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Organisation and operation of “Vietnam Seas and Islands Fund”

Thoroughly grasping Resolution No. 09-NQ/TW, dated February 9, 2007, at the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (X tenure) on “Vietnam Sea Strategy to 2020”; at the same time, to meet the aspirations of the army and people of the country, with the spirit of “The whole country for Spratly, Spratly for the country”, in 2011, the “Fund for Spratly" was established by the Prime Minister’s decision and have received great supports both in material and spirit of agencies, units, organisations and individuals at home and abroad with many diversified and effective forms of operation. In response to the requirements of Fatherland protection in the new situation, on March 29, 2018, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 354/QD-TTg on renaming the “Fund for Truong Sa” to “Fund for Vietnam seas and islands”, in order to expand the scope and improve the efficiency of the fund's operations, contributing to improving the material and spiritual life of the army and people operating in the waters and islands of the country, in which priority is given to key and strategic areas, especially Spratly Islands and DK1 platforms.

Youth donating for the Fund for Vietnam seas and islands

Then, on October 17, 2018, the Prime Minister signed the Decision No. 1365/QD-TTg on the organisation and operation of the “Fund for Vietnam Seas and Islands”. The Fund's objectives are to propagate and mobilise the people at home and abroad to look towards the sea and islands of Vietnam; raise awareness of all levels, branches, localities and people about positions and roles of the sea and islands in the cause of national construction and defence; mobilise all resources, bring into play the synergy of the entire political system and social community to participate in the task of building and protecting sovereignty over seas and islands; propagate and mobilise domestic and foreign agencies, organisations and individuals to voluntarily provide material and financial support, step by step improve the material and spiritual life of the army and people operating in the seas and islands of the country.

In principle, “Fund for Vietnam Seas and Islands” operates in accordance with the law and is managed by competent State agencies. The Fund has its own account at the State Treasury, which makes revenues and expenditures publicly and transparently. The Fund's revenues include the remaining of the “Fund for Spratly” and the voluntary support and contributions of businesses of all economic sectors, agencies and organisations and individuals at home and abroad. The fund's expenditures aimed at improving the material and spiritual life of the army and people operating in the seas and islands of the country, which are decided by its Steering Committee and reported to the Prime Minister.

One of the leaders of the Ministry of National Defence, who is in charge of seas and islands direction, is appointed as the Head of the Fund's Steering Committee. Its members include representatives of relevant departments, ministries, branches and localities. The Steering Committee of the fund is responsible for assisting the Prime Minister in managing and operating the fund and directing functional agencies to coordinate with other agencies and localities in organising propaganda activities, mobilise, support and contribute to the Fund's construction; direct the receipt, management and use of the Fund for the right purposes and efficiency. Ministers, Heads of agencies, Chairmen of People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government, mass organisations at all levels, enterprises and press agencies are responsible for the propagation and mobilisation of support for the fund.

To date, after 2 years of operation, the Fund's Steering Committee has operated the Fund in accordance with its principles and purposes, contributing to firmly protecting the sovereignty of seas and islands of the country in the new situation.

Pham Binh

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