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August Revolution – Victory of the aspiration for independence, peace and development

The victory of the August Revolution in 1945 has fulfilled Vietnamese people’s aspiration for independence, peace and development. This is not only glorious milestone of the nation, but also an event of profound significance to the world and the times. Promoting that spirit, over the past 77 years, under the leadership of the Party, our people have completed the national liberation and reunification revolutions, undergone the renewal cause to build a more prosperous and civilised country.

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The great stature of the August Revolution

Despite sharing the goals of national independence, the patriotic movements in Vietnam at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in the feudalist and bourgeoisie stances all failed because of their wrong policies and methods. There stood only the patriotic tendency according to the stance of the proletariat which linked national liberation with socialism, has been confirmed in both scientific and practical terms and adopted by Vietnamese workers' and patriotic movements. Development in the orbit of proletarian revolutionary trajectory has made the cause of national liberation of Vietnam to success; our people regained and firmly consolidated the national independence, which is the basis for developing the country to socialism.

To realise the nation's aspirations, on his way for national salvation, Nguyen Ai Quoc dipped himself into the society of capitalist countries, but finally did not choose the path of bourgeois revolution, because he believed that such revolution would not bring real interests to the working masses and pave the way for the independence of the colonial peoples. Coming to Marxism-Leninism, he found the right way for national salvation in which national liberation is associated with class liberation, social liberation and human liberation, which is the real socialism. Nguyen Ai Quoc turning to Marxism-Leninism is probably the inevitable result when patriotism met the scientific and revolutionary ideology of the times. He spread Marxism-Leninism, planted the seeds of socialism in the workers' movement and the patriotic movement of Vietnam, leading to the inception of the Communist Party of Vietnam on February 3rd, 1930.

In order to implement the goals of the revolution, President Ho Chi Minh and our Party focused on building the armed forces and revolutionary bases, launching partial uprisings, while preparing all aspects for the general uprising. When the Japanese fascists surrendered to the Allies unconditionally, the Japanese troops in Indochina were in extreme confusion and panic, and the henchman government was weakened, there came the most favourable opportunity for our revolution. Grasping that opportunity, President Ho Chi Minh read his appeal: "The decisive time for the nation is ripe. Compatriots nationwide, rise up and liberate ourselves”.

Following his appeal, under the leadership of the Party, our people countrywide unanimously stood up, forming a revolutionary storm that overthrew the brutal rule of the Japanese fascist and regained independence for the nation. This is the height of the indomitable spirit, the great unity bloc, the nation’s intelligence blended with the strength of the times, bringing about the most glorious page in the nation’s history and one of the greatest turning points of Vietnamese revolution. With the August Revolution of 1945, our people broke the nearly-century shackle of colonialism to gain independence for the country; our people overthrew the long-established monarchy to establish a democratic republic, marking the beginning of a new era - the Ho Chi Minh era in which national independence is associated with socialism. From slavery, our people became masters of the country and masters of their own destiny. This also affirmed the international significance of the August Revolution in 1945, as affirmed by our Party that: “Not only can Vietnamese working class and people feel proud, but the working class and oppressed peoples elsewhere can also be proud that for the first time in the revolutionary history of the colonial and semi-colonial nations, a 15-year-old Party has successfully led the revolution and taken over the power of the whole country”.

The aspiration for independence, peace and development in the August Revolution - the spiritual motivation for 30 years of resistance against foreign invaders and the current renewal process

The great achievements of the August Revolution in 1945 and the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam have become a great source of motivation and strength for our people to bring into play the national strength combined with the strength of the times to conduct the 30-year resistance wars against foreign invaders, fulfiling the cause of national liberation and reunification. After more than 20 years of heroic fighting, with the spirit of independence and self-reliance, with sound revolutionary method, and the help of socialist countries and progressive people in the world, our army and people defeated war strategies of the US imperialists and Saigon government. The whole country was completely liberated and unified after the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign in 1975. That victory "will forever be recorded in our nation's history as one of the most brilliant historical pages, a shining symbol of revolutionary heroism and human intelligence, and go down in the world history as a great feat of the twentieth century”.

Entering the renewal period, bringing into play the spirit of the August Revolution, implementing the renewal lines that the 6th National Party Congress has determined, the Platform for national construction in the transitional period to socialism in 1991 which was then supplemented and adjusted in 2011, our Party has led the entire people and army to overcome difficulties and challenges; our country has achieved glorious achievements. Notably, the economy has enjoyed rapid and relatively stable growth; importance achievements have been seen in the cultural and social fields; people’s living standards have been improved markedly. The country witnesses multi-faceted changes; socio-political stability is maintained; national defence and security are consolidated; the position and power of the country are enhanced; Vietnam's status in the international arena has been improved, creating important prerequisites for accelerating industrialisation and modernisation of the country and improving people's quality of life, as the 13th National Party Congress has affirmed: “We have achieved great achievements of historical significance; enjoyed more robust and comprehensive developments compared to the years prior to renovation. The country has never had such opportunity, potential, position and international prestige as today”.

In order to promote the values of the August Revolution in 1945 and the achievements after 77 years of national construction and development, overcome the limitations during the process of renovation, and develop our country comprehensively and sustainably, the 13th National Party Congress determined that: “Arousing the will and determination to develop a prosperous and happy country; prosperous and enduring nation; promote Vietnamese cultural values and human strength in the cause of national construction and defence”. To realise this point of view, it is required that the entire Party, people and army continue to promote socialist democracy, the synergy of the political system and the culture and people of Vietnam. Foster the people's strength, improve the quality of human resources, have a breakthrough mechanism to attract and the talented, and promote innovation. Strengthen science and technology application, especially achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to create a strong impetus for rapid and sustainable development with the will and aspiration for independence, peace and development in the spirit of the August Revolution.

Despite the time, the values of the August Revolution in 1945, the achievements of the cause of national construction and defence with the aspiration for independence, peace and development are still a great motivation for our people to step firmly on the way to build Vietnam with rich people, strong country, democracy, justice and civilisation.

Assoc Prof, Ph.D. VU QUANG VINH

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