cadres have been raised; its training and exercising levels have been increasingly improved. This is an important premise and basis for enhancing its overall quality and combat strength and successfully accomplishing its assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Hung Son, Brigade commander

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