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Editorial – Promoting the spirit of Patriotic Emulation in the new era

70 years ago, on 11th June 1948, President Ho Chi Minh made his Patriotic Emulation Appeal with an attempt to stimulate the patriotism of people of all strata for the struggle for national liberation and the construction of the new social regime. Over the past 70 years, his appeal has always been a strong driving force attracting and encouraging Vietnamese people to uphold their self-reliance and solidarity, overcome all hardships and sacrifices to bring Vietnamese revolution to success.

Ho Chi Minh’s thought on Patriotic Emulation was formed on the inheritance and creative application of Marxism – Leninism on the power of the masses, and the patriotic tradition of Vietnamese people. His though has become the guideline and orientation for the nation’s emulative movement and the basis for our Party and State to supplement and perfect their policies on the emulation and commendation work, meeting the requirements of the missions in each revolutionary phase. Emulation, in Ho Chi Minh’s perspective, represents one of the measures of the revolutionary movement appearing uninterruptedly in all aspects of social life; having profound meaning to the making of strong organizations and resilient people. Emulation is to create a momentum to stimulate the creativity of people; promote patriotism, and help all people, regardless of ages, genders, professionals, ethnics, religions, etc. perfect themselves, and stay united to fulfill their revolutionary tasks.

In the past 70 years, responding to President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal, the entire Party, troops and people have effectively carried out emulation movements and the work of emulation and commendation, contributing to successfully accomplishing revolutionary tasks in different circumstances of the country. From the resistance wars against the French colonialists and the U.S imperialists, to the period of renewal, construction and defence of the Fatherland, emulation movements have always been carried out excitedly and practically, hence attracting a large number of people of all strata and ages. The movements of “Farms and land are battlefield with plough as the weapon and farmers as the soldiers…”, “3-readiness youth”, “3-resourcefulness women”, “Doubling effort for the beloved Southern region”, etc. in the years of war recorded the resounding achievement of the revolutionary heroism in Ho Chi Minh era which is still inspiring today.

In the Military, the Determined to Win Emulation movement has been ceaselessly renewed, stimulating cadres and soldiers to promote their patriotism, and their determination to overcome hardships and challenges to successfully accomplish their assigned tasks, contributing greatly to the cause of national liberation, construction, and defence. With the spirit of “All people emulate, all sectors emulate, and emulating daily”, the Movement has taken place exaltedly and comprehensively, attaching to the political tasks and specific features of units and agencies, hence arousing the cadres’ and soldiers’ self-reliance and enthusiasm in training, maintaining combat readiness, and work. Since 2014, the Movement has been closely linked with the Drive of “Promoting tradition, devoting talents, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldier”, hence multiplying its spillover effect and contributing to nurturing the patriotism and the tradition of “Uncle Ho’s soldier” and consolidating the military – civilian solidarity. This is the basis for the Military to grow politically strong, ceaselessly improve its overall quality and combat capability and successfully accomplish all assigned tasks.

Entering the period of stepping up the industrialization and modernization process, the patriotic emulation in accordance with Ho Chi Minh’s thought continues to be a momentum to stimulate the national unity bloc and successfully realize the cause of building and defending the socialist Fatherland. In order to step up the patriotic emulation movement in the new era, it is necessary that party committees and organizations, and heads of the units and agencies strengthen their leadership and direction and hold their accountability for the quality and effectiveness of the work. Each party cell and member should uphold their vanguard and exemplary role to become the core in the emulation movements at grassroots level and make them profoundly revolutionary drives in society. In addition, it is necessary to enhance the awareness of the position, role and importance of the patriotic emulation movement to the revolutionary cause; of the requirements for renewing the contents, models and implementing methods; of the ways to set and multiply role models and the example of “good people doing good deed”. The Determined to Win Emulation movement in the Military should focus on making breakthroughs and overcoming shortcomings of units and agencies; being associated with the implementation of the Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo on “Further studying and following Ho Chi Minh thought, morals, and style”, and the Central Resolution No. 4, the Central Resolution No. 6, and the Central Resolution No. 7 (12th tenure), making contribution to building pure and strong party organizations, comprehensively strong units and agencies, and the revolutionary, standardized, seasoned and increasing modern Military.

President Ho Chi Minh’s thought of “Conducting Emulation means  patriotism, and being patriotic people we should conduct emulation” has always been the orientation for our entire Party, people and troops to vigorously implement the emulation and commendation work in the new period. His appeall for Patriotic Emulation is still of historical meaning, and theoretical and practical value in the cause of national renewal, construction and defence.

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