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Signal troops follow Uncle Ho’s teachings

Signal troops follow Uncle Ho's teachings

Tuesday, September 08, 2020, 21:17 (GMT+7)
Party Committee and the High Command of the Corps have always thoroughly grasped the views and lines of the Party, the policies and laws of the State, and the tasks of the Army to set out sound guidelines and measures to lead and direct the construction of a revolutionary, regular, highly skilled and modern corps; in which, promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style represents an important solution and a routine of its cadres and soldiers.

Editorial: Appeal for National Resistance - its historical and epochal significance
With our nation’s humanistic tradition and burning desire for peace, our Party and President Ho Chi Minh expressed goodwill and appeasement as much as possible to avoid further bloodshed and spare more time for national construction. “But the more we make concessions, the more the French colonialists encroach on us because they want to take over our country again.” At that crucial moment of the nation, on the evening of December 19th, 1946, President Ho Chi Minh issued the Appeal for National Resistance