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Military Technical Academy enhances efficiency of technical assurance for training and scientific research

Military Technical Academy is a key national education institution, responsible for training high quality human resources, research and development, prototype, transfer of advanced technology, and international integration, making contributions to the cause of national construction and defence as well as the development of Vietnam's military science and technology. As a multidisciplinary technical training institution, the Academy is equipped with both modern and old weapons and equipment, such as a number of modern systems of technical equipment, including a series of high-tech specialized laboratories and the Soviet army weapons, tanks - armored vehicles, military engineering equipment, artillery, air defence - air force, information, and electronic warfare equipment, etc. For the latter, most of them are out of date, degraded, and in poor synchronization. Therefore, the task of technical assurance plays a very key role in improving the quality of the Academy's education, training, and scientific research. Understanding it, in recent years, under the leadership and direction of the Academy’s Party Committee and Board of Directors, the Technical Department has proactively and actively implemented a number of creative measures, gradually improving the quality and efficiency of technical facilities, ensuring the good performance to serve key political task of the Academy.

The acceptance of a tank and armour laboratory

First of all, the Technical Department has given sound advice to the Academy’s Party Committee and Board of Directors on leading and directing the development of technical potential. Thoroughly grasping and implementing Resolution No. 382-NQ/ĐUQSTW, dated November 29, 2007 by the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission) on leading the technical work in the new situation, the Department has participated in making and implementing the plan to build and upgrade the technical facilities, while finalizing the plan of technical zone at the 125 Training Center in Vinh Phuc province, and initially implementing the plan of technical zone for research and testing in Hoa Lac. At the same time, it has actively executed the investment plan for the period of 2016-2020, the project to build specialized laboratories as well as the programs and projects under the annual program and objective of developing technical work, ensuring efficiency and opportunely facilitating the Academy's tasks of education, training, scientific research, and trial production in the new situation. Moreover, the Department has actively taken part in completing the Scheme on development of the Academy towards 2030 and the following years and the Smart Academy project, while cooperating with senior specialized technical agencies and military units in making proposals on supplementing weapons and equipment in order to meet the demands of education and training. At the same time, it has also joined equipment procurement for programs and projects, such as the equipment for intensive research laboratories and the items for Technical Testing area and ammunition stores, etc. Since 2015, the Academy has opportunely carried out many projects, such as those on specialized integrated circuit for the use within the Ministry of National Defence, specialized laboratories for defence industry in the phase I, specialized laboratories under the Projects to "Strengthen the capability in training, scientific research and trial production at the Military Technical Academy" and "Train and cultivate the forces in charge of maintaining safety and security of the national defence information system”. It has received investments worth over 181 billion VND (about 8 million USD) in constructing nearly 15,000 m2 of technical zones and 14 technical facilities and upgrading 50 other technical facilities, together with specialized classrooms, laboratories, language classrooms, and testing workshops.

Additionally, the work of management, exploitation, and technical assurance for weapons and equipment has been strengthened. To meet the requirements and tasks of education, training, and scientific research, the Department has proactively formulated the plan on managing available weapons, equipment and facilities and submitted it to the Academy’s Board of Directors for approval, while ensuring the relevance to functions and tasks of each specialized branch and technical facility. Annually, the Department gives specific and detailed instructions on the management and exploitation of weapons and equipment as well as the maintenance criteria for each type of equipment, and establishes a system for management and exploitation forms and mechanisms for inspection and mobilization of weapons and equipment in line with the Academy’s training schedule. Furthermore, it has actively applied the management system based on information technology, employed code numbering and barcode management, and supervised cycles and actual working time of weapons and equipment via the intranet. In particular, the Department has presided over the construction and use of software for managing competency of technical facilities in an integrated manner, making it easy for users to use and look up. It has directed units to apply this software on the intranet to preparing "the Plan for exploitation of technical facilities". Annually, the Department conducts evaluation of exploitation efficiency for 100% of technical facilities, regularly inspects the implementation of regulations on distribution and warehousing and settlement of supplies, while successfully fulfilling the work of inventory and allocation, receiving and disposing of old weapons and equipment, and using budgets and facilities effectively.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the technical facilities' technical assurance, the Academy has developed plans on maintenance and repair for each period, while correctly evaluating the quality of machines and equipment and predicting damages. Therefore, it has proactively ensured supplies with the right type, sufficient quantity and good quality.

Adhering to the plan and direction by the Academy’s Board of Directors, the Department has applied a highly qualified and effective maintenance procedure for different types of weapons and equipment for command and control and actively cooperated with factories of the General Department of Technology, services and army corps in maintaining and synchronizing missiles, radars, trucks, armoured vehicles, engineer vehicles, and information systems. Attention has been paid to successfully implementing the annual plan of synchronizing military vehicles. In the past 5 years, the Department and its technical facilities have conducted maintenance for 12,608 weapons and pieces of technical equipment, repaired and synchronized 10,082 others, making an important contribution to maintaining and improving the technical specifications, ensuring good service for the assigned tasks of the Academy.

Giving instructions on maintaining and using weapons and technical equipment

In addition to providing technical assurance for the Academy's political mission, the Department has attached special importance to technical training. Annually, on the basis of the Academy’s education and training plan, the Department develops its own specific, highly feasible technical training plan. In its plan, the training content and schedule are clearly defined to ensure specialization, practicality, and advance to effectively serve the training program. In training, the work of training and retraining technical cadres and employees has been regularly carried out. Technical facilities have strictly implemented the regular technical training plan. At the same time, the Department has effectively executed the plan on technological training and transfer for technical cadres and employees, gradually organized training courses on managing and operating technical facilities and equipment in accordance with the ISO 17025, taken part in realizing the annual plan on training and examining the skills for technical workers, and encouraged cadres and employees to self-study and improve their professional competence.

In order to achieve high efficiency, the Department has cooperated with faculties in thoroughly grasping the content and requirements of practical training in order to make preparations and hold training courses on skills in coordination with the main instructors, while requiring its technical staff to study documents according to the requirements of the subjects and assist the instructors in training and practice, thereby creating a self-study environment among technical staff together with instructors and cadets. Annually, competitions on good management and exploitation of technical facilities and weapons, technical equipment, and fire prevention and fighting are held, with a focus on a number of key issues, such as the management and preservation of weapons and equipment, capacity and qualifications of technical officers and employees, and effective exploitation and use of weapons, equipment and technical facilities. Since 2015, the Academy has provided training courses for more than 4,700 technical staff members and 1,300 drivers and technical workers.

Special attention has been paid to the work of standards, metrology, quality and safety. Annually, the work of verifying and evaluating metrology devices and equipment at technical facilities is strictly conducted. In addition, imported and procured goods and equipment with strict requirements on information security and safety are thoroughly inspected, while labour protection devices and harmful-environment allowances are provided for 100% of beneficiaries. At the same time, importance has been attached to performing the work of fire prevention and fighting, issuing regulations on fire and explosion prevention and control, and supplementing firefighting equipment for technical facilities, especially the ammunition warehouses. The Department has cooperated with agencies and units in organizing training courses on fire prevention and fighting for cadres and cadets. Meanwhile, the work of safety assurance for technical facilities has been conducted regularly. Law and regulations on network and information security and traffic safety have been strictly followed. As a result, since 2015, the Academy has completed the process of testing quality management for 4 laboratories with 14 measurement methods certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology, supplemented capacity to carry out 15 tests in 7 laboratories in accordance with the applied standards, developed 23 grass-roots level and national standards and 23 laboratory management procedures, and absolutely ensured safety of people, weapons, equipment, technical materials, and facilities.

Along with the above-mentioned solutions, the Academy has promoted scientific research and technical initiatives. A number of products, such as the MBT03 machine for shooting training and the anti-flycam jammer have been effectively applied in units. Besides, the Academy has effectively executed the Campaign 50 as the basis for officers, instructors and cadets to join hands in durably, safely, and effectively using weapons, equipment, and technical materials, thus contributing to enhancing the quality of education, training, and scientific research at the Academy.

Sr. Col. NGUYEN VAN CONG, Head of the Academy’s Technical Department

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