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Danger from the "indifference and irresponsibility" of some current cadres and party members

"Indifference and irresponsibility" to the legitimate needs and aspirations of the people is one of the manifestations of deterioration in morality and lifestyle of cadres and party members, a dangerous "disease" that has a profound impact on the people's trust in the Party and the purity and strength of the Party. Therefore, it is necessary to soon detect and remedy this "disease" to make our Party truly pure and strong.

The 13th National Party Congress has assessed that: “In general, our cadres and party members have promoted their sense of responsibility, and upheld their good morality and lifestyle; remained exemplary, pioneering, and dedicated in work; and successfully accomplished their assigned tasks”. However, “A number of cadres and party members have yet to self-cultivate their morality and lifestyle; some have shown signs of deterioration in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle”. In particular, indifference and irresponsibility to their work and to the people is quite a common practice. “Indifference and irresponsibility” of some cadres and party members has become a very dangerous "disease" with various manifestations in social life, such as narrow-mindedness, negligence to public issues and people’s concerns, selfishness, dishonesty, corruption, wastefulness, and short vision.  Notably, in the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, contrary to the drastic measures of the Party, State, Government, all levels, branches and localities, the participation and contribution of whole community, some officials and party members still enjoyed tourist trips, played golf, etc. seriously violating the Government's regulations on pandemic prevention and control, and causing serious consequences.

“Indifference and irresponsibility” among cadres and party members is very dangerous, especially when it penetrates into the political system and causes "political insensitivity". Cadres and party members are an important bridge between the Party, the State and the people. They are the persons who convey and organise for the people to implement the Party’s policies and the State’s law. At the same time, they capture information and aspiration from the People, basing on which our Party and State plan, adjust, supplement and make sound decisions to ensure the country's rapid and sustainable development in the orientation of socialism. When cadres and party members are indifferent and irresponsible to the people's difficulties and legitimate demands, they will necessarily cut off the flesh and blood ties between the People and the Party.

"Indifference and irresponsibility" also causes internal disunity, conflict, and suspicion in agencies, units, and localities, leading to poor performance of tasks which is harmful to the Party, State, and people. It is this attitude that leads to selfishness, individualism, bureaucracy, ostentatiousness, wastefulness, embezzlement, corruption, disinterest in the work assigned, or hesitation to new and difficult tasks, etc. Those endowed with this behaviour fail to work wholeheartedly and dedicatedly, but try to turn common achievements into their own. This causes great harm to the solidarity and unity in organisations, which left untreated, will lead to internal corruption in organisations.

In addition, “indifference and irresponsibility” undermines the Party's leadership capacity and fighting strength as well as the operating efficiency of State agencies and socio-political organisations. The Party's leadership capacity, the State's management efficacy, and the role of socio-political organisations depend firstly on the quality and capacity of the contingent of cadres and party members. If those staffs are contracted with such attitude, the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State will not come into life. This will spoil the leadership capacity and combat power of the Party and the efficacy of the State and socio-political organisations.

Moreover, this “evil” disease also undermines the People's trust in the Party and State. President Ho Chi Minh once taught us: “In the eyes of the masses, our communist membership does not always come with trust and affection. They only love those who have good morality”. Therefore, if cadres and party members are “indifferent and irresponsible” or no longer maintain revolutionary ethics, the people’s trust in them and in the Party and State will significantly be damaged. On the other hand, solidarity, love, care, and sharing are fine traditions of the nation. President Ho Chi Minh once stated: "By closely bonding with the people, wholeheartedly serving the class, the people, and the Fatherland, since its inception, our Party has united, organised, and led our people from victories to victories”. Therefore, if cadres and party members are “indifferent and irresponsible” to the people, they will seriously affect the fine traditions of the nation and the Party.

It can be said that "indifferent and irresponsibility" is quite a common disease among a number of cadres and party members today. It is as dangerous as worms killing a tree gradually from the inside. The root cause of this “disease” is their lack of interest in politics and in studying political theory, especially the Party's resolutions, their materialism, their insensitivity to socio-political problems of the country, their selfishness, and their weak criticism against wrongful acts of surrounding people.

For all those consequences, thoroughly remediating this "disease" is an urgent issue, requiring a number of measures synchronously applied. First of all, Party committees, governments, Fatherland Fronts, and mass organisations at all levels should increase education, enhance revolutionary awareness, ideology, and morality for cadres and party members, especially the people-centred philosophy which attaches importance to respecting the people, staying close to the people, understanding the people, learning from the people, depending on the people, sharing with the people, and assisting the people. Besides, it is necessary to effectively implement Conclusion No. 01-KL/TW, dated May 18, 2021 on continuing to implement Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo in practice; thoroughly grasp and well implement the motto: “people know, people discuss, people do, people monitor, people inspect, and people benefit” to make each cadre, party member strongly change their action and attitude in their task performance and daily life, so that they grasp the pain of the people and try their best to satisfy people’s legitimate needs and aspirations. In particular, in the current fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, each cadre and party member must thoroughly understand and implement the motto: all for the health, safety and happiness of the people; lest anyone be left hungry, thirsty, or homeless.

Along with that, Party committees and authorities at all levels, branches, units, and localities should strengthen training and retraining their cadres and party members in revolutionary qualities, capacity and ethics; renovate and improve the quality of assessment and classification of cadres and party members in an open and transparent manner; resolutely dismiss those who are indifferent, irresponsible, and no longer qualified as said by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: “If someone thinks they are not capable and responsible enough, then they should stay aside and let someone else take over their duties”. Cadres and party members must regularly train, cultivate, and improve their will to fulfill their assigned responsibilities and tasks, and set good examples for the masses to follow. In fact, in any agency, unit or locality, when cadres and party members, especially the leading ones, are exemplary in their morality, lifestyle, capable, and wholeheartedly devoted to the people, they will certainly be respected, loved, admired, trusted, and followed by the people.

In order to promote the synergy of the entire political system and people, and cure this dangerous “disease” completely, the Party and State authorities should continue to research and perfect working regulations to enable the people to supervise and contribute to building our cadres, building the Party, building a clean and strong government and political system. Seriously and effectively implement the regulations on meeting the people, talking with the people, listening to the people, and settling the people’s proposals. Strengthen propaganda to spread the role models of good people with good deeds, thereby, creating an “immune system” against the “indifference and irresponsibility” attitude and build a contingent of “both red and expert” cadres and party members, contributing to making our Party truly pure, strong, worthy of its leading role over the State and the society.

Senior Colonel, Associate Prof., Dr NGUYEN SY HOA

Senior Colonel, Dr DAM QUANG DUC

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