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The Infantry Officer College No.1 enhances the effectiveness of modern teaching equipment

To meet the rapid development of science and technology and the requirements set by the task of building a revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern Vietnam People’s Army (with several forces moving forward to modernity), and follow the guidelines on renewing education and training basically, comprehensively, building smart schools, and accessing the 4th industrial revolution, over the past years, the Infantry Officer College No.1 (the School for short) has focused on renewing, and particularly standardizing and modernizing its education and training work. To that end, it has enhanced the effectiveness of the equipment for management, teaching, learning, and scientific study as one of the central measures.

First of all, the School has stepped up the work of propagation and education to raise all staff members’ awareness and responsibility for managing and using the modern teaching equipment. According to the education science, teaching equipment is an important element that actively supports the teaching-learning activity and helps instructors promote their creativity, effectively exercise their teaching skills and methods, and more deeply convey knowledge to learners. Meanwhile, learners are easier to acquire the knowledge and promote their activeness, proactiveness, and creativity to become future military officers. With its specialized training field, using and bringing into play teaching equipment, particularly modern teaching equipment is of utmost importance to the School. Thus, while putting store by facility and teaching equipment modernization, the School’s Party Committee and Directorate have directed offices, faculties, and cadet management units to further propagate and disseminate the guidelines on renewing, standardizing, and modernizing education and training so as to achieve a consensus among all staff members about acquiring, managing, and using the modern teaching equipment. At the same time, they have been required to fight against the fearfulness of difficulty, hardship, and renewal, and a lack of creativity during teaching and learning due to the reliance on modern equipment. Moreover, the School has issued the Regulations on education and training in which it assigns the responsibility and authority for managing, using, and preserving modern teaching equipment to each collective and individual. By means of proper measures, the School’s cadres, instructors, cadets, and employees have fully understood and strongly agreed on the guidelines on renewing and modernizing the teaching equipment, while being responsible for managing, maintaining, and using the supplied equipment. Notably, instructors and cadets have considered the exploitation and use of modern equipment in teaching, learning, and scientific research as the indispensable for conveying and improving the knowledge and raising the quality of training and self-training.

Practising shooting at the simulation centre

Modern teaching equipment is high-tech products with the strict requirements for use and maintenance. Thus, to promote the effectiveness of the allocated equipment, the School has paid due regard to organizing refresher courses on instructing those who directly manage, exploit, and use the equipment. Due to the unequal level of information technology and foreign languages among its staff members, the School has directed departments, faculties, and battalions to review and correctly assess their staff’s capability in exploiting and using the existing teaching equipment; to develop the plans for training closely in accordance with each group of troops. Under the motto of “practicality and effectiveness”, the School has held refresher courses comprehensively, with a focus on the structure, technical specifications, and skills in exploiting and managing new-generation modern equipment, the regulations on use and maintenance, the weaknesses, and the method to deal with technical situations. Based on reality, the School has developed the regular plans for training according to each task and school year and combined training courses held by higher echelons with those held at the School. To achieve the effectiveness, the School has concentrated on selecting, assigning, and deploying good cadres and instructors to attend the training courses held by higher echelons, making them a core force in providing training courses for others at the School. It organizes training courses on cadets’ summer vacation to mobilize cadres, instructors, and employees at full strength; it provides training courses for each group of learners and task, and organizes tests to assess the results of training courses closely.

In addition to refresher courses, the School has compiled and sufficiently provided documents to give instructions on using and maintaining the modern teaching equipment to all staff members. This measure has been implemented regularly and aimed at updating the staff on the latest information and particularly new software and equipment to effectively meet the urgent demands during the School’s teaching and learning process. Moreover, the School has actively invited top experts from famous educational establishments, centres, and institutions both inside and outside the Military to provide and exchange information and improve its staff members’ capability in exploiting and using the teaching equipment. Faculties have frequently required instructors with good teaching method to deliver model lectures and organized the teaching contests with modern teaching equipment in order to opportunely draw lessons and improve their instructors’ skills in using teaching equipment in specialized classrooms. At the same time, they have encouraged their instructors to learn from one another, particularly from experienced ones in order to improve their skills and effectiveness of using the modern teaching equipment. Up to now, 100% of the School’s cadres and instructors have mastered the modern equipment for management, teaching, and scientific research. Most of lectures are electronic ones with the application of 2D and 3D simulation technologies on the digital maps of TM-Map and 3D-Map. This provides a solid foundation for the School to raise its quality of education and training.

In addition to well managing and exploiting the invested equipment, in order to meet the requirements for education, training, and scientific research according to the model of “Smart School accessing the 4th industrial revolution” under the guidelines set by the Ministry of National Defence, the School has been actively mobilizing resources, combining higher echelons’ investments with the promotion of initiatives and innovations of training equipment, and applying new technologies to its education and training task. The School has always adhered to the plans and guidelines by higher echelons and closely cooperated with competent offices in acquiring the modern teaching equipment under the regulations. At the same time, it has raised collectives and individuals’ awareness and self-reliance to overcome all difficulties in resources for self-equipment and self-acquisition, thereby meeting the School’s real demands. It has organized and transformed research and innovation into a deep and wide movement in departments, committees, faculties, and units; aligned research and innovation of teaching equipment with emulation movements; encouraged and created a favourable condition for everyone to bring into play their talent and strengths. It has adopted policies to materially, mentally support the movement’s development; used the results of research and innovation of teaching equipment as a criterion for the achievement of collectives and individuals in teaching, learning, and the Determination to Win Emulation Movement. Therefore, over the past years, across the School, there have been hundreds of initiatives and innovations in managing, exploiting, and maintaining teaching equipment, which have been applied to the teaching task and greatly contributed to raising the effectiveness of the existing teaching equipment, meeting the increasingly high requirements for the School’s education and training.

Those above-mentioned achievements and experiences have provided a solid foundation for the Infantry Officer College No.1 to build a regular, exemplary, increasingly modern School, enhance its quality of education and training, and make contributions to building the strong Military.

Lt. Gen., Associate Prof. Do Viet Toan, PhD

Commandant of the School

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